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Japanese Mie Tortured With Spanking

Written By: spankings - May• 19•11

Japanese babe Mei knows how to take a hot spanking to her tight little ass, this girl gets all hot and worked up by her Master, who seems to enjoy dominating this petite girls little ass. This far eastern slut is forced to put her hands behind her head as her Master inspects her body looking for the best course of action on making her suffer at his hands. He decides to attack her ass cheeks first so he lifts up her dress and slams his hand across her cheeks, she lets out a nice little scream and knows this is just the beginning to her hour of torture.

Japanese Mie Tortured With Spanking

The master then reaches for his hard paddle and gives her a tap right on her legs, she reals in pain but doesn’t let the master now she is into much pain, or he will use that to torture her even more. Her perky nipples seem to stand out to him, and he uses the paddle to let her know who is in control. This submissive babe is treated to a variety of hardcore punishment check out the full action now click here and see this petite girl suffer at her master’s cruel hands.

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