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Written By: Editor - May• 16•20

The male slave Jack is at his femdom wifes feet.

Pants down NOW, Jack” She demanded in a stern voice.

She quickly pulled his hair, dragged her over her knee! In a perfect position for a humiliation and spanking with a hairbrush. Ready at hand. Ready to bruise his willing bottom.

Get up. Touch your toes. Get that ass firmly in the air!” she said after finishing a thorough punishment with the hairbrush on his bare bottom.

Yes, dear mistress” He said with a shivering voice as he got to his feet on shaking legs, clearly in pain and humiliation from the female to male punishment he endured. Meekly he got into caning position and offered his pale bare butt to her.

I have an idea before you get to meet the cane my dear. I think I will invite your friends over to watch me punish and shame you like a naughty little boy! Wouldn´t that be a very special treat you little worm?” she said in a sensual and teasing voice.

“No, my mistress, please no. Let me take it. But please no audience” the quivering worm wimpered from his awkward bend over position.

She carefully fondled the cane. Bending it. Dragging it teasingly over his ass. “Look, my dear, we are going live” she said as she turned on her web cam and started transmitting the session to the world. “I am busy inviting your friendlist to come to look at your pathetic performance” she teasingly whispered.

She raised the cane and started to smack his bare ass. First a couple of soft stingy cane strokes across his bottom. Then SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. 3 hard and fast strokes across his ass. Red stripes immediately forming on his bare bottom.

Echoes of the swirps and his gasps of pain bouncing off the walls. She turned to the camera with a smirk saying: “Welcome dear audience, I hope you enjoy this little worm suffering. I invite all off you to enjoy his pain to the maximum and if it makes you rock hard please come over and pleasure me after the session, the worm of a husband we can leave whimpering on the floor as we fuck



The suffering husband could barely hold the position. His ass a bruised mess. SMACK. Suddenly the doorbell rang. A male stud from down the road was at the door….”Go invite him in worm“….

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