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Corporal Punishment At The Farmhouse – P2

Written By: Editor - Nov• 15•20

My master spanker had a special position he liked to spank us in, us being my sisters and I. He would have us lie flat on our backs, and lift our legs in the air, and put our feet against a tree truck just behind out heads.

I walked up to a tree and I lay down, just as my master spanker liked. I lifted my legs high in the air, tilted them back, and placed my feet flat against the side of the tree.

My bottom was suspended in the air, and stuck out so it would be easy to strike. It is very difficult to maintain this position, especially when one is in considerable pain, as I would soon be. But to break this stance meant a stricter punishment from my master spanker and so my sisters and I became progressively better at holding it.

“I will begin your punishment once you’ve given me your request,” he said.

This was the part I hated almost as much as the pain itself, because he forced us to ask him to deliver it upon us. It wasn’t like I could refuse to do this, because I’d still get switched anyway, but doing as he asked kept his temper down, and so I always complied with this request.

“my master spanker, I’ve been very bad,” I said. “Would you please switch me?”

“Yes I will dear,” my master spanker said. With that, he swung the stick and struck it against my bare bottom.

WHACK! It stung terribly. The stick made the initial impact, but the thorny vines made a scratchy aftersting that made it all the more unpleasant. my master spanker swung again.

WHACK! The second stroke was worse. I struggled to maintain my poise. It really was unpleasant having to work so hard to keep yourself in a position that left you so vulnerable, but I did it because the alternative was always worse.

WHACK! The third stroke, as always, brought the tears. my master spanker was unfazed by this, and I always felt as if he must be a mean cold-hearted man to be so emotionless when his own daughter is made to shed tears on his behalf, but my master spanker knew what he was doing and he was serious.

WHACK! My whimpers intensified with each stroke. my master spanker knew how to inflict pain, and I was almost always a well-behaved girl as a result. But, indiscretions still happen, and these are the consequences I was accustomed to facing.

WHACK! I twitched uncomfortably in the grass. My legs shook, and I felt the urge to pull my buttocks out of harm’s way, but I knew this would be a terrible mistake. I held my ground, and submitted to every one of his merciless strokes.

WHACK! At this point, I wondered what my bottom must look like. It was probably bruised from the impact of the stick, but also covered with small scratches form the thorns. I didn’t feel blood, but my bottom burned with pain so I knew it must be a deep crimson as this point.

WHACK! my master spanker put a few strokes to my upper thighs, but generally kept the line of fire on my buttocks. I think he did this to insure maximum discomfort while sitting, but knew that the buttocks was capable of taking far more abuse than most of the rest of the body, and thus he inflicted most of his punishment there.

I braced myself for the next, but there was a pause. This filled me with dread. This was because my master spanker always paused before he dealt the final stroke, which he always insured was the harshest and most painful stroke of them all. I braced myself, and sure enough, I heard a swoosh of air followed by a loud crack, and the most intense pain on my rear end yet.

He let the stick linger on my bottom for several seconds, before he pulled it away.

I lay still, and just let the tears flow from my eyes.

“It’s over sweetheart,” my master spanker said. “You can get up now.”

I pulled my legs forward, and let them fall to the ground. My bottom stung as it touched the grassy earth, so I quickly flipped over onto my stomach.

I rose to my feet with tears in my eyes.

“I’m sorry Honey,” I said. “I’m sorry, and I’ll never so it again.”

my master spanker put his arms around me, and kissed me on the cheek.

“I know sweetheart,” he said. “I love you. Don’t make me do this to you again.”

“I won’t,” I said. “I love you too.”

my master spanker smiled.

“Put your clothes on, dear,” he said.

I stepped into my underpants and pulled them up, but my bottom stung with pain as I pulled them above my thighs. I realized the thorny vine was still embedded into my buttocks. I ripped out the vine, which made me wince uncomfortably, and I tossed it aside.

Pulling my underpants up was now slightly more comfortable, but I knew I’d be sleeping on my stomach for the next few days.

I put on my dress, and felt like a new person. A freshly punished, and much better-behaved young woman. my master spanker put his arm around me, and walked me back to the farmhouse. I rubbed my bottom with my hands the whole way.

To my master spanker’s surprise, upon returning to the farmhouse; we saw one of the sheep on all fours, leaning over then fence, pulling the latch on the gate open with its mouth. Soon the gate was open, and the sheep began filing out.

“Well I’ll be,” my master spanker said. He looked at me in amazement.

“Sorry about that, Sweetie,” he said. “I’ll make it up to you.”

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