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Samiras First Spanking – P3

Written By: Editor - Nov• 02•20

They sat at the table in total silence. The only sounds being heard were the quiet munching of their dinner. She couldnt even look up at him. She could sense his dissapointment from the minute he told her she was in trouble, and she hated that feeling. Letting the man she loved and care for so much down. She wanted nothing more than to hear that of his forgivness, and to know that he wasnt going to leave. She was so scared the whole time, not only for her punishment, but she needed that reassurance. When they were finally finished eating he looked up to her and nodded letting her know it was time to clean up and then straight to her room. He helped her and then went off to the living room to think about how to handle the situation. Samira walked up the stairs toward the bedroom, her hands shaking as she put one on the knob to open it. She walked inside and sat down on the bed, not knowing how long she would have to wait for him to come up to tend to her.

John sat in the living room chair staring blankly at the television. He had once before had to deal with Samira for this same thing and wanted to make sure this time she remembered it. He knew he had to be firm with her, and sometimes it was hard for him to do so. he loved his wife so much. Cared for her more than anything, but knew sometimes she needed these reminders. He knew how important is was to teach and help her to be responsible. Samira was quite spoiled growing up. She had everything handed to her on a silver platter, and now that she was married to him, things were different for her. Her tantrums to get what she wanted didnt work with him. In fact they did just the opposite, earned her a ride over his knee, and that was exactly what Samira was going to get.

Samira sat up in their room and waited. She thought about all of the things that went wrong over the past day, how wrong she was to go back to sleep, and how now she would pay for it. She sat there listening to every sound he was making downstairs, trying to har what he was doing and when he was coming upstairs. This was the worst part, the waiting, the anticipation. When she finally heard his feet on the way up the stairs her heart skipped a beat. Her hands moved over her bottom and she cringed knowing she would be having trouble sitting later. She looked over to the door and watched the handle turn. The door swung open and he was standing there not looking very happy at all. She moved her head down, she couldnt look him in the eye. “Samira, look up at me young lady, it seems we have a few things to discuss.” Samira looked up at him with little tears in the corners of her eyes and pat there with her hands on her lap. “John…im so sorr…” she tried to say. “Samira you know not to speak when in this position now stay quiet and listen to me. You have already once before done what you have done today. You know how important it is to keep a job and help support us. Yet you do something so irresponsible as to fall back asleep after I have warned you of what would happen if you did. Im so dissapointed in you Samira. You have been doing very good lately and I havent had any reason to punish you and then you go and pull a stunt like this. From now on Samira you will be off the computer by 11 pm and in bed. If you are not then you will loose computer privlidges for a week. If this doesnt work then we will go back to spanking you again until you learn you need to be responsible. Youre not a child and I hate treating you like one, but if I have to in order to get you to learn I will.” He stood in front of her and took her hand in his and helped her up. “Now go get in the corner young lady hands at your side.” She moved herself over to the corner and stood their knowing what was next.

John walked over to the cupboard nearest the bed. He leaned down to pull out a nice sized oak paddle. It reminded him of a chopping board. Just enough to cover her bottom nicely and give one hell of a sting. She wouldnt be sitting for days. He placed the paddle on the nightstand and walked over and sat down on the bed, placing a pillow on his lap. He looked over to her and watched for a little while. Looking at her long blonde hair cascading down her back as she stood there, all the way down to her small little perky bottom. He loved to spank her, but not like this. Watching her cheeks turn a brilliant shade of red. He quickly let the thoughts go as he said to her, “Alright Samira its time, come over here and stand in front of me.” She walked over and stood in front of him her hands at her side, looking right at him, her eyes filled with tears. “Now young lady, you have dissapointed me in the past with this safe occurance. You have once before went bck to sleep when you should have been up getting ready for work. To top it all off you were late for work and then I catch you eavesdropping on an important conversation. That conversation for your information was a suprise. i was planning a little getaway for us. You were thinking otherwise werent you?” She looked at him and started to cry, “I thought you were leaving me John…Im so….sorry.” She started then to cry. He stood up and took her into his arms. “I would never leave you sweetie. I love you so much and you know the only reason I punish you is because I do. You never have to worry about me doing something to hurt you like that.” he kissed her forehead and sat back down and put the pillow back in place. He then took her hand and looked up at her. “Over my lap little one.” She sighed softly and moved herself to the side of him and moved forward settling herself down over his lap. She arched her back and put her bottom up high in the air for him, knowing that is what he likes. She placed her hands down on the bed in front of her and nuzzled her face in his thigh waiting for what she knew was to come. He moved his hands over her bottom and rubbed it over her pants. Letting her get the feel of his hand being there. He moved his hands under her. “Lift your bottom Samira.” and she did. he reached under her and unzipped her pants and then undid the button, then helped her back down over his lap. Taking his fingers he hooked them into the back of her pants and helped to tug them down. Leaving a nice pantied bottom over his lap.

John placed his hand over her bottom, rubbing it lightly as she layed there. “Now young lady. Im going to give you a nice spanking with my hand over your panties and then we move over to a little of the paddle on your bare bottom, finished with a little of my belt. I know you have never had the belt before but I feel you need al ittle reminder of responsibilty.” Samira was shocked at hearing his words. She had no idea he would even think of using his belt on her. She trusted him though and knew he was only interested in her well being. She knew he knew what was best for her. She cringed and shut her eyes. “Yes, Sir.” She replied and then all of a sudden a hard SMACK! came down onto her bottom. She shriked at the suprise and jumped a little a small moan escaping her lips as she squirmed. The sharp slap was followed by a few more, her bottom wiggling a little as he brought each of them down firmly and hard onto her bottom. She started to moan out more now, feeling each smack to her bottom hard. He continued to spank her hard and fast. His hand on her bottom. He reached over and took the paddle in his hand. “Now Samira, Im going to use the paddle on you. If you try to get off of my lap I will start over again. Understand?” She replied “Yes Sir” and shut her eyes once again tight. he reached up and took ahold of the waistband of her panties and once again just like her pants he began to tug them down. He brought them over her bright pink globes and watched as he tugged them down to her ankles. He then moved his hand over and got ahold of the paddle ready to give her what she deserved.

John took the paddle in his hand and gripped it tight. He looked down at Samiras little bottom turning the shade of pink it was and raised the paddle high. He wanted to make sure he was going to get this point across to her. He brought his arm back even further and then brought the paddle down hard giving her a sharp and loud crack to her left cheek. She jumped and cried out so loudly. The paddle helping her to arch her back and put her bottom higher in the air. John brought the paddle back up hgh and started to bring it down onto her bottom one after the other SMACK! CRACK! WHACK! Left and Right he smacked her cheeks, then down on her sit spots. She cried out loudly with each whack of the paddleand was squirming more than ever now. He heard her nearing tears as he picked up the pace a little. Smacking her bottom with the paddle hard. She cried out, her eyes starting to water. She wriggled over his lap. “NOw young lady…” SMACK! “You WILL! learn to go to bed on time..” SMACK! “And you WILL learn to be up in the morning in time for work…” SMACK! “and if this is what it takes to remind you…” SMACK! “then this is how it will be.” SMACK SMACK SMACK! She cried out with each smack as tears began to fall from her eyes. She sobbed as the paddle came down onto her bottom. He gave her a few more sharp and hard…SMACK! CRACK! WHACK! and then set the paddle down, and looked at her bottom. A nice pale shade of red. She sobbed over his lap as she felt him moving his hand over her bottom. Wincing at the pain as he lightly grabbed it. He helped her up. “Now back to the corner, young lady. I want to see that bare bottom. No rubbing, and if you do, you will be rigt back over my lap.” She walked over to the corner and place her hands once again at her sides. She stood their sobbing quietly. She had a feeling of nervousness in teh pit of her stomach. She knew what was next. Samira had never felt his belt before, but knew she had earned it. She wanted to just get this over as soon as possible. She hated knowing he was dissapointed. She hated this feeling.

Corporal Punishment At The Farmhouse – P1

Written By: Editor - Oct• 15•20

“Honey, no, please don’t!”

His grip was strong, and I couldn’t break free. He grabbed me by my arm and yanked me out of the house, and took me far out into the woods, beyond the farmhouse, so the neighbor wouldn’t hear me.

“Those sheep were roaming all over the yard, Margareth!” my master spanker yelled. “How many times have I told you not to leave the gate unlocked!”

“I did lock it Honey!” I said. “I swear, I don’t know how it got opened!”

“No more lies!” my master spanker shouted. “It’s time you took responsibility for yourself!”

my master spanker stopped, and let go of my arm. This was it. I knew what he was going to do next, because he had done it before.

“Find a stick,” he said.

I shook with fear.

“Please Honey, you have to believe me!” I said.

“I don’t,” he said. “Now pick up a stick. Don’t make me choose one.”

That got me looking. If he got his choice, it would be a thick one. Probably covered with a thorny pricker vine. I looked for a nice thin stick, and hoped that he wouldn’t swing too hard. As mad as he was, I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so choosing the stick was the only advantage I got.

“Hurry up, Margareth,” he said.

I looked at all the sticks scattered across the ground, and I finally found a nice thin one. I handed it to my master spanker. He took in with one hand and snapped it in two.

“Margareth, I should not be able to snap the stick into two pieces with one hand,” my master spanker said. “Pick a thicker one. One that will actually convey the message I’m trying to send you.”

I already got the message, but he didn’t seem to think so. I didn’t leave the gate open, but my master spanker was convinced that I did. It didn’t matter though. Once he got it in his mind to punish me, there was no getting out of it.

I found another stick on the ground, this one about the thickness of my thumb. I knew it would hurt, but at least it wouldn’t make him even madder when I gave it to him.

“That’s much better,” he said. “But I want a thorny vine on it.”

“Honey! That’s too much!”

I knew it was a mistake to say it the moment I said it.

“No, you leaving the fence open for the fifth time this week is too much!” he said. “It’s time I got through to you! Now find a thorny vine!”

It was no use. I looked around the ground until I found a suitable pricker bush. I reached into the bush, pricking my hands quite few times, before I grabbed hold of one of the vines and yanked on it.

It cut my hands up pretty badly, but I got it out, roots and all. my master spanker handed me the stick.

“Wrap the vine around the stick,” he said.

I took the vine and wrapped it all around the stick, and tied a knot on the end to keep it secure. I handed the stick back to my master spanker.

“Take off your dress,” he said.

I was almost twenty, but my master spanker still never failed to take opportunities like this to embarrass me and make me feel like a child. I did as he asked, and since I knew what his next request would be, I took off my underclothes without being asked. I stood before him, naked as a Velorian bride on her wedding day.

my master spanker looked me over, and seemed pleased.

“Get into position,” he said.

Samiras First Spanking – P2

Written By: Editor - Oct• 03•20

Samira arrived home from work a quarter past five like she does everyday and quickly made her way up to the bedroom. She didnt want John to be anymore dissapointed with her than he already was. She knew he would be home in less than fifteen minutes so she waited biting her nails as she did. She looked over at the clock as time went on and wondered where he was. It was not normal for him to be late. She was so tempted to leave the room but stayed right where she was. A cold chill came through her as she heard his car pull up outside. She heard the door of his car shut and heard the jingle of keys as he fussed with them trying to open the door. She listened to his every move, hearing him put down his briefcase and keys, and then walking around. She started to get a little nervous as he started up the stairway. Her heart beating a little faster knowing her fate. She sighed softly once again cursing herself for going back to sleep. She caught her breath and looked to the door as she saw the knob turn.

John walked in and saw his wife sitting on the bed just as he had told her. He didnt say a word to her as he walked in. He moved his finger up and motioned her to the corner where he always put her when she was in trouble. She quickly got up and put herself into it. He walked around getting a change of clothes. “Im going to shower and get changed, Ive had a hard day, and I know tonight will be just as hard a night.

You are to stand in that corner for ten minutes, and then go prepare dinner. I have already started it, so it wont be too difficult. When you are finshed come back up here and get me. Understand?” She could only nod, which got her a firm swat to her behind. She jumped but knew better than to grab her bottom, a little yelp came out of her mouth. “I didnt hear you young lady.” She replied to him with a “yes Sir”. he went off to shower and eft her alone to think about what she had done.

After ten minutes had passed Samira removed herself from the corner and made her way downstairs to finish preparing their dinner. She was so nervous about the spanking she was going to get.

John had spanked her many times in the past, some for punishment and some for fun. The punishment ones always leaving a sharp reminder for her to behave. She thought about it the whole time she was making their dinner. When she was finished she made her way up the stairs back towards their bedroom. She stopped in the hall and overheard his conversation. Heard about a trip he was planning. The first thought that jumped into her mind was that he was finally fed up with her and leaving her! She was so scared, and so nervous at that point. She wanted to trust him, she wanted to believe that wasnt the case. But she couldnt. She stood their like a child listening at the door. Until that is he caught her their.

She didnt expect him to be done so quickly. He opened the door and just looked at her as she told him dinner was ready. he just shook his head and said “Oh so you werent listening to what I said huh? That was the cat creaking the floorboards was it?” She could say nothing as she just looked down knowing how much trouble she was already in. Tears forming in the corners of her eyes as he said to her, “Back in the corner Samira, five minutes and then dinner, we have a lot to discuss tonight.” He pointed her to the corner and sat on the bed watching her, not saying a word. Thinking about what his wife was in for later…

She stood in the corner thinking about her actions. Why did she go back to sleep, why couldnt she just listen to him. Why was it so hard for her to just behave. She knew he was watching her the entire time, that only amking her more nervous about what was to come. She expected this time to be hard. The brush, maybe the paddle. She felt the tears coming to her eyes as she stood their her mind finlled with so many thoughts.

Small sobs escaped her lips as she waited out the time in the corner, the five minutes feeling like a lifetime. “Okay young lady, down to dinner, not a word from you. You will eat and clear the table and then right back to your room. Understand?” She turned to face him and replied “Yes Sir” and then walked towards the door.

19yo…and Finally Spanked

Written By: Editor - Sep• 15•20

I was 19, and everyone said I was a good girl. I was, too. I always did my homework, and I tried really hard not to disappoint my lovers in any way. They were perfect, and would never think of spanking me. Their disapproval was punishment enough for me.

But, I was fascinated by spanking. When I was eighteen, my uncle had quickly turned me over his knee and given me a couple of sharp smacks, when I nagged him, and I always wondered what a real spanking would be like.

I was having trouble with history class in university. I just couldn’t seem to get my homework done in that class that year. Mrs. Walker was very disappointed. That was almost as bad as disappointing my lovers.

Well, once I just knew I couldn’t get an essay in on time. So, I patched together a couple of essays I found in a book, and handed that in.

Mrs. Walker had read the book, and, after university, she took me to the vice-principal’s office. After she told him, and showed him the paper, Mr. Johnson shook his head.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Antonia. I thought you were better than this. In other times, you would have got the strap, but, today, all we can do is call your lovers.”

“No! please, not that. I’ll do anything. I’ll do it over. Please, Mrs. Walker.”

“I can give you an extension,” she said, “but you did plagiarize, and we have to do something about that.”

“Just…don’t call my lovers…”

“Then what,” Mr. Johnson said, “do you suggest?” They both looked at me. I trembled all over. And, without thinking, I said:

“Spank me….give me a spanking”. I expected them to laugh, or get angry, but, instead, Mr. Johnson said:

“Well, Mrs. Walker…would you?”

“No. But I will act as witness. Antonia, go to Mr. Johnson.”

I crossed the room and stood by his chair.

“Well?” he said. He tapped his knee. He seemed as nervous I was. I quickly thrust my thumbs under my sweatpants and pulled them, and my panties down, and nearly flung myself across Mr. Johnson’s lap. I lay there, trembling, feeling the cool air on my bottom.

“My, my” said Mrs. Walker. She crossed the room and knelt facing me. “Give me your hands.” She took them, held tight, looked up at Mr. Johnson, nodded.

There was a paused, then a loud slap as Mr. Johnson’s hand struck my left cheek. I gasped aloud. Another slap, on my right cheek. I found myself staring at the smiling Mrs. Walker. Another slap, I whimpered.

Then the slaps came steadily, back and forth, working over every inch of my bottom. Soon, I could not see Mrs. Walker through my tears, and I was yelling things like “no, no, please stop. Oh it hurts, oh nonono” and then, all I could do was scream and cry, as I bucked in Mr. Johnson’s lap.

It seemed to go on forever, but it really was only a few minutes. Then, he stopped, and I lay there gasping and hiccuping. Mr. Johnson started to move, but I heard Mrs. Walker say, “wait.” She went to his cupboard, and pulled out a thick strap.

“Just a taste.” she said, and whipped it twice across my bottom. It was so aweful, I found myself with my back arched, all stiff. I could not even breathe. Then, she said:

“A quick spank will finish her.” I looked around, wildly, at Mr. Johnson. He raised his hand and slapped. And pushed me from his lap.

I howled and howled, as I hopped around the room, pulling up my pants. Mr. Johnson looked upset, but Mrs. Walker…I knew I would hear from her, again.

I never told anyone, until now. And the names, except mine, have been changed. And I did get the paper in.

Samiras First Spanking – P1

Written By: Editor - Sep• 01•20

She stood in the hallway unable to move. Samira knew her husband was a trustworthy man. She knew it couldnt be another woman he was talking to. Although everything she heard coming out of the room sounded like he was planning on a trip to see another. Samira hated to eavesdrop on him like this. “Why cant i just trust him?”, she would often ask herself. “Why do I have to stand here like a child at the door?”. Samira stood there scolding herself as she listened, what she didnt expect was for John to open the door so soon. “Oh hi honey I was just coming to see if you were ready for dinner”, she said. He looked at her with a straight face, his eyes set on hers. “Oh really, so the floorboards I heard creaking as I was on the phone was the cat was it?” Samira could do nothing but stare at the floor. She hated to be caught in a lie. She was already in a lor trouble from an incident earlier that day.

Samira was never the type of person who liked working. Although she had a wonderful job of working with elderly in a day care center, she much rathered sitting around on her computer all day, and for that matter all night as well. Today was no different than any other day. She awoke at her normal 6 a.m. to the sound of John’s voice telling her for the third time to get up before she was late. She had spent most of the night before on the computer chatting with her friends, and playing games online. It was always a good idea to stay up all night until she had to wake up in the morning. John had discussed setting a bedtime with her if she hadnt improved on her sleeping habits. She tossed and turned in her bed and replied “Just five more minutes honey”. John walked into the room and pulled back her comforter and leaned in very close to her and whispered “I suggest you get out of that bed young lady or I will give you something to get out for!” She stirred some more and finally crawled out of the bed making a little face at him. John just stood shaking his head. “I have to leave for work early this morning I have something important to take care of, you are not to get back in that bed do you understand me? You will only fall asleep again and miss work, and you have already done that more than once!” Samira nodded and replied with a quiet and sleepy “Yes Sir” and watched as he turned and left. After a quick cup of coffee Samira was still so tired. “Five more minutes won’t hurt anything” she thought, and went to lay back down for a short nap.

She awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. She rolled over and answered it with a sleepy “Hello.” The voice on the other end wasnt a happy one. “Did I, or did I not tell you not to lay back down?” Samira quickly jumped out of bed and looked at the clock. She was already a half hour late for work and had not even showered yet. She cursed herself for going back to sleep when she knew she should have just struggled through the day. John would not be pleased with her. The last time she had done this, he had tanned her bottom good. He didnt like her to be so irresponsible and she knew it.

“Young lady I suggest you get that little behind out of that bed and off to work. You can tell them exactly why you are late as well. Perhaps their dissapointment combined with mine may get through to you this time. And as for going shopping later on, you can forget it. I want you home right after work and in your room. Do not move from that room until I get home. Do you understand me”, he said with his voice slightly raised. “Yes Sir”, she replied, almost in tears. She hated to hear him like this. She felt so terrible when he was dissapointed in her. She always tried her hardest to make him happy, to make him proud of her. Letting him down was the last thing she wished to do. Samira knew she was in for a not so comfortable night.

John sat at his desk after hanging up the phone and put his head in his hands. He loved his wife so much but knew sometimes she needed pointing in the right direction. He knew he shouldn’t have left until she was in the shower. He knew she would lay back down.

He sat there for awhile thinking about the situation, how she spends so much time on the internet, and what he could do to better her, how he would show her that he punished her because he cared. He didn’t want to give her a bedtime, yet he had already given her a chance to prove she could do it on her own. She had failed once again. It was time for John to take matters into his own hands. He thought about her punishement all day, and decided to stay late at work to see if she had listened and stayed in the bedroom as he asked.

Lara – Anticipating The Spanking – P3

Written By: Editor - Aug• 15•20

The air seemed charged as he rose and walked toward her, his gait measured, unhurried. An involuntary shiver rippled through her as moved closer, circling her now with agonizingly slow, methodical steps. Finally, he stopped directly in front of her, leaning in so close it was impossible to see where his body ended and hers began.

He leaned back a little, raised the index finger of his right hand to his mouth, then licked the tip of it and pressed it to her slightly parted lips. Slowly, he traced an imaginary line around them, then moved the finger, its nail just grazing her tender skin, downward, over her bottom lip, bringing it to rest under her chin. Exerting the most minute pressure, he raised her face to his. His expression was purposeful but not unkind. His eyes were alive, blazing, as if they could somehow sear into the very heart of her.

When, finally, he began to speak, his voice was a low, velvety rasp. Under other circumstances she would have teased him about it; pointing out that cigarettes were takng their toll on him, and that he ought to quit. But not now. Now, that voice gripped her, held her, made her quiver in anticipation.

“Do I make unreasonable demands on you?” he asked, tersely.

“, of course not,” she answered, taken aback a little. This was not the line of discourse she had expected, somehow.

“Do I stifle you; withhold my support or enthusiasm for your plans, your dreams?”

“Never. You’ve never done anything like that. You wouldn’t…you…” She was flustered, confused. Where was this going?

“Do you believe that I love you?” He stood there, unflinching–waiting–as if there might actually be a response to this question which wasn’t already burned into his deepest consciousness.

“Yes. Yes. YES!! Of course you do. As I love you,” she said, her voice rising.

“Then why do you deny me the only thing I ask of you?” he snapped.

She took a step back, feeling as if the wind had been knocked out of her. She looked at him, incredulously, her eyes flashing something between disbelief and anger.

“I’ve never…I’ve always…I don’t know what you…I don’t..what do you mean?” The words poured out, collided. She’d always put him first; done anything and everything she could think of to please him. After all they’d been through, how could he say something like that?

He wrapped his arms around her gently, leaning in to press his lips to her ear–warm, moist breath flowing over her tingling skin–then spoke in a barely audible whisper.

“Why won’t you give yourself a break, my darling?”

She stiffened in his arms, and he held her. She struggled a little, as if trying to break free, bolt from from the moment, and still he held her–tightly, tightly–refusing to let go…ever. In his mind’s eye, he could see that fine line; see himself stepping squarely onto and over it. And he didn’t care. He would do anything, risk anything for her…for the love of her.

She buried her face in his shoulder, her eyes welling up with tears, her body shaking violently against his.

“I can’t,” she whispered, her voice a low, heart-rending moan that cut deeply into him, “I just can’t.” And even as the words rolled off her lips, she felt the muscles in her stomach tightening, as if her body were trying to speak, to scream out: “Wrong answer.”

He released his grip on her, just long enough to slip his fingers behind her head and onto the nape of her neck, spreading them upward into her damp, tangled hair. Closing his hand tightly, he urged her to her knees at his feet, his fingers viselike in her auburn mane.

“But you WILL!” he growled, “Now you crawl over to that couch, young lady, and I mean yesterday!”

He let go of her hair and she bent down, extending her arms in front of her–palms flat on the carpet–and began to crawl, her mind racing, his words echoing, over and over, in her mind. He stepped around her and sat heavily on the couch, watching her approach, his eyes set. She stopped at his feet, looking up into his face expectantly.

“There is no ‘can’t’, and there are no excuses. Do you understand?”

She wanted to explain, protest, say something, anything to mitigate what was about to happen. Instead she found herself inexplicably mumuring, “Yes.”

Gripping her under her shoulders, he abruptly hauled her up from the floor and over his lap, her bottom upended, her arms and legs stretched out along the length of the couch. Without warning, his open palm slammed down onto the round, soft cheeks of her ass. She groaned, shifting her weight over his lap, digging her fingernails into the fabric of the couch–but making no move to try and escape.

His hand, its fingertips hardened from years of guitar-playing, came down again–harder this time–raising an instant, fiery red imprint on the tender flesh. She winced and gasped, her back involuntarily arching to expose her stinging bottom to another swat. He obliged, landing the blow just beneath the crease that seperated her asscheeks from her creamy right thigh, then quickly applied a companion smack to the left one.

“I can understand and deal with almost anything,” he said evenly, rubbing the flaming flesh lightly. “But I will not…” He began to punctuate his words with a corresponding series of punishing slaps to her ass and thighs. “…tolerate you hurting yourself…in any way.”

She howled as the spanking resumed. Stinging waves broke over entire body. Nerve endings awoke and screamed their messages of protest to her brain. She bucked and kicked over his lap, trying desperately to escape the blows which kept falling, one on top of the other.

“Please! PLEASE STOP!” she pleaded. “I’ll try…I promise…I really will!”

His reply was to continue to cover her burning skin with searing swats as she struggled and begged; until she felt as if she couldn’t bear another blow. Then, something changed. From deep inside her a sensation began to rise, pushing upward…faster…gathering speed and force as the punishing spanks began to recede to the edges of her awareness. The feeling swelled…filling her…straining against the very core of her being until it could no longer be contained and burst from her in a flood of pent up tears. But these were not tears of pain. They were tears of relief, release and something like pure joy.

He gathered her up and into his arms and she buried her head in his chest, her body racked with uncontrollable sobs. He rocked her gently, holding her to his body, letting her sink into the sublime assurance that she was, and would always be, cherished. Finally, her sobbing subsided and she raised her head to look at him, smilng through tear-stained eyes.

Suddenly, she jumped up from his lap, threw her robe over her shoulders and flew like a silken butterfly over to the desk, deftly scooping up her sketchbook and pencils. At the bottom of the stairs she stopped and turned to him, beaming, unable to hide her obvious delight at the mask of mock shock which hung on his face.

“I got and idea!” she giggled, then vanished up the stairs.

He laughed and collapsed back onto the sofa, settling in comfortably. Experience showed that he could wait for as long as it might take.

Silje – The Spankable One – P3

Written By: Editor - Aug• 03•20

Oh my god, my ass was on fire. Each stroke was spaced about 2 seconds apart and stung like a hundred bees. My outbursts were at an acceptable level for now, but if this kept up, I wasn’t going to be able to contain myself for very long.


“Owww”!                         “Owww”!                     “Owww”!                “Oooowww”!               “Oooowww!

By the 8th stroke I was crying. I managed not to scream, but I knew I couldn’t do it any longer.

“Please sir, can I have the gag”?

“Very well. I’m glad I didn’t have to make that decision for you”.

Walking around to the front of the chair, he placed the ball gag in my mouth and secured it behind my head. It was extremely uncomfortable, but it was better than the extra lashings I would have gotten if I hadn’t been able to keep quiet, which would have been impossible to do.

“Are you ready to begin again”?

He accepted a nod of my head.


Now I was screaming. The pain was intense. My head jerked up with each stroke and the tears were flowing down my face. Slowly, he began to rub my butt, telling me he loved me and allowed me time to catch my breath.

“That would have been the end of the belt, but now you’re going to have to get your added five lashes for smarting off to me a little while ago, OK?

Again I nodded my head. What was I going to do, say no? All that would have done was possibly gotten me more lashes.


My head jerked up on the first smack and didn’t go down till it was done. My legs were quivering badly. It was a good thing I wasn’t dependent on them to keep me up.

Kneeling in front of me, John took a cold washcloth and tenderly wiped my face off, while tenderly kissing me on the forehead and cheeks.

“Shhhh. Calm down. It’ll be over soon. You know I love you don’t you”?

I nodded and held my hand out for him to take. He knew this meant that I loved him too and I understood.

“Ok. Now it’s time for the small paddle”.


Again, a nod.


“UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I went into an altered state of consciousness, my body jerked frantically and I tried desperately to move, but to no avail. Not only did the paddle hurt worse than the belt, there was the added pain and discomfort of the anal plug. Every time the paddle landed it slammed into the plug causing it to be temporarily forced further into my ass. I tried to push it out, but that is what they are designed for; to plug your ass!

As I was coming out of my altered state, I realized he had paused and was rubbing my ass again and softly whispering “sweet nothings”. I don’t think he trusted his voice at that time. Remember when your parents used to say, “This hurts me more than it does you”? Well, it’s true. Punishment is an act of love, and someone who loves you suffers mentally from having to physically punish you.

“Alright, last half”.



Most of these landed on the “sit spot” at the base of my ass, alternating sides, but a few landed across the top of my thighs. My ass felt like one big blister, and it wasn’t over yet. By this time, I was crying so hard, I was hiccupping, and finding it difficult to catch my breath. My vision was blurred from squeezing my eyes shut too hard. Snot and tears mixed together in a pool on the seat of the chair (another reason for putting down a towel).

Again, by the time I started to come out of the state of semi-consciousness, John was kneeling in front of me with a new washcloth. He continued to wipe my face and tears and helped me blow my nose.

“I love you with all my heart, babe. I know this isn’t fun, but you know I have to do this. You know you need this in more ways than one”.

It was true. I did need it, not just for the disrespectfulness that evening but, for something much more important. See, most people would claim that the punishment did not seem to fit the crime and they would be correct; to a point. My loving husband knew me so well that he realized my outburst was a result of the building stress and frustration that was happening in my life. My life was being turned topsy-turvy and it was beginning to affect me. I couldn’t see the problem at the time, but he knew that if he didn’t do something about it right then that it would’ve gotten out of control. What I needed was the release of stress that only a severe, but loving, spanking could give me. It allows my body and mind to release the stress without feeling guilty. I am cleansed and can then tackle my life with a new perspective. I didn’t think it was possible to love him anymore than I did, but I do. He knew we could do this now and be done with it, or he could deal out minor punishments over and over again and have to do it this way anyway in the long run.

He stood up when my breathing and vision were almost back to normal.

“Alright babe. Last set. And it will be with the long paddle. The first five will be somewhat slow and medium strength. Then I’ll pause and the last 10 will be quicker and harder. OK”?

This time all I could manage was to sigh and drop my head.



I think I quit breathing on the second stroke. My body stiffened and jerked every time the paddle landed. I started to breath again, but didn’t relax because I knew what was coming.

“Remember I love you and I’m always here for you”.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! It was about this time that I felt a sensation coming up from my toes.

My body stiffened up and my head jerked back, but I was past making any sound.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! By this time the feeling was up to my armpits and I was waiting with delicious anticipation for my release.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! FINALLY!! The sensation exploded out of the top of my head. My body went limp and I lost consciousness.

When I finally came to, I realized I was on the bed where my husband had lovingly carried me after releasing me from my bonds and gently removing the anal plug. He had cleaned my face, brushed my hair and was gently rubbing cooling cream on my apple red ass. When he realized I was awake he quickly gave me an ice-cold beverage for my parched throat. He asked me how I felt and if I had gotten what I needed out of this experience. When I starred at him blankly, he realized that I was still too weak and out if it to think, let alone talk. Gently, he pulled the sheet over me, snuggled me into the crook of his arm so he could hold me and ran his fingers through my hair until I drifted off into a deep sleep.

About three hours later I woke up feeling like a new woman. Quietly, I slid the sheet down and proceeded to thank my wonderful husband for loving me the best way he could! I had gotten wet …and still was!!!

Is Spanking Too Much To Ask For In A Serious Relationship

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When it comes to serious relationships, things get pretty complicated, especially when it comes to sex life. When you get used to a certain thing in a relationship, it’s pretty hard to change it and the way you have sex is definitely one of them. In my personal experience, the first six months of a relationship are crucial because it’s the only time frame when I could insist on something different, but after that, it was a lot harder to add anything new to the mix.

Because I’m pretty kinky and enjoy BDSM a lot, I’ve tried introducing this to every girlfriend I had so far. I can’t say that I’ve been successful with every girl, but a lot of them have tried at least something that I could call BDSM. With a few girls, I could take things further and experiment more, but some have almost dumped me as soon as I mentioned spanking. It mostly depended on how kinky the girl was but the timing as well. I noticed that the first year of any relationship was the timeframe when I could ask for something uncommon in the bedroom and a higher percentage of girls were willing to try things during that time. When a relationship became a little more serious, it was a lot harder to ask for something different, even though there was much more trust between the girl and me.

It Was Hard To Find A Girlfriend Who Shared My Interest In BDSM

Before I met my current wife, I’ve been in more relationships that I would like to admit. When I was younger, I didn’t mind if the girls didn’t share my interest in BDSM because I only wanted to have sex. As I got older, I developed a real fetish and spanking was something that I really wanted to include in my sex life.

I couldn’t believe that so many girls found it unacceptable and that they made such a big fuss about spanking that they even wanted to break up with me because of it. Some girls accepted spanking but none of them wanted to experiment and try something more. At one point, I decided to go to a professional, just so I could be sexually satisfied and I could experience my sexual fantasy exactly how I wanted. I didn’t plan on going to a dominatrix, so I decided on hiring an escort who was into the same things I was. After reading several London escort reviews online, I found a few girls I liked and who offered spanking as a service. I went to a few appointments and it was incredible. It felt so natural and without any tension that I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I had so much trouble finding a girlfriend who would enjoy spanking as much as I did. I continued seeing escorts for some time because it took me a few years to find a good-looking girlfriend who wanted to do the same things I did when it comes to sex.

Always Be Prepared For A Compromise

From my experience, I can say that nothing comes free. When I first met my current wife, I was blown away by her. I realized she was into spanking as well pretty quickly into our relationship and it was a great feeling to finally find a woman I really liked and who shared my fetishes. I enjoyed the time I spent with her but I was always afraid of what she might ask of me in the future. I knew that she’d ask for something “in return” because I was the one to initiate the spanking in the first place.

As I expected, after a couple of months into our relationship, she asked me if I would be willing to make one of her fantasies come true. Her fantasy was to have a threesome with me and another man and to try double penetration. I knew she was freaky in the bedroom but I never expected her to ask for a threesome. I didn’t tell her but I was absolutely against it because I’m a very jealous guy by nature. On the other hand, I knew I had to make her fantasy come true because I didn’t want to lose the girl who finally knew how to satisfy me. Even though I thought it would end up being a complete disaster, I ended up enjoying it and it was one more thing we continued doing while we were still dating! The fact that we became so comfortable around each other made our relationship stronger and she was the first girl I could experiment with when it comes to sex. We tried a lot of things together and I discovered a lot of new things I didn’t know I would like!

Being Honest And Open Can Broaden Your Horizons

Being honest about my fetishes and things that make me aroused is the only thing I couldn’t do as soon as I started any relationship. I was always ashamed by the fact that I liked getting spanked and spanking someone. No one in my surrounding spoke of it and neither did I. I always waited a very long time to confess to a girlfriend what I liked, but by the time I came out, it was too late to change anything. Even if a girl accepted my proposal and wanted to try spanking, it wasn’t the same feeling as when I did it with someone who felt comfortable doing it.

The first time I was honest and open right from the start of a relationship was when I met my wife. Maybe a week has passed since we started dating and I told her right away what I liked and what turned me on. We didn’t try spanking right away but it didn’t take long before we both ended up with red butts after sex. Since then, we were both open to each other and didn’t keep secrets when it comes to sexual fetishes from one another. I realized our sex life was better than ever before and the relationship ended up being a lot better than I thought was possible!

Because we were both honest, we tried a lot of things we didn’t get to try with our previous partners. We both agreed that it was exactly what we needed to do and because we experienced so much together, we stayed together for such a long time!

The Spanking Sessions

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The girls boarding school disciplinary spankings for 18+ girls and their milf mums …the tale continued – Canesworth College Spanking – p4

After a lengthy round of farewells, Mr. Magick finally made his way, somewhat wearily, along the corridor to his Study, where he found Gina and Crystel waiting, as requested, as girls would once have done, trembling, to see Miss Xinran. He smiled warmly and ushered them inside. Once the door had been closed behind them, he showed them to the leather settee and invited them to sit down in this masculine oasis in an area dominated almost entirely by things feminine. Gina shivered almost imperceptibly as she adjusted her olive green silk dress and Crystel felt a strange sense of unease in her Mother as she took her place alongside her. Both women allowed their gaze to wander around the room, past the door to the annex that was slightly ajar, quickly past The Dragon’s lair and along the bookshelves towards the wide lattice window. Crystel was reminded of her Father’s magnificent Study at Pendene Manor, as was Gina, but not so much on account of the furnishings as for other reasons.


Crystel noticed how her Mother had shivered slightly as her gaze had fallen upon The Dragon’s lair and, whilst Mr. Magick was tidying up, having asked the ladies to wait for just a couple of moments, she whispered into Gina’s ear, asking if everything was alright.

Gina flushed slightly and, whilst Mr. Magick’s back was turned to them, whispered in reply about the legendary creature had once resided in the lair.

It is a great mistake to underestimate the hearing of an experienced teacher, particularly a Headmaster groomed by no lesser a person than Miss Xinran. Mr. Magick turned round and looked at Gina and Crystel. He smiled in a manner that was so inscrutable as almost to be sinister. Gina shivered again and Crystel found her curiosity increasing.

“So, Mrs. Sharpe, you remember the legend of the Dragon, do you?”

One could have been forgiven for believing that Gina was about to go down with a cold, such was the frequency with which she was beginning to shiver. She returned a wan smile and giggled in slight embarrassment.

“But I understand that you were never acquainted with it, Mrs. Sharpe”, added the Headmaster.

Gina blushed slightly and shook her head, unusually lost for words. However, even allowing for the dread that the very mention of the cane had induced amongst potential beneficiaries of its corrective power, this was not in character and Mr. Magick knew this full well, having come to know Gina better than she realised during the shared time in which they had followed their respective paths at the school. He recalled the Valentine card that had been slid under the door to his office at the school, also the strange confession letter that had been sent to Miss Xinran on the day of her retirement, both of which had been written in a very distinctive italic hand, with a pen of good quality fitted with an unusual nib.


Mr. Magick sat back in his leather armchair, his gown giving him the appearance of an American judge as he looked kindly, but quizzically towards his two guests.

Suddenly, as if taken by surprise, he stood up and walked towards the lair with a purposeful stride. Gina was in a state of almost visible shiver by the time the door to the cupboard had been unlocked and it was only when a beautifully bound leather volume was withdrawn from it that she began to relax. She was, nonetheless, distracted, for she failed to notice that the door had not been locked again, an omission the significance of which ought not to have been overlooked.

Mr. Magick walked to the desk and placed the volume on the polished surface. He opened it to the flysheet and then looked over to Gina.

“I’m sure you must realise that it’s Miss Xinran’s 95th birthday in a couple of weeks’ time and we decided that we wanted to present her with something very special to remind her of her time here. Since you were held by her to be an almost perfect role model, a girl for whom she had the greatest respect and admiration in the way in which you conducted yourself as a pupil, I was wondering if you would like to add your signature to the gift card please.”

Gina smiled nervously and nodded enthusiastically. She rose and walked over to the desk, where she picked up the volume of Dr. Johnson’s travels in the Hebrides and examined it cursorily but appreciatively before putting it down again. Mr. Magick offered a ballpoint pen for the signature, but Gina protested that such a gift had to be signed with something more elegant. She winked with a familiarity begotten of nervousness, rather than bad manners, and Crystel looked on in bemusement as her Mother returned to look in her bag, where she found her treasured Parker fountain pen, given to her by her grandfather in 1971 at the start of her penultimate year at the College. Carefully, she removed the cap and, in her inimitably precise style, wrote her name in full … Gina Louise Waddingham … She let out a faint gasp as she realised what she had written and quickly penned in … Sharpe … in brackets after the name.

Gina’s writing had always been pleasing on the eye, reflecting great care and attention, but her italic-style writing was highly distinctive and was reserved for the most special occasions. She had only used it very rarely in her lifetime, but even as she was writing her name, she saw a card and a hand-written note slide across the desk alongside the book. Without looking up, she blushed with an intensity that took Crystel completely by surprise. Mr. Magick, who was both something of an amateur expert in graphology and a very discerning judge of people, was not so surprised. His gaze joined that of Gina and of Crystel, who had now joined them at the desk, as the three documents were compared. There was no mistaking that all were written in the same hand.

Mr. Magick smiled benignly at Gina and invited her to sit down again, but she felt almost unable to move as she stood, like a penitent schoolgirl, in front of the desk and looked, half open-mouthed, at the Headmaster.

Mr. Magick sat back in his leather armchair and gazed intently at Gina.

” Would you prefer that Crystel found other things to do while we clear the air here, Gina?”

It had always been known at school that girls who were about to be subject to corporal punishment were addressed by their forenames, not, as customarily, by their surnames. Despite the fact that she had never been disciplined at school, the detailed reports she had heard from caned girls had left her totally familiar with the ritual and it was for this reason that, for the second time in her life, she realised that the cane was hovering metaphorically over her in a disciplinary setting.

Crystel grinned wickedly, wiggled her hips and said to her Mother, in a stage whisper……..

“Oooh Mum, have you been a naughty girl? Never mind, you’re no stranger to the cane are you?”

Crystel and Gina blushed in harmony as the significance of what had been said sank in to Mr. Magick, whose smile was only visible from the inside.

As on the two previous such occasions, a sense of a longing to ‘do the right thing’ took over Gina’s thoughts at that moment, bringing with it the renowned dignity and self-control that were the hallmarks of her character.

She fixed Mr. Magick in her gaze and adopted a posture that was both submissive and dignified.

“May I speak, please, Sir?”


A comforting, soft Skye accent approved her request and Gina embarked upon a full statement as to how, given the fact that Marie Beaulieu appeared, through lies, deceit and bullying, totally to have evaded justice and retribution for her wrongdoing, Janine Miller and she had decided that something had to be done. She then went on to describe how she and Janine had heard Marie bragging about having made love to Mr. Magick, they knowing full well that this was utter nonsense. Nonetheless, they had then acted totally irrationally and without thought of the consequences of misinterpretation. They had taken Marie’s underwear, removed the label, then snagged her cardigan on a nail and torn a small piece of wool from it at just the right place so that the assumption would be made that Marie had been in the caretaker’s office. They had engaged Mr. Magick’s attention and whilst Janine had sought information that kept the caretaker totally preoccupied, Gina had slipped the underwear into a greatcoat pocket that he rarely used and had then snagged the piece of green wool onto a splinter in a wooden upright. Gina had then exploited the absence of Janine and the caretaker to remove a spare key and slip it into her pocket. After a coded silent signal to Janine, the two girls had then left the caretaker and made their way back to Marie’s locker, where they had planted the false evidence, having wiped the key with great care before doing so.

It was now Crystel’s turn to stand, open-mouthed, as the slight tarnish appeared on her Mother’s character. She giggled, partly out of nervousness and partly out of pure mischief. Gina was now speechless, but was totally in control of herself and, as when her husband had caned her nine years earlier for the first time, she awaited the next move passively and in silence, standing with her hands clasped behind her back.

Mr. Magick looked kindly but sternly at her.

“I feel that we all benefit from having heard your true version of the facts, Gina. Thank you. Now, the matter would appear to be tied off once and for all but…….

Mr. Magick rose from his chair and walked towards the window. Gina’s and Crystel’s gaze followed him as he took up a position overlooking the quadrangle, then turned to face them.

“I know something of you, Gina, and that something tells me that, for the sake both of Janine, whom you loved as a close friend, and for Marie, whom, despite what you saw as mitigating circumstances, you wronged, you are not comfortable with leaving the situation like this.”

Gina looked down at the floor for a moment, then lifted her gaze again and fixed Mr. Magick attentively in it…

“I was once in a similar situation with my husband, Mr. Magick, and at that time, once I had acknowledged what needed to be done, I was happy to leave it to him. Now, you are in authority, so I will leave it to you, acting on behalf of Miss Xinran, who…….

Gina had been about to say “… obviously isn’t able to see justice done …” when she heard a door creak behind her. She turned and saw a tall, elegantly-dressed elderly lady standing there. She put her hand to her mouth and gasped……

“M-m-m-i-ssss F-f-f-robisher!!!!”

Crystel giggled uncontrollably and muttered something about how she would soon know what a sort of a pain in the arse the Dragon – still the stuff of legend at a school that had inexplicably acquired the nickname of Spankhurst College – could be and how fortunate it was that her Father wasn’t there when none other than Mr. James Sharpe followed Miss Xinran into the room, adding a totally different dimension to the scene. Crystel fell very quiet under her Father’s stern, silent rebuke.

Mr. Magick took control of the scenario and looked Gina in the eye for a few moments, before turning his gaze to Crystel and reminding her, firstly, that her parents had not paid good fees for her education only to have her acting so tactlessly and, in the circumstances, rudely. He then turned back to Gina and looked once again at her in the kind but authoritative manner that had an effect similar to, but by no means as intense as, that look which her beloved James was wont to give her.

“Gina, I am not going to impose a punishment on you, since you are a married adult woman and the episode is long since ended. However, if you feel that this is necessary, then it will be done.”

Gina held her breath for a few moments as she struggled to summon up courage for what she knew she would have to endure. After a seemingly endless silence, she addressed herself calmly to Mr. Magick:

“I wish to close this episode of injustice in the only appropriate manner, by accepting the same punishment as was wrongly meted out to Marie Beaulieu.”

“Very well”, replied Mr. Magick, “it shall be so. However, I see an order of priority here that is different from that which existed at the time of the original punishment. You are now a married lady and your husband has the right of first choice as to who should punish you”.

James had said very little and had listened with his undivided attention to the discussion that had taken place. He cupped his chin in his hand for a few moments and then turned to Miss Xinran.

“I believe”, he started, “that Miss Xinran is the wronged party here, as much as Marie Beaulieu, since her good name and her reputation, not to mention her self-confidence, could have suffered as a result of Gina Waddingham’s wrongful, but well-intentioned actions. Hers has to be the choice.”

James stood back and Miss Xinran looked at the people in the Study, before announcing in soft, confident voice, in crystal-clear tones:

“This is not a case of one individual against another, but of a girl who, foolishly and in a moment of silly rashness, betrayed very serious and honourable principles that are, I know, very precious to her and to her family. I believe that discipline is administered by the school and, since Mr. Magick is the Headmaster who acts in the name of the Emmeline Pankhurst Sixth Form College for Girls, he is now the person who should administer the punishment. Marie Beaulieu received six strokes”.

James nodded discreetly to give his assent and this Mr. Magick acknowledged with a brief reciprocated nod. The Headmaster then went on to ask all present, other than Gina and Miss Xinran, to move to the adjoining room and close the door. This they did, promptly, and Gina began to tremble slightly as Miss Xinran moved behind the desk, to where the Headmaster had been standing. Mr. Magick walked back to the window, lowered the blind, then walked to the corridor exit door, which he locked. He then instructed Gina in a quiet, authoritative voice, to bend over the desk.

As the Headmaster walked towards The Dragon’s lair, Gina walked up to the desk, smiling weakly at Miss Xinran. The latter had always been of the view that, once something had been decided, it should be dealt with promptly and did not, therefore, waste time on words, but held out her well-manicured hands, smiled kindly at Gina and briefly took hold of the younger woman’s hands before releasing them to take what she knew would be a very necessary hold on the edge of the desk.

Gina closed her eyes as she hear the cupboard door open and she was acutely conscious of the quiet footfalls of the Headmaster as he approached. She heard the unmistakable sound of the cane being placed on the desk alongside her and she shuddered instinctively as she recalled how she had looked away from the cane when James had laid it on the bed alongside her, all those years ago.


Mr. Magick walked behind Gina and looked across at Miss Xinran, who nodded slightly before the back of Gina’s dress was raised and the beautifully-shaped bottom, enclosed in cream-coloured slightly-elasticated full briefs, was exposed to his view. He masked his thoughts and feelings extremely well, although Miss Xinran was able to read his mind perfectly. So perfectly in fact, that she was not in the least concerned about any hint of impropriety, for this was a man whom she knew well and whom she understood as few others did.

Mr. Magick walked back to the desk and picked up the cane quietly. Gina was aware of movement in her vicinity, but it was the soft touch of the rattan across the mid-line of the seat of her knickers that gave her the final warning of the start of the punishment she had awaited for 27 years.

As on the previous such occasion, she heard the whistle of the cane, as it sliced through the air, in exquisite detail before her body tensed rigidly as the cane found its mark along the equator of her bottom. Her legs buckled slightly and she clenched and tensed her buttocks alternately in an attempt to dissipate the sharp pain.

When, thirty years previously, Mr. Magick had last used the cane, he had made a point of marking out the boundaries of the caned area with the first two strokes. Thus it was that the second stroke landed at the very base of the buttocks, at the edge of the knicker fabric.

Gina let out a muted yelp as it landed and held firmly to the desk. Miss Xinran resisted strong compassionate urges for the time being, whilst the Headmaster watched the profile of Gina’s bottom as raised weals formed. He then proceeded to administer four final strokes with The Dragon, strokes that had a profound effect upon Gina as she squirmed, trying to ensure that the desire to ‘see the job done properly’ overruled the longing to stand up and run. Her efforts were successful, but only just!

She felt her dress being lowered gently over her bottom, then vaguely heard the sound of The Dragon being returned to its final resting place, never to be used again. The sound of the lock closing floated in the pink haze of pain and relief that was filling her body and mind. Her sense of submission to what she knew to be right had the effect almost of elation and her body, as on that previous occasion, was beginning to give her telltale signs of her need of her husband’s careful and loving attention. Carefully, she moved her hands back to her side of the desk and eased herself into a standing position, wincing as the fabric of her knickers rubbed momentarily over her weals.

She had heard the door to the Annex open, but her thoughts were far away, her eyes looking mistily towards the window. She felt a tissue being pressed gently into her hand, then the comforting embrace of Miss Xinran, who kissed her cheek softly and whispered “I’m proud of you, Gina. I always knew you would do the right thing.”

The next event in this bizarre sequence probably shook Gina almost as much as the caning had done, for there, alongside her husband, was not only Crystel, but a tall, radiantly warm-looking woman with rich auburn hair that was just beginning to exhibit hints of grey. Gina’s mind worked frantically to work out who she was before this woman walked over to her, embraced her with warmth and sincerity, then whispered quietly into her ear: “We both deserved it, Elle.”

Gina came quickly to her senses and looked in utter astonishment. “Marie?”

The tears flowed freely as the two women embraced one another, the events of an earlier generation now finally resolved properly. Their embrace was close and any hint of former antipathy had long since vanished. When, eventually, they released one another, they looked deeply into one another’s eyes, then exchanged kisses on the cheek that both came to cherish as symbols of wrongs put right.

The final surprise in a day that had proved to be something of a watershed for Gina came when a middle-aged couple joined the other six people in the Study. Gina knew instantly that these were probably the people who had suffered the most harm of all and went immediately across to Polly and embraced her with both penitence and affection. She felt almost too uncomfortable to look Mr. Magick in the eye, but he smiled at her and took her hand gently, before giving a handshake that wrote the final line under the entire affair.

The small group of people moved from the Study along the corridor into the quadrangle, where a warm late summer afternoon warmth embraced them. Across the quadrangle, the attention of a black and white cat perched precariously on a balustrade was temporarily distracted by the new arrivals, allowing sufficient time for a pair of plump collared doves to flap their way heavily and noisily into the sky. The cat, for which hunting such prey was a totally unnecessary luxury in dietary terms, looked dismissively at a feather floating slowly to the ground, then disappeared silently into the intricate architectural complexity of the College buildings

Headmaster Magick & The Cane

Written By: Editor - Jul• 27•20

The girls boarding school disciplinary spankings for 18+ girls and their milf mums …the tale continued – Canesworth College Spanking – p3

In 1975, just a year after his appointment, Mr. Magick had been suspended from his post pending investigation of a most embarrassing incident.

His rugged and youthful weather-beaten looks had earned several admiring gazes from girls at the school, particularly those on the point of departure for university, whom he had unwittingly prompted to ponder – in greater depth than was possibly healthy for them – the freedoms that lay ahead of them. Flirtatious remarks had been addressed to him, all of which he had brushed off, somewhat bashfully, with a smile and a rapid return either to a safe neutral subject or to his work. There was, however, one girl at the Great Kingsford College for Girls who had not played by the rules and who had, in fact, earned the loathing of many of her peers due to the high-handed and cavalier attitude she had adopted towards ‘that gardener’. Marie Beaulieu lacked nothing in the self-confidence department and, whilst this enhanced her attractiveness to younger, less confident pupils, it had earned a healthy measure of disdain from older peers, who had come to like Mr. Magick and who appreciated his genuine and totally innocent desire to encourage them to discover the wonders of Nature that were there in their own gardens.

Marie also had an unproven record as a deceitful manipulator. Circumstantial and anecdotal evidence was there in abundance, but Miss Xinran was not the sort of woman to act on such unsubstantiated material and had, until the final dénouement of this unfortunate episode, confined herself to reminding the arrogant girl that pupils at her school were strictly forbidden to abuse any member of her staff.

Marie also engaged in a number of unapproved extra-curricular activities, including supposedly secret assignments with her boyfriend, whom she would meet amidst the cluster of outbuildings from which Mr. Magick ran his side of school life so efficiently. These, however, were a well-guarded secret and only two pupils had spotted her one lunchtime when, on the pretext of feeling slightly unwell, she had asked to be excused from the communal meal so that she could go and rest for a short while.

The two pupils in question had been Janine Miller, a vivacious and highly popular girl from the suburbs, and Gina, whom she had befriended at a very early stage during their shared school years. They had become inseparable contrasts in just about every way and they were extremely well-liked by the other girls, unlike the distant and, as it turned out, deeply unhappy Marie Beaulieu.

The discovery of a pair of green knickers, matching an item missing from Marie’s inventory of clothing, in the inside pocket of Mr. Magick’s ex-RAF greatcoat, had shocked Polly, his wife, who had felt it her duty to bring this matter first to his attention and then to that of Miss Xinran. The latter’s reaction had, initially, been one of total bewilderment, but, anxious to satisfy the demands both of justice and of the need to maintain a good reputation, she had decided to investigate the matter herself, without recourse to outside agencies. As it turned out, this proved to have been one of the wisest moves in her long career and it spared an honest and decent family the shame of wrongful prosecution and public humiliation.

Miss Xinran resembled an ‘old school’ nursing sister, a professional whose ability to accumulate and sift through information from the most unlikely and – in the view of the majority of onlookers – impossible sources was legendary. These skills she applied with the utmost finesse in her investigation, during which, as a precaution, she had suspended Mr. Magick on full pay. Such was her confidence in his innocence and such were her powers of persuasion that she was able to convince Polly very quickly that the presence of young female underwear in her husband’s greatcoat had been the result of schoolgirl malice, not of male perversion.

It had taken the best part of three weeks for Miss Xinran to complete her enquiries, which had culminated in the presence of a senior girl in her Study one Wednesday morning, two days before the end of term and her departure for summer holidays, before embarking upon her final year at school. She had sat at the desk, recited the facts as she had found them and then waited for Marie to explain how her underwear had found its way into the caretaker’s great coat.

The denials were vehement, but the weight of evidence was beginning to build against her – the key to the caretaker’s office had been found in Marie’s locker, which she could not explain and which she had claimed to have been a plant. Then there was the piece of dark green wool found on a splinter of wood close to where Mr. Magick’s coat had been hanging, which matched that of Marie’s cardigan – a garment that featured a small damaged area close to a pocket, an area that was almost invisible and that was at exactly the height where the fragment had been found. Then there was the single sheet of paper found in Marie’s locker, bearing the names of Mr. Magick and one of his junior assistants, along with imprints from what had been the page above it, revealing prose that would not find its way onto publications on the lower shelves in magazine racks. In her usual manner, Miss Xinran had let Marie weigh up the evidence for herself. However, Marie denied any knowledge of the offence and was still protesting her innocence as she was ordered to stand in the centre of the room and bend down, holding her ankles.

Knowing the consequences of the humiliation that would have resulted from failure to comply with this order, Marie had suppressed her protest at that point and had walked to the centre of the room where, as many of her peers would have felt to have been long overdue, she had heard the door lock mechanism close, the unmistakable sound of the cupboard door opening and footsteps approaching her from behind, preceding the lifting of her skirt, which had been folded over her back. She had tussled with anger and fear as the cane brushed very lightly on the seat of her knickers and then tapped out six lines with the lightest of touches. She had heard the legends relating to The Dragon and to the way in which it always forecast where it was planning to land. It came, therefore, as no surprise when each of the six gasp-generating impacts landed exactly at the intended spot and, with tears running freely down her cheeks, Marie had ultimately and painfully left the Study in silence and total defiance, refusing either to acknowledge her wrongdoing or to apologise.

It was at this juncture that a worrying shadow of doubt had crossed Miss Xinran’s mind, as she returned The Dragon to its lair for what she had intended to be the last time in its working life. She remained intellectually convinced that justice had been done and she added her red ink entry to the slim punishment register – in which not one girl’s name had appeared twice – before closing the book and returning it to its locked drawer.

There had been little sympathy for Marie amongst the pupils, some of whom approved openly of the punishment that had been meted out, considering that it was the least that the unpleasant girl had deserved for her treatment, not only of Mr. Magick but also of other girls at the school. Janine and Gina were discreetly silent on the subject … uncharacteristically so, in the case of Janine … and it was this that caught the observant eye of Miss Xinran, who was feeling increasingly uneasy about the entire matter, with the growing conviction that Marie Beaulieu had been ‘fitted up’ for the offence. Despite the fact that the Headmistress knew full well that Marie had certainly earned more than that caning by her other misdeeds, this did not sit comfortably with a woman of integrity, wedded inseparably to the notion of fair play, and she resolved to talk to Marie again after the summer holidays, once the girl had returned from a planned six-week stay in Italy with her boyfriend’s family. Miss Xinran also resolved to have all three girls … Marie, Janine and Gina … in the Study and to rely on her highly individual inquisitorial technique to elicit the truth from these three young women at the start of their final year at school.

The news that a passenger train in Ireland had collided at speed with a freight train brought a sense of deep shock to all the pupils at the school, but to none more than it had to Gina and Miss Xinran and it was, therefore, in an atmosphere very different from that which she had intended that the Headmistress had called Gina and Marie to her Study to announce that she, like all the pupils, had been so shocked and saddened by the untimely and tragic loss of Janine. In the circumstances, she said, vital evidence that could possibly have shed light on the unfortunate incident involving the now-reinstated Mr. Magick was unavailable, unless, of course, either of the two girls had further light to shed on it. Both remained totally silent and Gina, skilled in mastering her feelings, displayed not a hint of the turmoil that had taken hold inside her. Thus it was that both girls left the Study and, ten months later, left the school for their respective university places.

To be continued….