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Punishment History in Pictures

Written By: Editor - Mar• 08•20

How did lovers of sexual punishments exercise their fantasies in decades and centuries past ? What did a firm domestic discipline session look like in the bedroom of a 1960s couple? Or a fierce dungeon whipping session of an amateur spankee in a 1970s private dungeon ?

Well. You may never have actually pondered these kinky questions. But if you have. Now the answer is actually available!

spanking drawing

A new spanking book from Goliath Books called History of Punishments – in Pictures takes you through the decades. Illustrating how generations past played, spanked, whipped and punished for sexual pleasure.

This is all about fully consensual spankings and punishments for pleasure. Painful yes. But pleasurable too. And there are plenty of them in History of Punishments which covers around 250 pages of spanking pictures, whipping drawings, domination shots and much more beyond.

History of Punishments – in Pictures
See it at Goliath Books

Spankings in Decades Past

Do you love a good spanking ? Want to see how your grandparents generation may have tied each other up and exposed each other to excellently firm floggings?

Well alright. That might be a bit disturbing. Interesting though. And each photo of spanking, picture of bondage and whipping and the like are handpicked carefully.

Obviously History of Punishments – in pictures is specifically targeted those of us with a mix of a spanking fetish and an interest in history. The book will be enjoyable too though if only the spanking part is true.

You can buy History of Punishments at Goliath Books

Outdoor Sub Whipping

Written By: Editor - Feb• 17•20

Outdoor Sub Whipping at

Amateur spankees whipping and corporal punishment spanking of submissives in leather strap red bottom pain and domination. Outdoor spanking and disciplinary whipping of two cheeky amateur spankees bruised and punished hard in straining training session for Chaos and Nimue at

Erotic Asia Spanking

Written By: Editor - Jan• 29•20

Erotic Asia Spanking at The Pain Files

Erotic asian spanking and slapped japanese submissive whipped in bedroom bondage and kinky oriental domination of masochist Devil from Japan. Rough asian domination of kinky japanese submissive Devil in spanking and sexual bdsm in the bedroom. Slave girl Devil is spanked, whipped and dominated at The Pain Files

Daniis Amateur Spanking

Written By: Editor - Jul• 17•19

Daniis Amateur Spanking. Do you like to see a well spanked ass?

Here is our guide to Discovering top quality spanking tubes such as xHamster to fulfill your own kinky sides. It can regularly be a daugnting task to find the best spots, particularly in such a huge and differed commercial market as the online spanking porn one is.

This is where hitting punishment paysite-reviews comes in. We have looked at Northern Spanking, Spanking Online, Elite Pain, Mood Pictures,, Corporal Punishment and more. Our group – right now comprising of 4 editors – endeavor to discover and equitably survey all the top quality spanking pornography locales accessible on the net. View our Top Surveys to find which hitting destinations exceeded expectations over the rest, or view our New Audits to find which punishing grown-up site audits have as of late been added to beating paysite-reviews.

Daniis amateur spanking and red bottom whipping of busty submissive in corporal punishment with blindfolded and disciplined slavegirl in obedient slave training. Busty Danis spanking and slavegirls corporal punishment by whipping the tits and deep red bottom of English Danii Black. The slavegirl is available at Pornhub in full length corporal punishment videos.

Indulge Spanking Fantasies with The Best Extreme Porn Sites

Written By: Editor - Jun• 18•19

Spanking isn’t always necessary to put a slut in order, but it’s exciting each time. There’s no better way to see a disobedient slave suffer for her transgressions than by getting spanked, caned, or even whipped. It’s all the more exciting when she starts to whimper, cry and beg.

If you feel the same but can’t find the right places to indulge your fantasies, visit Prime Porn List and check out an expanding collection of the best extreme porn sites.

Amateur Spankings

Amateur Spankings

Each spot comes with a review, so you know what you’re getting into, which is especially useful with premium websites. However, there’s also no shortage of recommendations for free porn sites that will let you not only watch sexy girls endure long and nasty spanking sessions, but also explore every aspect of extreme and BDSM porn.

Indulge Spanking Fantasies with The Best Extreme Porn Sites

Spanked In A Corset

Written By: Editor - Jul• 21•18

Spankings Net

Spanked In A Corset

Ginas amateur spanking and corsetted busty milf disciplinary punishment in lingerie for a hand spanked red bottom. Gina has been cheeky again. The 40ish housewife just cant help it. But Mr Magick is not having it. She knows it too. She is in for yet another spanking

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Shadow Slaves

Emily Sharpe Over The Knee

Written By: Editor - Jul• 13•18

Emily Sharpe Over The Knee

OTK Spanking of Emily X and lingerie punishment of English spankee over the knee for a hand spanked lesson in discipline for the female lawyer

Kinky Emily Sharpe Spanked

It had begun, as it constantly did, with a phone call. That voice on the alternative give up of the line–his voice. Soft and measured, with a way as calm as his phrases have been innocuous, or definitely would have regarded to the casual listener.

“We need to talk.”

Sitting at her desk, she’d shuddered imperceptibly as she’d changed the smartphone on its cradle. She knew complete properly what those words meant, and the mere idea of them made the sudden flutter of butterfly wings in her stomach appear an unusual counterpoint to the uncontrollable pounding in her chest.

Shadow Slaves – Exclusive Spanking and BDSM Films

“We want to talk.”

His words hovered just beneath the floor of awareness for the the rest of the afternoon. Emily Sharpe felt them tugging at her as she labored to complete the tough brief that become because of be filed by day’s end. She heard them, like an insistent whisper, in every purchaser phone communique and each interaction with her co-people because the day wore on. She tried, in vain, to push the implication of these words from her thoughts because the clock crawled inexorably toward 5:00 PM.

She walked to her car on barely unsteady legs, trying desperately now not to betray her inner turmoil in any sort of visible manner. Safe in the luxurious confines of her late-model SUV she sat for a moment, secretly allowing her developing sense of excitement to wash over her; to flood her with sensations of choice and longing and more than a little apprehension.

How does he do that? How can those 4 simple phrases, uttered in the most non-committal manner, lessen me to this mass of quivering anticipation? How can he rob me–a formidable, respected, surprisingly successful attorney–of my very breath with some little phrases? What is this electricity he has over me and, more importantly, what is it in me that seems to now not only allow it, however yearn to surrender this power to him?

She shook her head and started the engine, brooding about those questions–and developing increasingly more resolute–as she made her way thru the overwhelm of rush hour traffic. She wanted nothing extra than to be home; to embark upon this ritual she craved with each ounce of her being; to get the entirety ready–for him.

Later, as she set aside her empty wine stem, she smiled dreamily at the manner the room’s soft mild curved and danced through the perfect crystal. Sitting by myself at her dressing table, she absently smoothed the comb via her shoulder duration auburn hair, staring straight via her image inside the replicate and focusing, instead, at the day the brush had arrived at her door, at the side of a handwritten note:

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“From now on you may use only this brush. It is an heirloom-solid oak with the finest exceptional boar’s hair bristles. Your super beauty deserves nothing much less than its equally wonderful caress.”

She emerged from her reverie and realized that the smooth, cool wood of the comb’s lower back became mendacity against her cheek. Blushing furiously, she quick got up from the table, and walked purposefully in the direction of her bed. With a almost inaudible moan, she laid the comb on the silk sheets and stepped returned to survey the room. Everything changed into in order. Everything become exactly as he could expect. Everything changed into perfect.

The unmistakable sound of tires on the gravel driveway.

She gasped involuntarily. Her heart commenced to race; her breathing became shallower. Emily Sharpe changed into almost overcome by using what she had come to call a sensual panic as she checked herself inside the replicate for the umpteenth time.

What happens next? Follow the spanking adventures of Emily Sharpe in the Adult list library of kinky stories.

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Russian Amateur Spanking

Written By: Editor - Apr• 10•17

Amateur russian spanking of whipped slaves in public corporal punishment and extreme humiliation. Rusian girls accused of infidelity while their husbands were on Military duty are punished and cruelly humiliated before and by the whole village! Outdoor russian spanking and whipping of amateur spankees whipped to tears in public before the village spankers and onlookers.

Three Russian slaves stripped naked and punished for infidelity by public spanking outdoors in front of neighbors and friends. The three girls are humiliated, spanked and whipped to tears in merciless punishment session. Her first punishment and rigid east spanking by cane, whip and hand at Russian Spanking

Enter Amateur Russian Spanking

See the full length Russian Slaves and Her First Punishment video at Russian Spanking


Judicial Caning and Punishment Spanking

Written By: Editor - Apr• 02•17

The government introduced a new corporal punishment system. Inmates with a remaining prison term up to 1 year can apply for participating in the Prion Punishment show. If they participate, their remaining prison terms get halved. People can either go to see this show or can watch the live broadcast on TV. They can even vote with a smartphone applications.

Spanking Movies at Mood Pictures

Female viewers decide the number of whip-strokes, male viewers vote the for the number of can strokes for each inmate. Once the viewers decide, the inmate can no longer quite the punishment. Now we can see such punishment show with live audience, and we also see what’s happening behind the scenes in the prison if the mean guards get too much power.

Extreme full length Spanking Movies at Mood Pictures

Spanking Movies at Mood Pictures

Punishment Methology 5 – Elitepain Spanking Movie Review

Written By: Editor - Mar• 06•17

Punishment Methology 5 – Elitepain Spanking Movie Review. The punishment methology series from Elitepain is supposedly an instructional adventure teaching various forms of S/M play. Primarily impact play. Mainly whipping and caning but with other bits thrown in.

In reality of course these are more classic punishment movies than anything instructional and theyre probably harder in action than most spanking fans and spankees would enjoy. However, for the fans of hardcore spanking action, canes drawing blood and deep welts from whips drawing over tender spankee skin, the Punishment Methology series shouldnt be discounted.

You can download the full Elite Pain movie Punishment Methology from

Whipping and Female Discipline

Whipping a female submissive into obedience, tears and quiet subjugation is always a pleasure. And Elite Pain surely knows how. In punishment methology 5 there is a fair bit of hard backside and frontal whipping. The intense impact play is easily strong enough to leave the brunette subbie bruised and welted severely, but she endures amazingly well.

As is often the case with Elite Pain releases the action is clearly filmed in bits. One piece of action, break, another piece of action. It makes the flow fairly stilted and it never feels like a progressing session. Each element is however interesting, brutally hard spanking wise and aspiring to please all extreme female punishment fans. If the flow issues do not bother you, the film is basically a caning masterpiece with severe strokes en masse.


Punishment Methology 5 – Elite Pain

Extra content: Trailers
Details: 42 min.; whips, canes, needles, electro
You can download the full Elite Pain movie Punishment Methology from

Elite Pain Movies – Brutal Female Caning

Elite Pain, and their sister site Mood Pictures, always did deliver brutal female caning. The cane is used full force. Drawing deep red stripes. Developing into welts and long-lasting bruises. If thats your thing, Punishment Methology will not disappoint. Dr Lomp does the caning himself this time, which is always bad news for female spankees (though we do of course miss Larissas cold and determined destruction of female bottoms too)

Obviously this is not erotic spanking and you shouldnt go to these levels at home without prior practice. But if you do like brutal female caning, severe spankee whipping and some electro bdsm, needle play on her labias and such thrown in, this is certainly for you.

You can download the full Elite Pain movie Punishment Methology from