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Spankee Fae Corbin

Written By: Editor - May• 01•20

Fae is a natural spankee. She does all these little things. To provoke a spanking from her dom? Just accidentally? Who knows.

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But whereas FAE is also glad, Wolfie isn’t. Feeling that she was disrespectful and brash in her tries to beg for her pleasure, he decides a correction is so as, and canes her till her ass is scarlet raw.

If she hoped for mercy, there’s none, as nylon whips lash her back and already glowing buttocks. She is formed to wash his boots together with her tongue, each weather deck and sole, and at last dragged back to the air, to hang, forlorn and wretched, in an exceedingly mess of ropes that now not support her limbs and cut painfully into her abdomen.

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