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Written By: Editor - Aug• 22•21

May all physicians, most psychologists and sexologists unanimously absolute sexual freedom advocates to release inhibitions, giving up preconceptions. Sex is enjoyable and healthy when you know the barriers, physical or mental limitations, it becomes a very important communication tool … You can meet spanking escorts in Denver.

However, as in any field, freedom has a natural tendency to give rise either to behavioral deviations or some extravagances unmanageable, dangerous even to themselves. We discussed about sexual abnormalities, from sado-masochism to voyeurism, “The most common deviations sexual behavior” as major disturbances perceived largely as a disease.

But there is a sexual practice controversial limit of normal and abnormal, but surely giving pleasure – at least for some.

Our star today is spanking site: hitting during sex in order to gain pleasure sensation in the back before, during or after intercourse. Actress Keira Knightley said at one point, earnestly exuberant:

“People like to be spanked as foreplay. But I’m not sure. It is weird. British love a good ass beating during sex. ”

Escorts Spanking During Sex

Escorts Spanking During Sex. Although not much is publicly accepted, this fetish often arises in the minds of men, the desire to dominate women, to subject them to physical fueling many libido.

But in the real world and not the fantasy, even if we accept all kinds of behavior that are more or less bizarre because it can be enjoyable, however must think carefully about whether they have the potential to injure or partner.

In a couple, which I only do you good is not accepted, or at least it would not be fair to either. Then, even if she is open to try, have to be careful during the implementation fantasy if not scared or if, in fact, the effect is negative.

Sexologists say that there are right ways and wrong ways of spanking: not just suddenly start in a “maniac ELIR”.

Must return them to place it in a pleasant, friendly, comfortable, excited.

If there is some pleasure in the pain of spanking or whether, on the contrary, this pain can be categorized sexual disease or abnormality … depends on each one. Here there is, as in other cases, a sound medical judgment.

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