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Mei Maras Bizzare Spanking Discipline

Written By: spankings - Jan• 31•11

Japanese girls have a huge pain tolerance much more so than western girls, Mei Maras is enjoying this hardcore spanking session more than most fetish girls would. Mei is ready for her spanking punishment. She has her arms help up high and she eyes of the bat that her master has in his hands. For what seems like a long time she doesn’t feel any pain but then out of nowhere a massive crack shatters the silence, and Mei knows this is going to be an extreme spanking session, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. If this japanese girl is doing this for respect then i think she might be in for a little suprise as this man isn’t going to go easy on her.

Mei Maras Bizzare Spanking Discipline

She takes a few cracks on the ass and lower back then since she is not showing any signs of being in pain her Master gives her face a couple of very hard looking slaps, even this doesn’t seem to worry her. Seeing fetish girls in action that can actually handle themselves is the best part, come and check out the full length movies of Mei in Bizarre action just click here now.

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