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Trying Out Spanking

Written By: Editor - Apr• 22•20

Being spanked sexually humiliated is one of the most popular fetishes. The main reason for this is the availability. Basically, it is an entry-level BDSM fetish that everyone can try with a partner. The other advantage and reason for the popularity are that it can be practiced literally everywhere. 

It doesn’t matter are you at home, hotel or maybe even in public. This means there are hundreds of variations and approaches to spanking. It is up to you to pick the way and then test the endurance of participants.

One of the important niches that most of us are somehow missing is a femdom. When it comes to female domination spanking punishments, the main role and control are in the hands (literally) of a Dominant woman called Mistress or a Dominatrix.

Same as with male master female slave, the purpose of erotic spanking is the sexual arousal of a sub but also humiliation and embarrassment. You know, most men love to control the situation. It is in their genes. But once they found themselves bent over the knees, the whole situation will become extremely unpleasant and humiliation.

This is especially pronounced when it comes to mature spanking femdom. Older women with enough experience will know how to get a maximum from spanking domination so we are encouraging you to try it at least once in a lifetime.

We are well aware that practicing fem dom spanking can be a big step and a lifechanging experience. Many people are hesitant when it comes to really try it. Luckily, there is a way to go step by step and prepare yourself for embarrassing humiliation experience with a real woman. So how to do it?

The trick is in a step coming before real-life spanking. We are talking about talking to a real person in some kind of a fetish humiliation chat. There are hundreds of websites these days offering video cam chat with fetish Ladies online and people sharing the same needs as you are. So be thankful and use this opportunity as a step before you finally get your ass spanked by a Mistress.

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