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Samiras First Spanking – P4

Written By: Editor - Dec• 03•20

John watched her bottom while she was standing in the corner. He knew she deserved everything she was getting, but it still always made him wonder if he was giving her too much. He knew she never had felt his belt before, or anyones for that matter. He watched her fidgiting, trying to stand perfectly still. He picked up the paddle again and opened the drawer and put it back. He walked over to her and leaned up into her ear. “Its time little one.” and took her hand leading her over to the bed.

Samira felt the pain in her bottom as she began to walk over from the corner to the bed. She didn;t know how she was going to be able to take any more of a spanking ot her bottom especially after the paddle and his hand! She felt the tears coming from her eyes as the bed came closer and closer, her head down the whole way as she walked. “I want you to lay over the bed with your hands out flat in front of you, bottom up high and feet on the floor, understood?” John said to her. “Yes, Sir”, she wispered to him in reply which earned her a quick SMACK! to the bottom. “A little louder please.” She quickly raised her voice “Yes SIR, I understand!” She wanited for a nod of approval to move over the bed and when she got it, she moved in front of the edge and started to lower herself down. Placing her hands on the bed she moved her upper half down and rested it upon the bed. moving herself up to her tippytoes she arched her back and placed her bottom high up in the air. She gripped onto the bed tight knowing what was in stroe for her bottom.

John moved behind Samira and tooks his hands down to the buckle of his belt. He unbuckled it and started to work it out of the hoops of his jeans. “Now little one, when I tell you to get out of bed and get ready for work I mean get out of bed and get ready. Not go lay down for a few more minutes so you can fall back asleep and almost miss work. From now on you will learn to listen to me, and this will be a good way to remind you to! Im going to give you 10 with the belt, being this is your first time. You will count each one, am I understood?” She heard his words and only started to cry more. “Yes Sir” She replied with tears soaking her cheeks. She gripped onto the bed tight and shut her eyes preapring for the pain she knew was in store.

John took the belt and doubled it over moving behind Samira, the belt tight in his hands as he stepped to the side. He took the belt and lined it up with her bottom, looking down at it the whole time as he brought it back, he waited for the little jump at the time Samira would think it was coming down and brought the belt down hard and fast a nice swift CRACK! to her bottom when she least expected it. He knew Samira would move around never having felt the belt before, the reason he didnt tell her to stay still. he decided if she jumped up or started to move too much he would warn her. She did just that. Samira jumped up as soon as the belt cracked onto her bottom and her hands immediatley went right to the spot where it came down. She cried out so loudly, never having felt such a sting to her bottom before ever. She quickly went back down on the bed as she heard John get ready to tell her to. “If that happens again we will start over, and im still waiting for the count.” She winced and replied with a “One, Sir.” That first sharp smack was replaced with three more all to the center of her bottom. CRACK! SMACK! WHACK! the belt came down hard biting into her bare flesh as she cried out. Her eyes flooded with tears as she sobbed gripping the bed so tight so as not stand again. “Two, Three, Four Sir.” He moved down and ran his fingers over her bottom lightly, making sure she was alright as he stepped back a little to get ready for the next few. He took the belt in his hands once again and brought it back a little further, and then with a little more force brought it down onto her sit spot. She jumped a little as the belt made contact with the flesh and cried out louder now, almost screaming “FIVE SIR, Im so sorry please no more, it hurts.” He looked down to her “Half way through, maybe next time you will learn to listen to me a little bit better.” he stepped back and aimed the belt to her thighs. He took the belt back, not as far but enough to give a nice hard sting and cracked it down on the sensitive flesh of her thighs. She cried out as she felt the belt cracking hard. her eyes shut so tight never feeling a sting like this. She felt the tears falling freely now as she sobbed. she whimpered and replied “Six, Siiiiirrr” He stepped back and let her lay there to let the six strokes sink in.

“Now young lady, these last four are going to be hard, and one after the other. If you move I will do them again. After these it will all be over with.” He heard her crying and whimpering and wanted so badly to jsut hold her in his arms and make her stop crying. But he knew she needed this. She needed to know the she could not get away with these sort of things. on that thought he stepped back and took the belt in a firm grip. He looked down at her bottom and one after the other cracked the belt down hard onto her cheeks. She felt them snap upon the flesh CRACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! WHACK!!!!!!!!! SMACKKKKKK!!!!! She just about screamed as the belt came down and replied to each stroke with “Seven, Eight, Nine TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and collapsed finally onto the bed a sobbing mess of tears, with a birght red bottom. John walked over to wards the nightstand and said “Stay there little one:”. He reached into the one cupboard and pulled out some aloe lotion. Walking over to the bed again he picked up a pillow and layed it over his lap. John helped Samira up and placed her over his lap once again. Opening the bottle he squirted some in his hands and rubbed it all together. then slowly and cautious of her sore bottom he started to rub lotion all over her bottom. Letting her know that he loved and cared for her, letting her know that he can be gentle. “I love you so much Samira but when you go and do silly things I think you need to be reminded that it is not going to be tolerated. Such is this case. If it happens again you can expect i wont be so lienent.” He sayed as he rans his fingers over her bottom ever so lightly rubbing in the lotion. ONce he was finished he helped her up to sit in his lap. When her bottom hit his lap she winced and cringed and then layed her head on him and cried. She looked up to him and kissed him and then said “Im Sorry John” and he smiled to her. “Its all over, just dont let it happen again, or well….This will.” he sat and held her in his arms and rocked her. her tears finally slowing and then drifting off into a peaceful and warm sleep.

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