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Madeleine Caned For Infidelity

Madeleine went to the job of her in the library. The additional cash came in handy for the girls’ college expenses, and also besides she was tired of staying home. It absolutely was a nine-to-five job except for once the library received shipments of books that she’d to sort and catalog, which often meant working […]

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Crystel Leis Firm Caning

Crystel caned to tears and serious bottom spanking. Crystel caned to tears and firm spanking of english blonde fetish model in palm spanked submission at and bare bottom punishment under the cruel english spankers harsh cane by the spanking review site. Crystel Leis spanking and caning is harsh and without pity till the […]

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Fetish leathers babes spanked

Dolly is looking totally fucking sexy right now, she is all dressed up in her fetish leathers and is more then ready for any pleasures her naughty master might have in store for her today. it lucky for this babe as her master has something planned for this girl that he knows she totally loves […]

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Big tits babe takes flogging and caning

This big tits slave girl is so fucking sweet to watch in action. She is one of those types of girls who no matter what you do to or with her, she just looks awesome. This hot babe is sitting on a couch in her master’s dungeon getting flogged and caned, and she is totally […]

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