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Japanese Mie Tortured With Spanking

Japanese babe Mei knows how to take a hot spanking to her tight little ass, this girl gets all hot and worked up by her Master, who seems to enjoy dominating this petite girls little ass. This far eastern slut is forced to put her hands behind her head as her Master inspects her body […]

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Oriental Bitch Getting Spanked On Table

Oriental Pornstar Ange was in the mood for a hardcore spanking, but, unless she is a naughty girl her master doesn’t usually give her a full ass spanking. So today when her Master asked her to wash his clothes for him Ange told him to do it himself. He warned her that if she didn’t […]

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Oriental Spanking Of Slave Girl Kumimonster

Oriental slave girl Kumimonster is getting treated to an exclusive session of hardcore fetish from her Master, it seems this Japanese fetish loving babe thought she had been a good enough girl to warrant a one on one session that involved lots of fetishes and even more spanking. This very bald babe is tied up […]

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Mei Maras Bizzare Spanking Discipline

Japanese girls have a huge pain tolerance much more so than western girls, Mei Maras is enjoying this hardcore spanking session more than most fetish girls would. Mei is ready for her spanking punishment. She has her arms help up high and she eyes of the bat that her master has in his hands. For […]

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