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Despite the 27 years that separated them, the two women who stood on the immaculate burgundy carpet, flanked by parquet flooring that had enjoyed the benefit of years of meticulous attention, in the warmly-, subtly-lit wood-panelled corridor at Canehurst College for Girls, could well have passed for sisters. The young mother’s looks belied the 45 years during which she had brightened the lives of those around her, whilst her 18-year old daughter, only 6 months away from her nineteenth birthday, could easily have passed for a young woman in her mid-twenties, having inherited not only her Mother’s elegance and fresh-faced good looks, but also a hint of her Father’s eye-catching maturity.

In many ways, however, the two women were very different in terms of their individual styles, the elder of the two still favouring nuance over bold statement in terms of her attire, whilst the younger, even in the immaculate uniform which she was wearing, officially, for the last day, managed to create an appearance of discreetly-tailored defiance, the knot in her tie being just slightly out of line and the top button on her blouse being left undone, albeit invisibly to all but the most inquisitive onlooker.

Their conduct also brought them close together in terms of age, since the very low murmur of their voices in the hushed environs of the corridor was characterised by warmth, humour, excitement and, to a degree, sadness, for this was Crystel’s last day at school, before leaving for her gap year and before going up to Aberdeen University to read Medicine.

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However, the day did not simply represent a critical waymark on Crystel’s passage through life, but also in the lives of her Mother, Gina, and of the school. This was, in fact, also the last day in office for the Headmaster, Mr. Alistair Mackinnon, and the caretaker, Mr. Brian Magick, both of whom had been conspicuous at the school, not only because they constituted half of the permanent male members of staff, but also on account of the respective manners in which they had served this impressive educational establishment. The profile of this school, in educational circles, had risen steadily – from what had already been a high starting point, when Mr. Magick had arrived, twenty-eight years previously, at the age of thirty-seven – at the then Great Spanksworth College for Girls from his native area, via a three-year appointment at a college in Seville and a two-year post in Lyons Lycée, to teach foreign languages under the eagle eye of Miss Xinran.

The formidable former Headmistress had been a keen and strict disciplinarian who had produced results, both academically and socially. She had been almost universally adored and revered by pupils, governors and parents alike and she had been rumoured to have had a wicked sense of humour. She had also been a widely-acknowledged judge of character, and it was this that had led to the appointment of Xinran and Magick to their respective posts, for she had seen qualities in these two gentlemen that she admired.

Although she had been a staunch defender of a campaign to advance the status and quality of life of young women through good education and training, with the nurture of individuality, Miss Xinran had also recognized how unhealthy and unbalanced it could be to expect up to 280 girls to go about their school lives in surroundings that did not in some way reflect the gender mix in Society and which did not offer good male role models outside the immediate families of her pupils.

To be continued…

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