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Silje – The Spankable One – P1

Written By: Editor - Jun• 03•20

As John walked by that evening, he squeezed my shoulder and said, ”Hey spankable one!”

My stomach jumped. I knew I was in deep shit. What had I done? It was my day off, so I had cooked dinner, straightened the house and done some laundry. That was our agreement; whoever had the day off took charge of the household duties, and I had. I started replaying the days’ events in my head. “Oh crap”, I thought. I recalled that I’d snapped at him all afternoon when he came home. I was frustrated at something else and took it out on him. I had been rude and disrespectful. Of course, at the time, my actions didn’t filter through to my brain where they would have been squashed.

My stomach continued doing flip-flops in anticipation of what was to come. See, we have a mutual understanding that certain major indiscretions will be punishable by spanking. Our code phrase for it is “Hey spankable one”. Whenever one of us says it, the other one knows they’ve done wrong and is going to get their butt blistered.

I, of course, dreaded the punishment, because my ass would sting for days and I would find it difficult to sit properly. However, I also looked forward to it in a way. It meant that my husband loved me enough to hold me accountable for my actions. It also means we fight less. Instead of letting the ill feelings fester and continue the negative cycle, the problems are handled almost immediately and the slate wiped clean.

The punishment almost never takes place at the time of the offense. It is brought to the offenders’ attention so that they may contemplate their actions. Half of the punishment was the foreboding anticipation of what was to come later that evening. It also gives the person offended the chance to calm down and rationally determine the extent of the punishment. Punishment is always given out of love, not in anger.

The rest of the evening went pretty normally. We had a light dessert of strawberry shortcake and watched our favorite show together. It was a little bit difficult to concentrate but I knew that worrying about it wasn’t going to make it go away. Then, at 9:00, he squeezed my hand and told me to go to the bedroom and wait for him. I meekly got up and went to our bedroom. It was the responsibility of the person being punished to prepare all the necessary equipment. In one corner of the room is a sturdy, armless chair. It is the best place to administer over-the-knee spankings. I pulled it out to the center of the room. In the other corner is a large, overstuffed chair whose back only comes up hip high, with an eyebolt screwed into each of the short, wooden legs. It came out to the middle of the room as well. Then between them, I positioned the settee that sits at the end of the bed. I went to the closet and pulled down a large box containing the spanking implements. One by one, I took the items out and laid them neatly on the settee. They include a flatback brush, wooden spoon, paint stirrer, 18’ ruler, belt, wide strap, round paddle (no holes), large paddle (long, with holes), large and small anal plugs, ball gag, blindfold, lubricant and cooling cream. There are also 4 individual, padded cuffs with clips that I clipped into the eyebolts on the overstuffed chair. The spankee is bent over the back of the chair and shackled to each leg to prevent movement. After all this was done, I removed all my clothes, stood to the right of the armless chair, bowed my head and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. John walked over to me and lifted my chin to look at him. The look in his eyes hurt more than anything else he was about to do to me. They were full of hurt. Hurt from my behavior towards him and hurt at the thought of what he was going to have to do. It killed me that I had caused that hurt. But we both knew what must be done.

“Silje, do you know why you’re being punished”?

“Yes sir, I think so”.

“Tell me”.

“I snapped at you for no reason when you came home”.

“So tell me what you know”.

“I know that I was disrespectful to you and that I deserve the punishment I am about to receive”.

“What else”?

“I know that you love me with all your heart and are only doing this to help me learn to be a better, more respectful person”.

“That is right. I will always love you, but I don’t always like your behavior. Now, would you like to know what your punishment will be”?

“Yes sir, please tell me”.

“First, you will receive 20 strokes of the belt, then 20 strokes with the small paddle and then 20 strokes with the large paddle”, all with the large anal plug in your ass”.

“Thank you sir”.

“However, I realized it has been a long time since I have had to punish you for this particular indiscretion. So, for good behavior, I will reduced the number strokes from each instrument by five”.

“Thank you sir”.

Then he stood there waiting. I knew what he was waiting on, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

“And”?, he said impatiently.

Knowing it would only be worse on me if I didn’t, I said, “Will you please give me my punishment sir”?

“Yes, I will”.

He stepped over to the armless chair and sat down motioning me to take my position. I laid over his lap, right to left, so that my hands were on the floor on one side and my feet on the floor on the other side. Placing his left arm over my back, he held me tightly around the waist and raised his right leg, under my hips, so that my toes were barely touching the floor. This put my ass in the perfect position. Unfortunately, what was about to come was only the warm-up and did not count toward the punishment strokes. He lightly placed his hand on my ass and started to caress it.


I caught my breath and jumped with each stroke, but didn’t utter a sound.


Spanking VR Fetish Videos

Written By: Editor - Jun• 01•20

Touch Your Toes! Bend over for the paddle. Get in position. Come over the knee for a well deserved punishment.

We all know the spanking scenarios playing out in classic spanking films. The schoolgirls caned by the headmaster, the maid punished for being lazy, a fierce paddling from a lesbian girlfriend or an over the knee spanking for a hungover girlfriend having come home from the nightclub too late.

With VR Spanking films these scenarios might live on but they get an entirely new life and realism. You can pan around 180 degrees during the scene to admire the impact of the hand on the bare bottom and the facial expression of the spankee at the same time, you can zoom in with amazing detail in the 5400×2700 resolution punishment movies.

Erotic Spanking Adventures

These are not brutal caning or corporal punishment movies. To the contrary, they are designed for the connoisseur of erotic spanking featuring beautiful spankees with perfect spankable bottoms. Often the babes are dressed in kinky fetish wear, stockings or yummy latex uniforms for their ordeals as they get spanked and dominated. Simply astonishing quality and storylines to match the high quality.

Spanking is still the focus of the action. But you can watch it with more flexibility, interaction and detail than ever before. And at the VR Spanking champions of the Czech Fetish VR producers it is often mixed in with scary dominas, the spankees being fucked hard or lingerie fetishes on full display.

Who are the spankees? The same tired old line-up circulating most of the spanking sites and films out there? No! Most definitely not!

Let us introduce you to wonderful spankable babes such as Angel Wicky, Selvaggia Babe, Lady Bug, Sabien DeMona, Anna De Ville, Emma Button, Anna Swix, Foxy Sanie and Jennifer Jane are just a few of the fresh red bottoms you can enjoy in kinky games and not least erotic spankings!

Lesbian Amateur Spanking

Written By: Editor - May• 18•20

Blindfolded lesbian amateur spanking of Alex in wooden spoon whipping of sexually punished submissive dominated by her mistress

Shadow Slaves – Exclusive Spanking and BDSM Films

Wooden spoon spanking of redheaded amateur spankee Alex. Kinky dungeon corporal punishment of chubby slave girl in stockings. Blindfolded amateur spankee in stockings and high heels punished by sexy mistress spanking her bare bottom. Blindfolded lesbian amateur spanking of Alex in wooden spoon whipping of sexually punished submissive dominated by her mistress

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Cuckold Spanking

Written By: Editor - May• 16•20

The male slave Jack is at his femdom wifes feet.

Pants down NOW, Jack” She demanded in a stern voice.

She quickly pulled his hair, dragged her over her knee! In a perfect position for a humiliation and spanking with a hairbrush. Ready at hand. Ready to bruise his willing bottom.

Get up. Touch your toes. Get that ass firmly in the air!” she said after finishing a thorough punishment with the hairbrush on his bare bottom.

Yes, dear mistress” He said with a shivering voice as he got to his feet on shaking legs, clearly in pain and humiliation from the female to male punishment he endured. Meekly he got into caning position and offered his pale bare butt to her.

I have an idea before you get to meet the cane my dear. I think I will invite your friends over to watch me punish and shame you like a naughty little boy! Wouldn´t that be a very special treat you little worm?” she said in a sensual and teasing voice.

“No, my mistress, please no. Let me take it. But please no audience” the quivering worm wimpered from his awkward bend over position.

She carefully fondled the cane. Bending it. Dragging it teasingly over his ass. “Look, my dear, we are going live” she said as she turned on her web cam and started transmitting the session to the world. “I am busy inviting your friendlist to come to look at your pathetic performance” she teasingly whispered.

She raised the cane and started to smack his bare ass. First a couple of soft stingy cane strokes across his bottom. Then SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. 3 hard and fast strokes across his ass. Red stripes immediately forming on his bare bottom.

Echoes of the swirps and his gasps of pain bouncing off the walls. She turned to the camera with a smirk saying: “Welcome dear audience, I hope you enjoy this little worm suffering. I invite all off you to enjoy his pain to the maximum and if it makes you rock hard please come over and pleasure me after the session, the worm of a husband we can leave whimpering on the floor as we fuck



The suffering husband could barely hold the position. His ass a bruised mess. SMACK. Suddenly the doorbell rang. A male stud from down the road was at the door….”Go invite him in worm“….

Spankee Fae Corbin

Written By: Editor - May• 01•20

Fae is a natural spankee. She does all these little things. To provoke a spanking from her dom? Just accidentally? Who knows.

Full length spanking film in hd at Shadow Slaves

But whereas FAE is also glad, Wolfie isn’t. Feeling that she was disrespectful and brash in her tries to beg for her pleasure, he decides a correction is so as, and canes her till her ass is scarlet raw.

If she hoped for mercy, there’s none, as nylon whips lash her back and already glowing buttocks. She is formed to wash his boots together with her tongue, each weather deck and sole, and at last dragged back to the air, to hang, forlorn and wretched, in an exceedingly mess of ropes that now not support her limbs and cut painfully into her abdomen.

Bullwhipping To Tears

Written By: Editor - Apr• 25•20

Bullwhipped bbw masochist Nimues spanking to tears and tied up caning in the dungeon with chubby submissive dominated and punished hard by her master in bdsm session

Shadow Slaves – Exclusive Spanking and BDSM Films

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Bullwhipped bbw masochist Nimues spanking to tears and tied up caning in the dungeon with chubby submissive dominated and punished hard by her master in bdsm session

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Trying Out Spanking

Written By: Editor - Apr• 22•20

Being spanked sexually humiliated is one of the most popular fetishes. The main reason for this is the availability. Basically, it is an entry-level BDSM fetish that everyone can try with a partner. The other advantage and reason for the popularity are that it can be practiced literally everywhere. 

It doesn’t matter are you at home, hotel or maybe even in public. This means there are hundreds of variations and approaches to spanking. It is up to you to pick the way and then test the endurance of participants.

One of the important niches that most of us are somehow missing is a femdom. When it comes to female domination spanking punishments, the main role and control are in the hands (literally) of a Dominant woman called Mistress or a Dominatrix.

Same as with male master female slave, the purpose of erotic spanking is the sexual arousal of a sub but also humiliation and embarrassment. You know, most men love to control the situation. It is in their genes. But once they found themselves bent over the knees, the whole situation will become extremely unpleasant and humiliation.

This is especially pronounced when it comes to mature spanking femdom. Older women with enough experience will know how to get a maximum from spanking domination so we are encouraging you to try it at least once in a lifetime.

We are well aware that practicing fem dom spanking can be a big step and a lifechanging experience. Many people are hesitant when it comes to really try it. Luckily, there is a way to go step by step and prepare yourself for embarrassing humiliation experience with a real woman. So how to do it?

The trick is in a step coming before real-life spanking. We are talking about talking to a real person in some kind of a fetish humiliation chat. There are hundreds of websites these days offering video cam chat with fetish Ladies online and people sharing the same needs as you are. So be thankful and use this opportunity as a step before you finally get your ass spanked by a Mistress.

Emilys Stockings Spanking

Written By: Editor - Apr• 16•20

Emily Sharpes stockings spanking and OTK punishment in lingerie of skinny spankee in high heels and black bra. Red bottom hand spanking of Emily X in stockings, high heels and bra.

Shadow Slaves – Exclusive Spanking and BDSM Films

British spanking of Emily X. Sexy fetish model Emily Sharpe dressed in stockings gets a firm hand spanking and over the knee punished brunette babe. Done up nicely in lingerie the skinny spankee Emily flashes her high heels and black bra before bending over for a spanking.

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Fiery Ellarnas Caning

Written By: Editor - Apr• 09•20

Fiery redhead Ellarnas caning and spanking in office persecution and punishment by the boss of crying spankee with a bruised bottom

Full Length Movie at The Pain Files

Ellarnas hard caning and humiliating wooden bat spanking in office persecution and punishment by the boss of tearful spankee Ellarna equipped with a freshly bruised and blistered bottom

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Persian Kitty – Porn Luv –  Hot N Dirty Babes – Porn Pit Stop – PinkWorld
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Amateur Slave Whips

Written By: Editor - Apr• 02•20

Amateur Slave Whips at

Amateur Slave Whips

Amateur slave whipping and hard pain bondage of spanked Sacha in dungeon domination and hellpain punishment. Whipped amateur slave Sachas hardcore spanking and extreme bdsm of tortured submissive redhead at