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Written By: Editor - Jul• 10•21

How do you pick out the very best fetish sites in generally and of course the top spanking sites in particular? Basically we recommend finding the best fetish sites on God Of Porn!

Some spanking sites have the amateur spankee approach with claims like: You will never get tired of our spanking pictures or videos. Not only are they of the very highest quality, they are also taken from real spanking session, not of “actors”! Others go the exact way and feature the hottest fetish models or porn stars and spank them. Which is better is a matter of your preference for authenticity or beauty of the spankee.

We know of sites like Amateur Spankings, Spanked At Home, Spanked Girlfriend and the like who feature spanking lovers exclusively. The looks of the models vary widely but their passion for red bottoms is unrivaled. Then we have a long list of spanking sites sporting a mix of lifestyle spankees, kinky models and general porn models who fancy trying it out – those include Spanking Online, Girls Boarding School, Northern Spanking and many many more. At the other end of the spectrum we have sites focusing on having gorgeous girls only, who will of course agree to be spanked, but where it seems less obvious if they actually enjoy spankings or its a thing they do to test themselves or indeed as a days work – those sites include the likes of Firm Hand Spankings and on the very hard end Mood Pictures.

With God Of Porn you get a selection of general fetish sites and a few spanking picks that stand out. They are chosen based on a few key factors:

  • The volume of content: How many full length spanking movies do you get access to?
  • The quality of the content: Are the spanking films in good resolution and professionally done?
  • The quality of the action: Are the spanking movies actually genuine and interesting?
  • The price: What is the cost of getting all these full length spanking films?

There are more factors but those are the main ones. They guarantee you good value for money. No more wasting time on spanking sites with little exclusive spanking film content to offer, tricky signup procedures or poor quality spanking photo galleries. They pick out only best spanking fetish sites and present them to you in an easy and intuitive way.

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