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Spanking Glossary

Written By: Editor

Definitions of Common Words and Phrases within the world of spanking

Birching – A technique where a number of (treated) birch branches are bound together in a bundle and used horizontally. Another branch commonly used is Firethorn. The sensation is intense and it must be used cautiously. Some suppliers sell “birchers” that are bundled thin rattan (or plastic) dowels. These are safer, less intense and don’t leave a mess like birch or firethorn branches.

Bottom – The one receiving the spanking.

Cane – A springy rattan dowel. Rattan is preferred as if it splits it’s less likely to leave ‘slivers’. Sometimes bamboo is substituted, but bamboo is a poor choice for any toy (because of splintering). Like the single-tail, it can be a dangerous toy in the hands of the unpracticed. A cane can leave marks that last for weeks (called “railroad tracks” because it leaves a double-line) that may resurface months later.

Crop – A horse-riding toy, similar to a cane with a folded-leather “popper” on the end. Unlike the cane, only the popper on the end of the shank should be used for contact.

Dressage Whip – Similar to a crop, only longer and without the “popper.” In place of the popper there’s generally a short strand. It is swung back and forth rapidly, using only the strand for a rapid series of impacts.

Flogger – A grouping of leather or deerskin straps, or ropes sharing a common handle. This toy provides the widest variety of sensations, and there are many techniques. These can be purchased in a variety of weights with varying numbers of “falls” (strips). Normally, 28 or 40 are the choices.

Horsehair Flogger – Long hairs from a horses tail attached to a shaft. Good for cool-down, but hard impact can imbed pieces of broken hair strands into the skin. It takes a tweezers and a keen eye to remove them.

Loopy Johnny – Loops of thin rubber tubing or leather attached to a handle. Instead of having an end, the falls loop back into the handle. These cause a lot of marking, and provide little satisfaction.

Martinet – Similar to a quirt, but having 4 or more falls, and fewer than a flogger.

OTK – Over-the-Knee. The basic spanking position for hand-spanking or with short toys. Good on a sofa, but the “traditional” straight back chair puts a lot of pressure on the bottom’s diaphragm.

Play – The act of spanking. And it should be good, satisfying and adventurous play. It’s called this for a reason!

Quirt – A short whip having a short, stiff handle with a loop at the end. A thin strap of leather is wrapped through the loop leaving one or two short falls.

Role Play – Where a fantasy scenario is played out. Common roles are boss/employee, doctor/nurse, warden/prisoner, principal/student, etc. Usually there is some imagined situation that one partner finds that enhances the satisfaction. A good partner assumes the complimentary role to increase the partner’s satisfaction. Mostly for disciplinary play.

Safeword – A word used by the bottom to indicate that they are near or at their maximum tolerance level. It can be any word agreed upon before play – common ones are “yellow” indicating approaching maximum close to maximum (slow down) and “red” indicating stop. The words “don’t” and “stop” are rarely used as they may be part of role-play dialog.

Single-Tail – Another name for a saddle whip, signal whip, stock whip or bull whip. These come in a number of “plaits” meaning how many lengthwise strands are woven together to form the whip, ranging from 4 to 32. Generally, the more plaits the better (and more expensive). Materials range from leather to kangaroo skin (the most durable). This toy is only for practiced experts, and is best with the tip “tossed” underhand with a standing partner. NOTE: If you play with someone, let them demonstrate their profiency with this first.

Sjambok – A solid but slightly flexible tapered plastic rod about 4″ long. It’s used as a “riot control” whip by law enforcement. Too extreme and “marky” for play. Gently applied a good sensation.

Slapper – A farm implement used to herd hogs into a pen. Normally two strips of leather sewn together, except for the end which is left unsewn to make a “slapping” noise. A inexpensive and mild toy that should be in everyone’s toy bag! Very good for “newbies” wanting to experience leather for the first time.

Slipper – The sole from a shoe, or an actual slipper (as the name suggests). Popular in the UK, and because of the short length, good for OTK.

Spencers Paddle – A wooden paddle with holes bored through it. This allows the air cushion between the paddle and skin to escape at impact. Because it it rigid, skin becomes stretched into the holes adding to the sensation.

Spreader bar – A wooden dowel used to secure hands or feet to keep them apart.

St. Andrews Cross – A large “X” made from wood where hands and feet are secured to the ends.

Stingy – A sharp, piercing sensation much like a bee sting, and generally the result of a light implement used with high velocity.

Switch – Alternating between top and bottom. In most instances, individuals choose to be either the top (or the bottom) with an individual partner without swapping positions – they are either someone’s “top” or “bottom” and may assume the opposite role with a different partner. In some cases the top/bottom positions are alternated between the same pair of partners. I either case, it means the individual will play either role.

Switch – Another name for a cane or thin springy rod used to strike horizontally. Usually a thin hickory or ash branch, cleaned of all leaves, bark and “nubs.”

Tawse – A Scottish term for a leather strap slit into two (2), three (3) or four (4) lengthwise falls, usually about one-third from the end. The slits allow the air cushion to escape when the strap strikes the skin.

Thuddy – A dull, achy sensation much like a sore muscle, and generally the result of a heavy implement used at low velocity.

Top – The one giving the spanking; the spanker.

Toy – Another name for an implement (paddle, strap, cane, crop, etc.).

Trestle – Another name for a spanking bench or spanking horse.

Wrapping – Normally a result of soft leather straps, paddles and tawses. The end “wraps” around the bottom and leaves a dark red mark or bruise on the side of the hip. Among experienced people, wrapping is the mark of a very inexperienced person (and an insult!). Either they don’t know the right length of toy to use in OTK, are getting tired after arduous play, or they lean if standing.