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Oriental Bitch Getting Spanked On Table

Written By: spankings - Apr• 08•11

Oriental Pornstar Ange was in the mood for a hardcore spanking, but, unless she is a naughty girl her master doesn’t usually give her a full ass spanking. So today when her Master asked her to wash his clothes for him Ange told him to do it himself. He warned her that if she didn’t do as she was told then her ass was going to get a massive spanking, and he wouldn’t stop until her butt was red, this was exactly what this Oriental babe wanted though and she told him yet again to do it himself and shut up.

Oriental Bitch Getting Spanked On Table

He wasn’t going to take this from this bitch, so he took her and threw her onto the coffee table, then he took this babes clothes off and told her to spread her legs, so he could really give that cute ass of hers one fetish whipping session. Ange held her breath waiting for the first blow to land on her tight ass, once it did this babe was in heaven a hardcore ass spanking was just what this Porn Star needed and all she had to do to get it was be a cheeky girl. Come and see more BDSM pictures of this Oriental girl now click here.

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