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Samiras First Spanking – P2

Written By: Editor - Oct• 03•20

Samira arrived home from work a quarter past five like she does everyday and quickly made her way up to the bedroom. She didnt want John to be anymore dissapointed with her than he already was. She knew he would be home in less than fifteen minutes so she waited biting her nails as she did. She looked over at the clock as time went on and wondered where he was. It was not normal for him to be late. She was so tempted to leave the room but stayed right where she was. A cold chill came through her as she heard his car pull up outside. She heard the door of his car shut and heard the jingle of keys as he fussed with them trying to open the door. She listened to his every move, hearing him put down his briefcase and keys, and then walking around. She started to get a little nervous as he started up the stairway. Her heart beating a little faster knowing her fate. She sighed softly once again cursing herself for going back to sleep. She caught her breath and looked to the door as she saw the knob turn.

John walked in and saw his wife sitting on the bed just as he had told her. He didnt say a word to her as he walked in. He moved his finger up and motioned her to the corner where he always put her when she was in trouble. She quickly got up and put herself into it. He walked around getting a change of clothes. “Im going to shower and get changed, Ive had a hard day, and I know tonight will be just as hard a night.

You are to stand in that corner for ten minutes, and then go prepare dinner. I have already started it, so it wont be too difficult. When you are finshed come back up here and get me. Understand?” She could only nod, which got her a firm swat to her behind. She jumped but knew better than to grab her bottom, a little yelp came out of her mouth. “I didnt hear you young lady.” She replied to him with a “yes Sir”. he went off to shower and eft her alone to think about what she had done.

After ten minutes had passed Samira removed herself from the corner and made her way downstairs to finish preparing their dinner. She was so nervous about the spanking she was going to get.

John had spanked her many times in the past, some for punishment and some for fun. The punishment ones always leaving a sharp reminder for her to behave. She thought about it the whole time she was making their dinner. When she was finished she made her way up the stairs back towards their bedroom. She stopped in the hall and overheard his conversation. Heard about a trip he was planning. The first thought that jumped into her mind was that he was finally fed up with her and leaving her! She was so scared, and so nervous at that point. She wanted to trust him, she wanted to believe that wasnt the case. But she couldnt. She stood their like a child listening at the door. Until that is he caught her their.

She didnt expect him to be done so quickly. He opened the door and just looked at her as she told him dinner was ready. he just shook his head and said “Oh so you werent listening to what I said huh? That was the cat creaking the floorboards was it?” She could say nothing as she just looked down knowing how much trouble she was already in. Tears forming in the corners of her eyes as he said to her, “Back in the corner Samira, five minutes and then dinner, we have a lot to discuss tonight.” He pointed her to the corner and sat on the bed watching her, not saying a word. Thinking about what his wife was in for later…

She stood in the corner thinking about her actions. Why did she go back to sleep, why couldnt she just listen to him. Why was it so hard for her to just behave. She knew he was watching her the entire time, that only amking her more nervous about what was to come. She expected this time to be hard. The brush, maybe the paddle. She felt the tears coming to her eyes as she stood their her mind finlled with so many thoughts.

Small sobs escaped her lips as she waited out the time in the corner, the five minutes feeling like a lifetime. “Okay young lady, down to dinner, not a word from you. You will eat and clear the table and then right back to your room. Understand?” She turned to face him and replied “Yes Sir” and then walked towards the door.

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