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Oriental Spanking Of Slave Girl Kumimonster

Written By: spankings - Mar• 15•11

Oriental slave girl Kumimonster is getting treated to an exclusive session of hardcore fetish from her Master, it seems this Japanese fetish loving babe thought she had been a good enough girl to warrant a one on one session that involved lots of fetishes and even more spanking. This very bald babe is tied up by her hands and forced to wear a blind fold her Master thinks it wouldn’t be fair if she could see what was going to happen, Kumi is totally fine with this so long as her ass and other various parts of her body get some nice fetish spanking she doesn’t care at all. The Master takes out a small cane and begins spanking her in various places on her body. He is just testing to see how well this Japanese bitch deals with pain.

Oriental Spanking Of Slave Girl Kumimonster

It seems like she is going to be able to handle herself very well, so the Master takes a few pegs and places them right on this bitch’s nipples. She lets out a little scream, and the master tells her there is much worse to come then that, he then takes a paddle and starts spanking this exposed babe’s ass. If you want to see more hot spanking porn like this just click here now.

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