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Punishment History in Pictures

Written By: Editor - Mar• 08•20

How did lovers of sexual punishments exercise their fantasies in decades and centuries past ? What did a firm domestic discipline session look like in the bedroom of a 1960s couple? Or a fierce dungeon whipping session of an amateur spankee in a 1970s private dungeon ?

Well. You may never have actually pondered these kinky questions. But if you have. Now the answer is actually available!

spanking drawing

A new spanking book from Goliath Books called History of Punishments – in Pictures takes you through the decades. Illustrating how generations past played, spanked, whipped and punished for sexual pleasure.

This is all about fully consensual spankings and punishments for pleasure. Painful yes. But pleasurable too. And there are plenty of them in History of Punishments which covers around 250 pages of spanking pictures, whipping drawings, domination shots and much more beyond.

History of Punishments – in Pictures
See it at Goliath Books

Spankings in Decades Past

Do you love a good spanking ? Want to see how your grandparents generation may have tied each other up and exposed each other to excellently firm floggings?

Well alright. That might be a bit disturbing. Interesting though. And each photo of spanking, picture of bondage and whipping and the like are handpicked carefully.

Obviously History of Punishments – in pictures is specifically targeted those of us with a mix of a spanking fetish and an interest in history. The book will be enjoyable too though if only the spanking part is true.

You can buy History of Punishments at Goliath Books

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