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Spankee Marias Discipline

Written By: Editor - Mar• 13•21

The name of mine is Maria. I’m a 28year classic spankee enthusiast

As I stand outside the door to Master’s suite, waiting for him to open it, I check the watch of mine. It has 11:00 in the early morning and I’m meeting the “Master” of mine for brunch. This’s our next day together. We met one another on the web a few months before. We’ve invested an extended time getting to find out one another this way and more than the telephone and I eventually consented to our trip. It has taken me a very long time to feel at ease doing so due to the enormous age difference of ours. I’m in the early twenties of mine as well as Master is in the fifties of his. We met in person yesterday afternoon for the very first time at this fantastic resort of Spain that he’s been begging me to go to with him.

It is still early for the individuals here that live a life of luxury and do not crawl out of bed until afternoon, but Master and I’d agreed to drag ourselves out of the beds of ours and invest time together this early morning. And so much, after yesterday, we have had a great deal of fun, but have stayed a bit of shy around one another. Ideally, that should change shortly.

Along with these ideas running through the mind of mine I hardly notice that Master has opened the door and it is standing there before me. He invites me in and states I seem nice looking. I’m wearing a sleeveless azure halter sweater along with a matching pink as well as gray miniskirt, both from J. Crew. I’ve the hair of mine pulled back in a ponytail with a tortoise shell barrette and I am wearing strappy sandals with a tiny heel. I’m petite-5’2″ and slender, with long, hair that is brown, a round and blue eyes, full bottom as well as breasts. Master walks back again to the dressing table that he was standing at and starts to brush the hair of his. I remain gingerly on the edge of his watch and bed him. As he combs through the hair of his he’s mindful of the bits of grey in it. I see since I see him scowl at them. Next, I listen to him mutter,

“I am gonna be aged fairly soon!” And becoming the manner in which I’m, I can’t ever fight a chance to inform Master that he’s old, therefore I do. He glances up at me in the mirror, sets the comb of his down, and turns around. “You know limited girl,” he starts, “I’ve had about enough of you telling me I am old all of the time.” I laugh gleefully and say,

“But Master, you’re old.”

“All right, I warned you.” Master says as well as walks toward me. I instantly recognize what he’s in mind and start to scoot up upon the bed a little. Master walks over until he’s standing in front of me, and I look coyly up for him from the role of mine on his bed. “Stand up, baby,” he tells me.

“N-no Master, I love it correctly here…I believe you missed a spot with the comb of yours, you would better go fix it.” I answer anxiously.

“Up. Now.” Master says a lot more harshly than I have previously heard him talk. Surprised, and much more when compared to a bit of anxious, I slide off of the bed and upon the legs of mine. Master sits down. I attempt to provide him my best pouting face, but he shakes his head. “Oh no, infant. I have been waiting a very long time for that. Come right now and bend over Master’s knee.” He pats the lap of his. I give him a terrified appearance, but speechless, do as he says. “That’s a great girl,” he says. “Now, since that is going to be your initial spanking perhaps, I’ll allow you to keep the panties of yours on,” he tells me. I grimace as he lifts the skirt of mine to find out I’ve selected a small, white, lace thong. Master laughs. “Well, baby, I suppose this will not do you a lot good.”

Master starts to stoke my bottom softly…almost love a massage and I have almost forgotten I am going to be spanked when suddenly I pick up a loud slap echo throughout the wall space and then believe the burn on the back end of mine. I bite the lip of mine, determined not to cry this very easily. I are feeling a different one, lower this time, on probably the most delicate, fleshy part of the bottom of mine, near the thighs of mine. Then an additional, along with another. Then Master stops for a minute and rubs my bottom once again. I sigh in help thinking it is over. Was I ever wrong! Following a second of this he starts spanking once again, solid, tough slaps which I picture could be heard through the entire resort and make me gasp in soreness. Lastly I let out a small sniffle as well as Master creates the spanking to an abrupt halt.

“Okay, red bottomed one, that is sufficient. Perhaps you have discovered your lesson?”

“Yes, Master.” I say with tears streaming down the cheeks of mine, nevertheless laying throughout Master’s lap. He starts to rub my bright bottom once again in smooth, circular strokes until I think all warm inside and out and am nearly purring like a kitten, the prior pain a faint tingle today. Master finally tells me I am able to stand up, but in order to leave the skirt of mine as it’s. I get to the feet of mine and give him a surprised, though not uncomfortable appearance, believing that he should be implying some thing further than a spanking in case I am claimed to leave the skirt of mine up.

Next, with a twinkle in the eye of his, the impish Master of mine tells me to go stand in the corner, giving the red bottom of mine uncovered, while he finishes getting prepared for breakfast!

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