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Samiras First Spanking – P3

Written By: Editor - Nov• 02•20

They sat at the table in total silence. The only sounds being heard were the quiet munching of their dinner. She couldnt even look up at him. She could sense his dissapointment from the minute he told her she was in trouble, and she hated that feeling. Letting the man she loved and care for so much down. She wanted nothing more than to hear that of his forgivness, and to know that he wasnt going to leave. She was so scared the whole time, not only for her punishment, but she needed that reassurance. When they were finally finished eating he looked up to her and nodded letting her know it was time to clean up and then straight to her room. He helped her and then went off to the living room to think about how to handle the situation. Samira walked up the stairs toward the bedroom, her hands shaking as she put one on the knob to open it. She walked inside and sat down on the bed, not knowing how long she would have to wait for him to come up to tend to her.

John sat in the living room chair staring blankly at the television. He had once before had to deal with Samira for this same thing and wanted to make sure this time she remembered it. He knew he had to be firm with her, and sometimes it was hard for him to do so. he loved his wife so much. Cared for her more than anything, but knew sometimes she needed these reminders. He knew how important is was to teach and help her to be responsible. Samira was quite spoiled growing up. She had everything handed to her on a silver platter, and now that she was married to him, things were different for her. Her tantrums to get what she wanted didnt work with him. In fact they did just the opposite, earned her a ride over his knee, and that was exactly what Samira was going to get.

Samira sat up in their room and waited. She thought about all of the things that went wrong over the past day, how wrong she was to go back to sleep, and how now she would pay for it. She sat there listening to every sound he was making downstairs, trying to har what he was doing and when he was coming upstairs. This was the worst part, the waiting, the anticipation. When she finally heard his feet on the way up the stairs her heart skipped a beat. Her hands moved over her bottom and she cringed knowing she would be having trouble sitting later. She looked over to the door and watched the handle turn. The door swung open and he was standing there not looking very happy at all. She moved her head down, she couldnt look him in the eye. “Samira, look up at me young lady, it seems we have a few things to discuss.” Samira looked up at him with little tears in the corners of her eyes and pat there with her hands on her lap. “John…im so sorr…” she tried to say. “Samira you know not to speak when in this position now stay quiet and listen to me. You have already once before done what you have done today. You know how important it is to keep a job and help support us. Yet you do something so irresponsible as to fall back asleep after I have warned you of what would happen if you did. Im so dissapointed in you Samira. You have been doing very good lately and I havent had any reason to punish you and then you go and pull a stunt like this. From now on Samira you will be off the computer by 11 pm and in bed. If you are not then you will loose computer privlidges for a week. If this doesnt work then we will go back to spanking you again until you learn you need to be responsible. Youre not a child and I hate treating you like one, but if I have to in order to get you to learn I will.” He stood in front of her and took her hand in his and helped her up. “Now go get in the corner young lady hands at your side.” She moved herself over to the corner and stood their knowing what was next.

John walked over to the cupboard nearest the bed. He leaned down to pull out a nice sized oak paddle. It reminded him of a chopping board. Just enough to cover her bottom nicely and give one hell of a sting. She wouldnt be sitting for days. He placed the paddle on the nightstand and walked over and sat down on the bed, placing a pillow on his lap. He looked over to her and watched for a little while. Looking at her long blonde hair cascading down her back as she stood there, all the way down to her small little perky bottom. He loved to spank her, but not like this. Watching her cheeks turn a brilliant shade of red. He quickly let the thoughts go as he said to her, “Alright Samira its time, come over here and stand in front of me.” She walked over and stood in front of him her hands at her side, looking right at him, her eyes filled with tears. “Now young lady, you have dissapointed me in the past with this safe occurance. You have once before went bck to sleep when you should have been up getting ready for work. To top it all off you were late for work and then I catch you eavesdropping on an important conversation. That conversation for your information was a suprise. i was planning a little getaway for us. You were thinking otherwise werent you?” She looked at him and started to cry, “I thought you were leaving me John…Im so….sorry.” She started then to cry. He stood up and took her into his arms. “I would never leave you sweetie. I love you so much and you know the only reason I punish you is because I do. You never have to worry about me doing something to hurt you like that.” he kissed her forehead and sat back down and put the pillow back in place. He then took her hand and looked up at her. “Over my lap little one.” She sighed softly and moved herself to the side of him and moved forward settling herself down over his lap. She arched her back and put her bottom up high in the air for him, knowing that is what he likes. She placed her hands down on the bed in front of her and nuzzled her face in his thigh waiting for what she knew was to come. He moved his hands over her bottom and rubbed it over her pants. Letting her get the feel of his hand being there. He moved his hands under her. “Lift your bottom Samira.” and she did. he reached under her and unzipped her pants and then undid the button, then helped her back down over his lap. Taking his fingers he hooked them into the back of her pants and helped to tug them down. Leaving a nice pantied bottom over his lap.

John placed his hand over her bottom, rubbing it lightly as she layed there. “Now young lady. Im going to give you a nice spanking with my hand over your panties and then we move over to a little of the paddle on your bare bottom, finished with a little of my belt. I know you have never had the belt before but I feel you need al ittle reminder of responsibilty.” Samira was shocked at hearing his words. She had no idea he would even think of using his belt on her. She trusted him though and knew he was only interested in her well being. She knew he knew what was best for her. She cringed and shut her eyes. “Yes, Sir.” She replied and then all of a sudden a hard SMACK! came down onto her bottom. She shriked at the suprise and jumped a little a small moan escaping her lips as she squirmed. The sharp slap was followed by a few more, her bottom wiggling a little as he brought each of them down firmly and hard onto her bottom. She started to moan out more now, feeling each smack to her bottom hard. He continued to spank her hard and fast. His hand on her bottom. He reached over and took the paddle in his hand. “Now Samira, Im going to use the paddle on you. If you try to get off of my lap I will start over again. Understand?” She replied “Yes Sir” and shut her eyes once again tight. he reached up and took ahold of the waistband of her panties and once again just like her pants he began to tug them down. He brought them over her bright pink globes and watched as he tugged them down to her ankles. He then moved his hand over and got ahold of the paddle ready to give her what she deserved.

John took the paddle in his hand and gripped it tight. He looked down at Samiras little bottom turning the shade of pink it was and raised the paddle high. He wanted to make sure he was going to get this point across to her. He brought his arm back even further and then brought the paddle down hard giving her a sharp and loud crack to her left cheek. She jumped and cried out so loudly. The paddle helping her to arch her back and put her bottom higher in the air. John brought the paddle back up hgh and started to bring it down onto her bottom one after the other SMACK! CRACK! WHACK! Left and Right he smacked her cheeks, then down on her sit spots. She cried out loudly with each whack of the paddleand was squirming more than ever now. He heard her nearing tears as he picked up the pace a little. Smacking her bottom with the paddle hard. She cried out, her eyes starting to water. She wriggled over his lap. “NOw young lady…” SMACK! “You WILL! learn to go to bed on time..” SMACK! “And you WILL learn to be up in the morning in time for work…” SMACK! “and if this is what it takes to remind you…” SMACK! “then this is how it will be.” SMACK SMACK SMACK! She cried out with each smack as tears began to fall from her eyes. She sobbed as the paddle came down onto her bottom. He gave her a few more sharp and hard…SMACK! CRACK! WHACK! and then set the paddle down, and looked at her bottom. A nice pale shade of red. She sobbed over his lap as she felt him moving his hand over her bottom. Wincing at the pain as he lightly grabbed it. He helped her up. “Now back to the corner, young lady. I want to see that bare bottom. No rubbing, and if you do, you will be rigt back over my lap.” She walked over to the corner and place her hands once again at her sides. She stood their sobbing quietly. She had a feeling of nervousness in teh pit of her stomach. She knew what was next. Samira had never felt his belt before, but knew she had earned it. She wanted to just get this over as soon as possible. She hated knowing he was dissapointed. She hated this feeling.

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