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Headmaster Magick & The Cane

Written By: Editor - Jul• 27•20

The girls boarding school disciplinary spankings for 18+ girls and their milf mums …the tale continued – Canesworth College Spanking – p3

In 1975, just a year after his appointment, Mr. Magick had been suspended from his post pending investigation of a most embarrassing incident.

His rugged and youthful weather-beaten looks had earned several admiring gazes from girls at the school, particularly those on the point of departure for university, whom he had unwittingly prompted to ponder – in greater depth than was possibly healthy for them – the freedoms that lay ahead of them. Flirtatious remarks had been addressed to him, all of which he had brushed off, somewhat bashfully, with a smile and a rapid return either to a safe neutral subject or to his work. There was, however, one girl at the Great Kingsford College for Girls who had not played by the rules and who had, in fact, earned the loathing of many of her peers due to the high-handed and cavalier attitude she had adopted towards ‘that gardener’. Marie Beaulieu lacked nothing in the self-confidence department and, whilst this enhanced her attractiveness to younger, less confident pupils, it had earned a healthy measure of disdain from older peers, who had come to like Mr. Magick and who appreciated his genuine and totally innocent desire to encourage them to discover the wonders of Nature that were there in their own gardens.

Marie also had an unproven record as a deceitful manipulator. Circumstantial and anecdotal evidence was there in abundance, but Miss Xinran was not the sort of woman to act on such unsubstantiated material and had, until the final dénouement of this unfortunate episode, confined herself to reminding the arrogant girl that pupils at her school were strictly forbidden to abuse any member of her staff.

Marie also engaged in a number of unapproved extra-curricular activities, including supposedly secret assignments with her boyfriend, whom she would meet amidst the cluster of outbuildings from which Mr. Magick ran his side of school life so efficiently. These, however, were a well-guarded secret and only two pupils had spotted her one lunchtime when, on the pretext of feeling slightly unwell, she had asked to be excused from the communal meal so that she could go and rest for a short while.

The two pupils in question had been Janine Miller, a vivacious and highly popular girl from the suburbs, and Gina, whom she had befriended at a very early stage during their shared school years. They had become inseparable contrasts in just about every way and they were extremely well-liked by the other girls, unlike the distant and, as it turned out, deeply unhappy Marie Beaulieu.

The discovery of a pair of green knickers, matching an item missing from Marie’s inventory of clothing, in the inside pocket of Mr. Magick’s ex-RAF greatcoat, had shocked Polly, his wife, who had felt it her duty to bring this matter first to his attention and then to that of Miss Xinran. The latter’s reaction had, initially, been one of total bewilderment, but, anxious to satisfy the demands both of justice and of the need to maintain a good reputation, she had decided to investigate the matter herself, without recourse to outside agencies. As it turned out, this proved to have been one of the wisest moves in her long career and it spared an honest and decent family the shame of wrongful prosecution and public humiliation.

Miss Xinran resembled an ‘old school’ nursing sister, a professional whose ability to accumulate and sift through information from the most unlikely and – in the view of the majority of onlookers – impossible sources was legendary. These skills she applied with the utmost finesse in her investigation, during which, as a precaution, she had suspended Mr. Magick on full pay. Such was her confidence in his innocence and such were her powers of persuasion that she was able to convince Polly very quickly that the presence of young female underwear in her husband’s greatcoat had been the result of schoolgirl malice, not of male perversion.

It had taken the best part of three weeks for Miss Xinran to complete her enquiries, which had culminated in the presence of a senior girl in her Study one Wednesday morning, two days before the end of term and her departure for summer holidays, before embarking upon her final year at school. She had sat at the desk, recited the facts as she had found them and then waited for Marie to explain how her underwear had found its way into the caretaker’s great coat.

The denials were vehement, but the weight of evidence was beginning to build against her – the key to the caretaker’s office had been found in Marie’s locker, which she could not explain and which she had claimed to have been a plant. Then there was the piece of dark green wool found on a splinter of wood close to where Mr. Magick’s coat had been hanging, which matched that of Marie’s cardigan – a garment that featured a small damaged area close to a pocket, an area that was almost invisible and that was at exactly the height where the fragment had been found. Then there was the single sheet of paper found in Marie’s locker, bearing the names of Mr. Magick and one of his junior assistants, along with imprints from what had been the page above it, revealing prose that would not find its way onto publications on the lower shelves in magazine racks. In her usual manner, Miss Xinran had let Marie weigh up the evidence for herself. However, Marie denied any knowledge of the offence and was still protesting her innocence as she was ordered to stand in the centre of the room and bend down, holding her ankles.

Knowing the consequences of the humiliation that would have resulted from failure to comply with this order, Marie had suppressed her protest at that point and had walked to the centre of the room where, as many of her peers would have felt to have been long overdue, she had heard the door lock mechanism close, the unmistakable sound of the cupboard door opening and footsteps approaching her from behind, preceding the lifting of her skirt, which had been folded over her back. She had tussled with anger and fear as the cane brushed very lightly on the seat of her knickers and then tapped out six lines with the lightest of touches. She had heard the legends relating to The Dragon and to the way in which it always forecast where it was planning to land. It came, therefore, as no surprise when each of the six gasp-generating impacts landed exactly at the intended spot and, with tears running freely down her cheeks, Marie had ultimately and painfully left the Study in silence and total defiance, refusing either to acknowledge her wrongdoing or to apologise.

It was at this juncture that a worrying shadow of doubt had crossed Miss Xinran’s mind, as she returned The Dragon to its lair for what she had intended to be the last time in its working life. She remained intellectually convinced that justice had been done and she added her red ink entry to the slim punishment register – in which not one girl’s name had appeared twice – before closing the book and returning it to its locked drawer.

There had been little sympathy for Marie amongst the pupils, some of whom approved openly of the punishment that had been meted out, considering that it was the least that the unpleasant girl had deserved for her treatment, not only of Mr. Magick but also of other girls at the school. Janine and Gina were discreetly silent on the subject … uncharacteristically so, in the case of Janine … and it was this that caught the observant eye of Miss Xinran, who was feeling increasingly uneasy about the entire matter, with the growing conviction that Marie Beaulieu had been ‘fitted up’ for the offence. Despite the fact that the Headmistress knew full well that Marie had certainly earned more than that caning by her other misdeeds, this did not sit comfortably with a woman of integrity, wedded inseparably to the notion of fair play, and she resolved to talk to Marie again after the summer holidays, once the girl had returned from a planned six-week stay in Italy with her boyfriend’s family. Miss Xinran also resolved to have all three girls … Marie, Janine and Gina … in the Study and to rely on her highly individual inquisitorial technique to elicit the truth from these three young women at the start of their final year at school.

The news that a passenger train in Ireland had collided at speed with a freight train brought a sense of deep shock to all the pupils at the school, but to none more than it had to Gina and Miss Xinran and it was, therefore, in an atmosphere very different from that which she had intended that the Headmistress had called Gina and Marie to her Study to announce that she, like all the pupils, had been so shocked and saddened by the untimely and tragic loss of Janine. In the circumstances, she said, vital evidence that could possibly have shed light on the unfortunate incident involving the now-reinstated Mr. Magick was unavailable, unless, of course, either of the two girls had further light to shed on it. Both remained totally silent and Gina, skilled in mastering her feelings, displayed not a hint of the turmoil that had taken hold inside her. Thus it was that both girls left the Study and, ten months later, left the school for their respective university places.

To be continued….

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