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Caning of Harem Girls

Written By: Editor - Feb• 17•16

Slaves of Rome – Caning of enslaved harem girls and lesbian spanking at Mood Pictures

slave slave_01 slave_02 slave_03 slave_04 slave_05 slave_06 slave_09 slave_10 slave_11 slave_12 slave_13 slave_14 slave_20 slave_21 slave_22 slave_23 slave_24 slave_25 slave_26 slave_28 slave_29 slave_30 slave_31

Spanking to tears of slaves of Rome at Mood Pictures by true lesbian mistresses taking great pleasure in making their female slaves cry under the cane. Caning of Harem Girls. Each slave is left screaming, crying and begging. The cane does its work!

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