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Is Spanking Too Much To Ask For In A Serious Relationship

Written By: Editor - Aug• 02•20

When it comes to serious relationships, things get pretty complicated, especially when it comes to sex life. When you get used to a certain thing in a relationship, it’s pretty hard to change it and the way you have sex is definitely one of them. In my personal experience, the first six months of a relationship are crucial because it’s the only time frame when I could insist on something different, but after that, it was a lot harder to add anything new to the mix.

Because I’m pretty kinky and enjoy BDSM a lot, I’ve tried introducing this to every girlfriend I had so far. I can’t say that I’ve been successful with every girl, but a lot of them have tried at least something that I could call BDSM. With a few girls, I could take things further and experiment more, but some have almost dumped me as soon as I mentioned spanking. It mostly depended on how kinky the girl was but the timing as well. I noticed that the first year of any relationship was the timeframe when I could ask for something uncommon in the bedroom and a higher percentage of girls were willing to try things during that time. When a relationship became a little more serious, it was a lot harder to ask for something different, even though there was much more trust between the girl and me.

It Was Hard To Find A Girlfriend Who Shared My Interest In BDSM

Before I met my current wife, I’ve been in more relationships that I would like to admit. When I was younger, I didn’t mind if the girls didn’t share my interest in BDSM because I only wanted to have sex. As I got older, I developed a real fetish and spanking was something that I really wanted to include in my sex life.

I couldn’t believe that so many girls found it unacceptable and that they made such a big fuss about spanking that they even wanted to break up with me because of it. Some girls accepted spanking but none of them wanted to experiment and try something more. At one point, I decided to go to a professional, just so I could be sexually satisfied and I could experience my sexual fantasy exactly how I wanted. I didn’t plan on going to a dominatrix, so I decided on hiring an escort who was into the same things I was. After reading several London escort reviews online, I found a few girls I liked and who offered spanking as a service. I went to a few appointments and it was incredible. It felt so natural and without any tension that I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I had so much trouble finding a girlfriend who would enjoy spanking as much as I did. I continued seeing escorts for some time because it took me a few years to find a good-looking girlfriend who wanted to do the same things I did when it comes to sex.

Always Be Prepared For A Compromise

From my experience, I can say that nothing comes free. When I first met my current wife, I was blown away by her. I realized she was into spanking as well pretty quickly into our relationship and it was a great feeling to finally find a woman I really liked and who shared my fetishes. I enjoyed the time I spent with her but I was always afraid of what she might ask of me in the future. I knew that she’d ask for something “in return” because I was the one to initiate the spanking in the first place.

As I expected, after a couple of months into our relationship, she asked me if I would be willing to make one of her fantasies come true. Her fantasy was to have a threesome with me and another man and to try double penetration. I knew she was freaky in the bedroom but I never expected her to ask for a threesome. I didn’t tell her but I was absolutely against it because I’m a very jealous guy by nature. On the other hand, I knew I had to make her fantasy come true because I didn’t want to lose the girl who finally knew how to satisfy me. Even though I thought it would end up being a complete disaster, I ended up enjoying it and it was one more thing we continued doing while we were still dating! The fact that we became so comfortable around each other made our relationship stronger and she was the first girl I could experiment with when it comes to sex. We tried a lot of things together and I discovered a lot of new things I didn’t know I would like!

Being Honest And Open Can Broaden Your Horizons

Being honest about my fetishes and things that make me aroused is the only thing I couldn’t do as soon as I started any relationship. I was always ashamed by the fact that I liked getting spanked and spanking someone. No one in my surrounding spoke of it and neither did I. I always waited a very long time to confess to a girlfriend what I liked, but by the time I came out, it was too late to change anything. Even if a girl accepted my proposal and wanted to try spanking, it wasn’t the same feeling as when I did it with someone who felt comfortable doing it.

The first time I was honest and open right from the start of a relationship was when I met my wife. Maybe a week has passed since we started dating and I told her right away what I liked and what turned me on. We didn’t try spanking right away but it didn’t take long before we both ended up with red butts after sex. Since then, we were both open to each other and didn’t keep secrets when it comes to sexual fetishes from one another. I realized our sex life was better than ever before and the relationship ended up being a lot better than I thought was possible!

Because we were both honest, we tried a lot of things we didn’t get to try with our previous partners. We both agreed that it was exactly what we needed to do and because we experienced so much together, we stayed together for such a long time!

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