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Spankee Marias Discipline

Written By: admin - Mar• 13•21

The name of mine is Maria. I’m a 28year classic spankee enthusiast

As I stand outside the door to Master’s suite, waiting for him to open it, I check the watch of mine. It has 11:00 in the early morning and I’m meeting the “Master” of mine for brunch. This’s our next day together. We met one another on the web a few months before. We’ve invested an extended time getting to find out one another this way and more than the telephone and I eventually consented to our trip. It has taken me a very long time to feel at ease doing so due to the enormous age difference of ours. I’m in the early twenties of mine as well as Master is in the fifties of his. We met in person yesterday afternoon for the very first time at this fantastic resort of Spain that he’s been begging me to go to with him.

It is still early for the individuals here that live a life of luxury and do not crawl out of bed until afternoon, but Master and I’d agreed to drag ourselves out of the beds of ours and invest time together this early morning. And so much, after yesterday, we have had a great deal of fun, but have stayed a bit of shy around one another. Ideally, that should change shortly.

Along with these ideas running through the mind of mine I hardly notice that Master has opened the door and it is standing there before me. He invites me in and states I seem nice looking. I’m wearing a sleeveless azure halter sweater along with a matching pink as well as gray miniskirt, both from J. Crew. I’ve the hair of mine pulled back in a ponytail with a tortoise shell barrette and I am wearing strappy sandals with a tiny heel. I’m petite-5’2″ and slender, with long, hair that is brown, a round and blue eyes, full bottom as well as breasts. Master walks back again to the dressing table that he was standing at and starts to brush the hair of his. I remain gingerly on the edge of his watch and bed him. As he combs through the hair of his he’s mindful of the bits of grey in it. I see since I see him scowl at them. Next, I listen to him mutter,

“I am gonna be aged fairly soon!” And becoming the manner in which I’m, I can’t ever fight a chance to inform Master that he’s old, therefore I do. He glances up at me in the mirror, sets the comb of his down, and turns around. “You know limited girl,” he starts, “I’ve had about enough of you telling me I am old all of the time.” I laugh gleefully and say,

“But Master, you’re old.”

“All right, I warned you.” Master says as well as walks toward me. I instantly recognize what he’s in mind and start to scoot up upon the bed a little. Master walks over until he’s standing in front of me, and I look coyly up for him from the role of mine on his bed. “Stand up, baby,” he tells me.

“N-no Master, I love it correctly here…I believe you missed a spot with the comb of yours, you would better go fix it.” I answer anxiously.

“Up. Now.” Master says a lot more harshly than I have previously heard him talk. Surprised, and much more when compared to a bit of anxious, I slide off of the bed and upon the legs of mine. Master sits down. I attempt to provide him my best pouting face, but he shakes his head. “Oh no, infant. I have been waiting a very long time for that. Come right now and bend over Master’s knee.” He pats the lap of his. I give him a terrified appearance, but speechless, do as he says. “That’s a great girl,” he says. “Now, since that is going to be your initial spanking perhaps, I’ll allow you to keep the panties of yours on,” he tells me. I grimace as he lifts the skirt of mine to find out I’ve selected a small, white, lace thong. Master laughs. “Well, baby, I suppose this will not do you a lot good.”

Master starts to stoke my bottom softly…almost love a massage and I have almost forgotten I am going to be spanked when suddenly I pick up a loud slap echo throughout the wall space and then believe the burn on the back end of mine. I bite the lip of mine, determined not to cry this very easily. I are feeling a different one, lower this time, on probably the most delicate, fleshy part of the bottom of mine, near the thighs of mine. Then an additional, along with another. Then Master stops for a minute and rubs my bottom once again. I sigh in help thinking it is over. Was I ever wrong! Following a second of this he starts spanking once again, solid, tough slaps which I picture could be heard through the entire resort and make me gasp in soreness. Lastly I let out a small sniffle as well as Master creates the spanking to an abrupt halt.

“Okay, red bottomed one, that is sufficient. Perhaps you have discovered your lesson?”

“Yes, Master.” I say with tears streaming down the cheeks of mine, nevertheless laying throughout Master’s lap. He starts to rub my bright bottom once again in smooth, circular strokes until I think all warm inside and out and am nearly purring like a kitten, the prior pain a faint tingle today. Master finally tells me I am able to stand up, but in order to leave the skirt of mine as it’s. I get to the feet of mine and give him a surprised, though not uncomfortable appearance, believing that he should be implying some thing further than a spanking in case I am claimed to leave the skirt of mine up.

Next, with a twinkle in the eye of his, the impish Master of mine tells me to go stand in the corner, giving the red bottom of mine uncovered, while he finishes getting prepared for breakfast!

Caned on Arrival

Written By: admin - Feb• 19•21

House in Disarray

Written By: admin - Jan• 12•21

Samiras First Spanking – P4

Written By: admin - Dec• 03•20

John watched her bottom while she was standing in the corner. He knew she deserved everything she was getting, but it still always made him wonder if he was giving her too much. He knew she never had felt his belt before, or anyones for that matter. He watched her fidgiting, trying to stand perfectly still. He picked up the paddle again and opened the drawer and put it back. He walked over to her and leaned up into her ear. “Its time little one.” and took her hand leading her over to the bed.

Samira felt the pain in her bottom as she began to walk over from the corner to the bed. She didn;t know how she was going to be able to take any more of a spanking ot her bottom especially after the paddle and his hand! She felt the tears coming from her eyes as the bed came closer and closer, her head down the whole way as she walked. “I want you to lay over the bed with your hands out flat in front of you, bottom up high and feet on the floor, understood?” John said to her. “Yes, Sir”, she wispered to him in reply which earned her a quick SMACK! to the bottom. “A little louder please.” She quickly raised her voice “Yes SIR, I understand!” She wanited for a nod of approval to move over the bed and when she got it, she moved in front of the edge and started to lower herself down. Placing her hands on the bed she moved her upper half down and rested it upon the bed. moving herself up to her tippytoes she arched her back and placed her bottom high up in the air. She gripped onto the bed tight knowing what was in stroe for her bottom.

John moved behind Samira and tooks his hands down to the buckle of his belt. He unbuckled it and started to work it out of the hoops of his jeans. “Now little one, when I tell you to get out of bed and get ready for work I mean get out of bed and get ready. Not go lay down for a few more minutes so you can fall back asleep and almost miss work. From now on you will learn to listen to me, and this will be a good way to remind you to! Im going to give you 10 with the belt, being this is your first time. You will count each one, am I understood?” She heard his words and only started to cry more. “Yes Sir” She replied with tears soaking her cheeks. She gripped onto the bed tight and shut her eyes preapring for the pain she knew was in store.

John took the belt and doubled it over moving behind Samira, the belt tight in his hands as he stepped to the side. He took the belt and lined it up with her bottom, looking down at it the whole time as he brought it back, he waited for the little jump at the time Samira would think it was coming down and brought the belt down hard and fast a nice swift CRACK! to her bottom when she least expected it. He knew Samira would move around never having felt the belt before, the reason he didnt tell her to stay still. he decided if she jumped up or started to move too much he would warn her. She did just that. Samira jumped up as soon as the belt cracked onto her bottom and her hands immediatley went right to the spot where it came down. She cried out so loudly, never having felt such a sting to her bottom before ever. She quickly went back down on the bed as she heard John get ready to tell her to. “If that happens again we will start over, and im still waiting for the count.” She winced and replied with a “One, Sir.” That first sharp smack was replaced with three more all to the center of her bottom. CRACK! SMACK! WHACK! the belt came down hard biting into her bare flesh as she cried out. Her eyes flooded with tears as she sobbed gripping the bed so tight so as not stand again. “Two, Three, Four Sir.” He moved down and ran his fingers over her bottom lightly, making sure she was alright as he stepped back a little to get ready for the next few. He took the belt in his hands once again and brought it back a little further, and then with a little more force brought it down onto her sit spot. She jumped a little as the belt made contact with the flesh and cried out louder now, almost screaming “FIVE SIR, Im so sorry please no more, it hurts.” He looked down to her “Half way through, maybe next time you will learn to listen to me a little bit better.” he stepped back and aimed the belt to her thighs. He took the belt back, not as far but enough to give a nice hard sting and cracked it down on the sensitive flesh of her thighs. She cried out as she felt the belt cracking hard. her eyes shut so tight never feeling a sting like this. She felt the tears falling freely now as she sobbed. she whimpered and replied “Six, Siiiiirrr” He stepped back and let her lay there to let the six strokes sink in.

“Now young lady, these last four are going to be hard, and one after the other. If you move I will do them again. After these it will all be over with.” He heard her crying and whimpering and wanted so badly to jsut hold her in his arms and make her stop crying. But he knew she needed this. She needed to know the she could not get away with these sort of things. on that thought he stepped back and took the belt in a firm grip. He looked down at her bottom and one after the other cracked the belt down hard onto her cheeks. She felt them snap upon the flesh CRACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! WHACK!!!!!!!!! SMACKKKKKK!!!!! She just about screamed as the belt came down and replied to each stroke with “Seven, Eight, Nine TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and collapsed finally onto the bed a sobbing mess of tears, with a birght red bottom. John walked over to wards the nightstand and said “Stay there little one:”. He reached into the one cupboard and pulled out some aloe lotion. Walking over to the bed again he picked up a pillow and layed it over his lap. John helped Samira up and placed her over his lap once again. Opening the bottle he squirted some in his hands and rubbed it all together. then slowly and cautious of her sore bottom he started to rub lotion all over her bottom. Letting her know that he loved and cared for her, letting her know that he can be gentle. “I love you so much Samira but when you go and do silly things I think you need to be reminded that it is not going to be tolerated. Such is this case. If it happens again you can expect i wont be so lienent.” He sayed as he rans his fingers over her bottom ever so lightly rubbing in the lotion. ONce he was finished he helped her up to sit in his lap. When her bottom hit his lap she winced and cringed and then layed her head on him and cried. She looked up to him and kissed him and then said “Im Sorry John” and he smiled to her. “Its all over, just dont let it happen again, or well….This will.” he sat and held her in his arms and rocked her. her tears finally slowing and then drifting off into a peaceful and warm sleep.

Corporal Punishment At The Farmhouse – P2

Written By: admin - Nov• 15•20

My master spanker had a special position he liked to spank us in, us being my sisters and I. He would have us lie flat on our backs, and lift our legs in the air, and put our feet against a tree truck just behind out heads.

I walked up to a tree and I lay down, just as my master spanker liked. I lifted my legs high in the air, tilted them back, and placed my feet flat against the side of the tree.

My bottom was suspended in the air, and stuck out so it would be easy to strike. It is very difficult to maintain this position, especially when one is in considerable pain, as I would soon be. But to break this stance meant a stricter punishment from my master spanker and so my sisters and I became progressively better at holding it.

“I will begin your punishment once you’ve given me your request,” he said.

This was the part I hated almost as much as the pain itself, because he forced us to ask him to deliver it upon us. It wasn’t like I could refuse to do this, because I’d still get switched anyway, but doing as he asked kept his temper down, and so I always complied with this request.

“my master spanker, I’ve been very bad,” I said. “Would you please switch me?”

“Yes I will dear,” my master spanker said. With that, he swung the stick and struck it against my bare bottom.

WHACK! It stung terribly. The stick made the initial impact, but the thorny vines made a scratchy aftersting that made it all the more unpleasant. my master spanker swung again.

WHACK! The second stroke was worse. I struggled to maintain my poise. It really was unpleasant having to work so hard to keep yourself in a position that left you so vulnerable, but I did it because the alternative was always worse.

WHACK! The third stroke, as always, brought the tears. my master spanker was unfazed by this, and I always felt as if he must be a mean cold-hearted man to be so emotionless when his own daughter is made to shed tears on his behalf, but my master spanker knew what he was doing and he was serious.

WHACK! My whimpers intensified with each stroke. my master spanker knew how to inflict pain, and I was almost always a well-behaved girl as a result. But, indiscretions still happen, and these are the consequences I was accustomed to facing.

WHACK! I twitched uncomfortably in the grass. My legs shook, and I felt the urge to pull my buttocks out of harm’s way, but I knew this would be a terrible mistake. I held my ground, and submitted to every one of his merciless strokes.

WHACK! At this point, I wondered what my bottom must look like. It was probably bruised from the impact of the stick, but also covered with small scratches form the thorns. I didn’t feel blood, but my bottom burned with pain so I knew it must be a deep crimson as this point.

WHACK! my master spanker put a few strokes to my upper thighs, but generally kept the line of fire on my buttocks. I think he did this to insure maximum discomfort while sitting, but knew that the buttocks was capable of taking far more abuse than most of the rest of the body, and thus he inflicted most of his punishment there.

I braced myself for the next, but there was a pause. This filled me with dread. This was because my master spanker always paused before he dealt the final stroke, which he always insured was the harshest and most painful stroke of them all. I braced myself, and sure enough, I heard a swoosh of air followed by a loud crack, and the most intense pain on my rear end yet.

He let the stick linger on my bottom for several seconds, before he pulled it away.

I lay still, and just let the tears flow from my eyes.

“It’s over sweetheart,” my master spanker said. “You can get up now.”

I pulled my legs forward, and let them fall to the ground. My bottom stung as it touched the grassy earth, so I quickly flipped over onto my stomach.

I rose to my feet with tears in my eyes.

“I’m sorry Honey,” I said. “I’m sorry, and I’ll never so it again.”

my master spanker put his arms around me, and kissed me on the cheek.

“I know sweetheart,” he said. “I love you. Don’t make me do this to you again.”

“I won’t,” I said. “I love you too.”

my master spanker smiled.

“Put your clothes on, dear,” he said.

I stepped into my underpants and pulled them up, but my bottom stung with pain as I pulled them above my thighs. I realized the thorny vine was still embedded into my buttocks. I ripped out the vine, which made me wince uncomfortably, and I tossed it aside.

Pulling my underpants up was now slightly more comfortable, but I knew I’d be sleeping on my stomach for the next few days.

I put on my dress, and felt like a new person. A freshly punished, and much better-behaved young woman. my master spanker put his arm around me, and walked me back to the farmhouse. I rubbed my bottom with my hands the whole way.

To my master spanker’s surprise, upon returning to the farmhouse; we saw one of the sheep on all fours, leaning over then fence, pulling the latch on the gate open with its mouth. Soon the gate was open, and the sheep began filing out.

“Well I’ll be,” my master spanker said. He looked at me in amazement.

“Sorry about that, Sweetie,” he said. “I’ll make it up to you.”

Samiras First Spanking – P3

Written By: admin - Nov• 02•20

They sat at the table in total silence. The only sounds being heard were the quiet munching of their dinner. She couldnt even look up at him. She could sense his dissapointment from the minute he told her she was in trouble, and she hated that feeling. Letting the man she loved and care for so much down. She wanted nothing more than to hear that of his forgivness, and to know that he wasnt going to leave. She was so scared the whole time, not only for her punishment, but she needed that reassurance. When they were finally finished eating he looked up to her and nodded letting her know it was time to clean up and then straight to her room. He helped her and then went off to the living room to think about how to handle the situation. Samira walked up the stairs toward the bedroom, her hands shaking as she put one on the knob to open it. She walked inside and sat down on the bed, not knowing how long she would have to wait for him to come up to tend to her.

John sat in the living room chair staring blankly at the television. He had once before had to deal with Samira for this same thing and wanted to make sure this time she remembered it. He knew he had to be firm with her, and sometimes it was hard for him to do so. he loved his wife so much. Cared for her more than anything, but knew sometimes she needed these reminders. He knew how important is was to teach and help her to be responsible. Samira was quite spoiled growing up. She had everything handed to her on a silver platter, and now that she was married to him, things were different for her. Her tantrums to get what she wanted didnt work with him. In fact they did just the opposite, earned her a ride over his knee, and that was exactly what Samira was going to get.

Samira sat up in their room and waited. She thought about all of the things that went wrong over the past day, how wrong she was to go back to sleep, and how now she would pay for it. She sat there listening to every sound he was making downstairs, trying to har what he was doing and when he was coming upstairs. This was the worst part, the waiting, the anticipation. When she finally heard his feet on the way up the stairs her heart skipped a beat. Her hands moved over her bottom and she cringed knowing she would be having trouble sitting later. She looked over to the door and watched the handle turn. The door swung open and he was standing there not looking very happy at all. She moved her head down, she couldnt look him in the eye. “Samira, look up at me young lady, it seems we have a few things to discuss.” Samira looked up at him with little tears in the corners of her eyes and pat there with her hands on her lap. “John…im so sorr…” she tried to say. “Samira you know not to speak when in this position now stay quiet and listen to me. You have already once before done what you have done today. You know how important it is to keep a job and help support us. Yet you do something so irresponsible as to fall back asleep after I have warned you of what would happen if you did. Im so dissapointed in you Samira. You have been doing very good lately and I havent had any reason to punish you and then you go and pull a stunt like this. From now on Samira you will be off the computer by 11 pm and in bed. If you are not then you will loose computer privlidges for a week. If this doesnt work then we will go back to spanking you again until you learn you need to be responsible. Youre not a child and I hate treating you like one, but if I have to in order to get you to learn I will.” He stood in front of her and took her hand in his and helped her up. “Now go get in the corner young lady hands at your side.” She moved herself over to the corner and stood their knowing what was next.

John walked over to the cupboard nearest the bed. He leaned down to pull out a nice sized oak paddle. It reminded him of a chopping board. Just enough to cover her bottom nicely and give one hell of a sting. She wouldnt be sitting for days. He placed the paddle on the nightstand and walked over and sat down on the bed, placing a pillow on his lap. He looked over to her and watched for a little while. Looking at her long blonde hair cascading down her back as she stood there, all the way down to her small little perky bottom. He loved to spank her, but not like this. Watching her cheeks turn a brilliant shade of red. He quickly let the thoughts go as he said to her, “Alright Samira its time, come over here and stand in front of me.” She walked over and stood in front of him her hands at her side, looking right at him, her eyes filled with tears. “Now young lady, you have dissapointed me in the past with this safe occurance. You have once before went bck to sleep when you should have been up getting ready for work. To top it all off you were late for work and then I catch you eavesdropping on an important conversation. That conversation for your information was a suprise. i was planning a little getaway for us. You were thinking otherwise werent you?” She looked at him and started to cry, “I thought you were leaving me John…Im so….sorry.” She started then to cry. He stood up and took her into his arms. “I would never leave you sweetie. I love you so much and you know the only reason I punish you is because I do. You never have to worry about me doing something to hurt you like that.” he kissed her forehead and sat back down and put the pillow back in place. He then took her hand and looked up at her. “Over my lap little one.” She sighed softly and moved herself to the side of him and moved forward settling herself down over his lap. She arched her back and put her bottom up high in the air for him, knowing that is what he likes. She placed her hands down on the bed in front of her and nuzzled her face in his thigh waiting for what she knew was to come. He moved his hands over her bottom and rubbed it over her pants. Letting her get the feel of his hand being there. He moved his hands under her. “Lift your bottom Samira.” and she did. he reached under her and unzipped her pants and then undid the button, then helped her back down over his lap. Taking his fingers he hooked them into the back of her pants and helped to tug them down. Leaving a nice pantied bottom over his lap.

John placed his hand over her bottom, rubbing it lightly as she layed there. “Now young lady. Im going to give you a nice spanking with my hand over your panties and then we move over to a little of the paddle on your bare bottom, finished with a little of my belt. I know you have never had the belt before but I feel you need al ittle reminder of responsibilty.” Samira was shocked at hearing his words. She had no idea he would even think of using his belt on her. She trusted him though and knew he was only interested in her well being. She knew he knew what was best for her. She cringed and shut her eyes. “Yes, Sir.” She replied and then all of a sudden a hard SMACK! came down onto her bottom. She shriked at the suprise and jumped a little a small moan escaping her lips as she squirmed. The sharp slap was followed by a few more, her bottom wiggling a little as he brought each of them down firmly and hard onto her bottom. She started to moan out more now, feeling each smack to her bottom hard. He continued to spank her hard and fast. His hand on her bottom. He reached over and took the paddle in his hand. “Now Samira, Im going to use the paddle on you. If you try to get off of my lap I will start over again. Understand?” She replied “Yes Sir” and shut her eyes once again tight. he reached up and took ahold of the waistband of her panties and once again just like her pants he began to tug them down. He brought them over her bright pink globes and watched as he tugged them down to her ankles. He then moved his hand over and got ahold of the paddle ready to give her what she deserved.

John took the paddle in his hand and gripped it tight. He looked down at Samiras little bottom turning the shade of pink it was and raised the paddle high. He wanted to make sure he was going to get this point across to her. He brought his arm back even further and then brought the paddle down hard giving her a sharp and loud crack to her left cheek. She jumped and cried out so loudly. The paddle helping her to arch her back and put her bottom higher in the air. John brought the paddle back up hgh and started to bring it down onto her bottom one after the other SMACK! CRACK! WHACK! Left and Right he smacked her cheeks, then down on her sit spots. She cried out loudly with each whack of the paddleand was squirming more than ever now. He heard her nearing tears as he picked up the pace a little. Smacking her bottom with the paddle hard. She cried out, her eyes starting to water. She wriggled over his lap. “NOw young lady…” SMACK! “You WILL! learn to go to bed on time..” SMACK! “And you WILL learn to be up in the morning in time for work…” SMACK! “and if this is what it takes to remind you…” SMACK! “then this is how it will be.” SMACK SMACK SMACK! She cried out with each smack as tears began to fall from her eyes. She sobbed as the paddle came down onto her bottom. He gave her a few more sharp and hard…SMACK! CRACK! WHACK! and then set the paddle down, and looked at her bottom. A nice pale shade of red. She sobbed over his lap as she felt him moving his hand over her bottom. Wincing at the pain as he lightly grabbed it. He helped her up. “Now back to the corner, young lady. I want to see that bare bottom. No rubbing, and if you do, you will be rigt back over my lap.” She walked over to the corner and place her hands once again at her sides. She stood their sobbing quietly. She had a feeling of nervousness in teh pit of her stomach. She knew what was next. Samira had never felt his belt before, but knew she had earned it. She wanted to just get this over as soon as possible. She hated knowing he was dissapointed. She hated this feeling.

Corporal Punishment At The Farmhouse – P1

Written By: admin - Oct• 15•20

“Honey, no, please don’t!”

His grip was strong, and I couldn’t break free. He grabbed me by my arm and yanked me out of the house, and took me far out into the woods, beyond the farmhouse, so the neighbor wouldn’t hear me.

“Those sheep were roaming all over the yard, Margareth!” my master spanker yelled. “How many times have I told you not to leave the gate unlocked!”

“I did lock it Honey!” I said. “I swear, I don’t know how it got opened!”

“No more lies!” my master spanker shouted. “It’s time you took responsibility for yourself!”

my master spanker stopped, and let go of my arm. This was it. I knew what he was going to do next, because he had done it before.

“Find a stick,” he said.

I shook with fear.

“Please Honey, you have to believe me!” I said.

“I don’t,” he said. “Now pick up a stick. Don’t make me choose one.”

That got me looking. If he got his choice, it would be a thick one. Probably covered with a thorny pricker vine. I looked for a nice thin stick, and hoped that he wouldn’t swing too hard. As mad as he was, I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so choosing the stick was the only advantage I got.

“Hurry up, Margareth,” he said.

I looked at all the sticks scattered across the ground, and I finally found a nice thin one. I handed it to my master spanker. He took in with one hand and snapped it in two.

“Margareth, I should not be able to snap the stick into two pieces with one hand,” my master spanker said. “Pick a thicker one. One that will actually convey the message I’m trying to send you.”

I already got the message, but he didn’t seem to think so. I didn’t leave the gate open, but my master spanker was convinced that I did. It didn’t matter though. Once he got it in his mind to punish me, there was no getting out of it.

I found another stick on the ground, this one about the thickness of my thumb. I knew it would hurt, but at least it wouldn’t make him even madder when I gave it to him.

“That’s much better,” he said. “But I want a thorny vine on it.”

“Honey! That’s too much!”

I knew it was a mistake to say it the moment I said it.

“No, you leaving the fence open for the fifth time this week is too much!” he said. “It’s time I got through to you! Now find a thorny vine!”

It was no use. I looked around the ground until I found a suitable pricker bush. I reached into the bush, pricking my hands quite few times, before I grabbed hold of one of the vines and yanked on it.

It cut my hands up pretty badly, but I got it out, roots and all. my master spanker handed me the stick.

“Wrap the vine around the stick,” he said.

I took the vine and wrapped it all around the stick, and tied a knot on the end to keep it secure. I handed the stick back to my master spanker.

“Take off your dress,” he said.

I was almost twenty, but my master spanker still never failed to take opportunities like this to embarrass me and make me feel like a child. I did as he asked, and since I knew what his next request would be, I took off my underclothes without being asked. I stood before him, naked as a Velorian bride on her wedding day.

my master spanker looked me over, and seemed pleased.

“Get into position,” he said.

Samiras First Spanking – P2

Written By: admin - Oct• 03•20

Samira arrived home from work a quarter past five like she does everyday and quickly made her way up to the bedroom. She didnt want John to be anymore dissapointed with her than he already was. She knew he would be home in less than fifteen minutes so she waited biting her nails as she did. She looked over at the clock as time went on and wondered where he was. It was not normal for him to be late. She was so tempted to leave the room but stayed right where she was. A cold chill came through her as she heard his car pull up outside. She heard the door of his car shut and heard the jingle of keys as he fussed with them trying to open the door. She listened to his every move, hearing him put down his briefcase and keys, and then walking around. She started to get a little nervous as he started up the stairway. Her heart beating a little faster knowing her fate. She sighed softly once again cursing herself for going back to sleep. She caught her breath and looked to the door as she saw the knob turn.

John walked in and saw his wife sitting on the bed just as he had told her. He didnt say a word to her as he walked in. He moved his finger up and motioned her to the corner where he always put her when she was in trouble. She quickly got up and put herself into it. He walked around getting a change of clothes. “Im going to shower and get changed, Ive had a hard day, and I know tonight will be just as hard a night.

You are to stand in that corner for ten minutes, and then go prepare dinner. I have already started it, so it wont be too difficult. When you are finshed come back up here and get me. Understand?” She could only nod, which got her a firm swat to her behind. She jumped but knew better than to grab her bottom, a little yelp came out of her mouth. “I didnt hear you young lady.” She replied to him with a “yes Sir”. he went off to shower and eft her alone to think about what she had done.

After ten minutes had passed Samira removed herself from the corner and made her way downstairs to finish preparing their dinner. She was so nervous about the spanking she was going to get.

John had spanked her many times in the past, some for punishment and some for fun. The punishment ones always leaving a sharp reminder for her to behave. She thought about it the whole time she was making their dinner. When she was finished she made her way up the stairs back towards their bedroom. She stopped in the hall and overheard his conversation. Heard about a trip he was planning. The first thought that jumped into her mind was that he was finally fed up with her and leaving her! She was so scared, and so nervous at that point. She wanted to trust him, she wanted to believe that wasnt the case. But she couldnt. She stood their like a child listening at the door. Until that is he caught her their.

She didnt expect him to be done so quickly. He opened the door and just looked at her as she told him dinner was ready. he just shook his head and said “Oh so you werent listening to what I said huh? That was the cat creaking the floorboards was it?” She could say nothing as she just looked down knowing how much trouble she was already in. Tears forming in the corners of her eyes as he said to her, “Back in the corner Samira, five minutes and then dinner, we have a lot to discuss tonight.” He pointed her to the corner and sat on the bed watching her, not saying a word. Thinking about what his wife was in for later…

She stood in the corner thinking about her actions. Why did she go back to sleep, why couldnt she just listen to him. Why was it so hard for her to just behave. She knew he was watching her the entire time, that only amking her more nervous about what was to come. She expected this time to be hard. The brush, maybe the paddle. She felt the tears coming to her eyes as she stood their her mind finlled with so many thoughts.

Small sobs escaped her lips as she waited out the time in the corner, the five minutes feeling like a lifetime. “Okay young lady, down to dinner, not a word from you. You will eat and clear the table and then right back to your room. Understand?” She turned to face him and replied “Yes Sir” and then walked towards the door.

19yo…and Finally Spanked

Written By: admin - Sep• 15•20

I was 19, and everyone said I was a good girl. I was, too. I always did my homework, and I tried really hard not to disappoint my lovers in any way. They were perfect, and would never think of spanking me. Their disapproval was punishment enough for me.

But, I was fascinated by spanking. When I was eighteen, my uncle had quickly turned me over his knee and given me a couple of sharp smacks, when I nagged him, and I always wondered what a real spanking would be like.

I was having trouble with history class in university. I just couldn’t seem to get my homework done in that class that year. Mrs. Walker was very disappointed. That was almost as bad as disappointing my lovers.

Well, once I just knew I couldn’t get an essay in on time. So, I patched together a couple of essays I found in a book, and handed that in.

Mrs. Walker had read the book, and, after university, she took me to the vice-principal’s office. After she told him, and showed him the paper, Mr. Johnson shook his head.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Antonia. I thought you were better than this. In other times, you would have got the strap, but, today, all we can do is call your lovers.”

“No! please, not that. I’ll do anything. I’ll do it over. Please, Mrs. Walker.”

“I can give you an extension,” she said, “but you did plagiarize, and we have to do something about that.”

“Just…don’t call my lovers…”

“Then what,” Mr. Johnson said, “do you suggest?” They both looked at me. I trembled all over. And, without thinking, I said:

“Spank me….give me a spanking”. I expected them to laugh, or get angry, but, instead, Mr. Johnson said:

“Well, Mrs. Walker…would you?”

“No. But I will act as witness. Antonia, go to Mr. Johnson.”

I crossed the room and stood by his chair.

“Well?” he said. He tapped his knee. He seemed as nervous I was. I quickly thrust my thumbs under my sweatpants and pulled them, and my panties down, and nearly flung myself across Mr. Johnson’s lap. I lay there, trembling, feeling the cool air on my bottom.

“My, my” said Mrs. Walker. She crossed the room and knelt facing me. “Give me your hands.” She took them, held tight, looked up at Mr. Johnson, nodded.

There was a paused, then a loud slap as Mr. Johnson’s hand struck my left cheek. I gasped aloud. Another slap, on my right cheek. I found myself staring at the smiling Mrs. Walker. Another slap, I whimpered.

Then the slaps came steadily, back and forth, working over every inch of my bottom. Soon, I could not see Mrs. Walker through my tears, and I was yelling things like “no, no, please stop. Oh it hurts, oh nonono” and then, all I could do was scream and cry, as I bucked in Mr. Johnson’s lap.

It seemed to go on forever, but it really was only a few minutes. Then, he stopped, and I lay there gasping and hiccuping. Mr. Johnson started to move, but I heard Mrs. Walker say, “wait.” She went to his cupboard, and pulled out a thick strap.

“Just a taste.” she said, and whipped it twice across my bottom. It was so aweful, I found myself with my back arched, all stiff. I could not even breathe. Then, she said:

“A quick spank will finish her.” I looked around, wildly, at Mr. Johnson. He raised his hand and slapped. And pushed me from his lap.

I howled and howled, as I hopped around the room, pulling up my pants. Mr. Johnson looked upset, but Mrs. Walker…I knew I would hear from her, again.

I never told anyone, until now. And the names, except mine, have been changed. And I did get the paper in.

Samiras First Spanking – P1

Written By: admin - Sep• 01•20

She stood in the hallway unable to move. Samira knew her husband was a trustworthy man. She knew it couldnt be another woman he was talking to. Although everything she heard coming out of the room sounded like he was planning on a trip to see another. Samira hated to eavesdrop on him like this. “Why cant i just trust him?”, she would often ask herself. “Why do I have to stand here like a child at the door?”. Samira stood there scolding herself as she listened, what she didnt expect was for John to open the door so soon. “Oh hi honey I was just coming to see if you were ready for dinner”, she said. He looked at her with a straight face, his eyes set on hers. “Oh really, so the floorboards I heard creaking as I was on the phone was the cat was it?” Samira could do nothing but stare at the floor. She hated to be caught in a lie. She was already in a lor trouble from an incident earlier that day.

Samira was never the type of person who liked working. Although she had a wonderful job of working with elderly in a day care center, she much rathered sitting around on her computer all day, and for that matter all night as well. Today was no different than any other day. She awoke at her normal 6 a.m. to the sound of John’s voice telling her for the third time to get up before she was late. She had spent most of the night before on the computer chatting with her friends, and playing games online. It was always a good idea to stay up all night until she had to wake up in the morning. John had discussed setting a bedtime with her if she hadnt improved on her sleeping habits. She tossed and turned in her bed and replied “Just five more minutes honey”. John walked into the room and pulled back her comforter and leaned in very close to her and whispered “I suggest you get out of that bed young lady or I will give you something to get out for!” She stirred some more and finally crawled out of the bed making a little face at him. John just stood shaking his head. “I have to leave for work early this morning I have something important to take care of, you are not to get back in that bed do you understand me? You will only fall asleep again and miss work, and you have already done that more than once!” Samira nodded and replied with a quiet and sleepy “Yes Sir” and watched as he turned and left. After a quick cup of coffee Samira was still so tired. “Five more minutes won’t hurt anything” she thought, and went to lay back down for a short nap.

She awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. She rolled over and answered it with a sleepy “Hello.” The voice on the other end wasnt a happy one. “Did I, or did I not tell you not to lay back down?” Samira quickly jumped out of bed and looked at the clock. She was already a half hour late for work and had not even showered yet. She cursed herself for going back to sleep when she knew she should have just struggled through the day. John would not be pleased with her. The last time she had done this, he had tanned her bottom good. He didnt like her to be so irresponsible and she knew it.

“Young lady I suggest you get that little behind out of that bed and off to work. You can tell them exactly why you are late as well. Perhaps their dissapointment combined with mine may get through to you this time. And as for going shopping later on, you can forget it. I want you home right after work and in your room. Do not move from that room until I get home. Do you understand me”, he said with his voice slightly raised. “Yes Sir”, she replied, almost in tears. She hated to hear him like this. She felt so terrible when he was dissapointed in her. She always tried her hardest to make him happy, to make him proud of her. Letting him down was the last thing she wished to do. Samira knew she was in for a not so comfortable night.

John sat at his desk after hanging up the phone and put his head in his hands. He loved his wife so much but knew sometimes she needed pointing in the right direction. He knew he shouldn’t have left until she was in the shower. He knew she would lay back down.

He sat there for awhile thinking about the situation, how she spends so much time on the internet, and what he could do to better her, how he would show her that he punished her because he cared. He didn’t want to give her a bedtime, yet he had already given her a chance to prove she could do it on her own. She had failed once again. It was time for John to take matters into his own hands. He thought about her punishement all day, and decided to stay late at work to see if she had listened and stayed in the bedroom as he asked.