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Lara – Anticipating The Spanking – P3

The air seemed charged as he rose and walked toward her, his gait measured, unhurried. An involuntary shiver rippled through her as moved closer, circling her now with agonizingly slow, methodical steps. Finally, he stopped directly in front of her, leaning in so close it was impossible to see where his body ended and hers […]

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Lara – Anticipating The Spanking – P2

She took her day job, teaching, very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that she often stayed after hours to prepare, pouring the best of herself into her work. And yet, she wasn’t particularly happy with her career. She loved the children–guiding them, sharing, being with them–but endless friction and disappointment with mediocre administrators often made […]

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Lara – Anticipating The Spanking – P1

Sometime around dawn, his eyes popped wide open and he found himself irrevocably, atypically awake. He lay there for a moment, mouthing half-hearted curses at whatever had yanked him so unceremoniously from his amorphous dreams. Silently, he peeled back the blankets and slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb her as she lay wrapped […]

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