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Written By: Editor - Jul• 25•20

Humans are constantly shedding their skin. Unlike creatures that shed a complete layer all at once, we shed our outermost layer as individual cells. Like a fine dust constantly being emitted from the body. Also, the body secretes oil through the skin to keep it moist. Fingerprints are made from this oil. In addition, perspiration leaves salts and other deposits on the surface of the skin. Spanking abrades away the dead skin cells from the surface, and wipes off the oils, perspiration and salts in a vigorous manner. Implements get dirty very quickly.

The dirt may not be visible at first, but it is there and continues to accumulate. And it is especially hard to see on dark colored implements. Spanking with a dirty toy is like wearing dirty underwear. And if the same implement is used with multiple partners, it is like sharing that dirty underwear. Because spanking abrades the skin, deposits from one person can be transferred to another. Even if the implement is used with only one partner, deposits from that person’s bottom and from the hand of the person holding the toy continue to grow.

  • Whatever the implement, for good hygiene and healthy play it should be washable. This includes washing the hands before and after play.

Dirt accumulations build in the grains of wood, and in the pores of leather. If the wood is finished with varnish or lacquer, then cleaning and disinfecting will not ruin it – the grain is sealed. Wash it with a solution of mild dishwashing detergent, dry, then spray with a disinfectant such as Lysol. Unfinished wood is not easily cleaned. Water raises the grain, and may actually cause the deposits to be absorbed into the wood. Also, the wood may warp or crack, or become easier to crack.

  • Finished wood is washable, unfinished wood is not. Choose wood implements that are finished, or finish them yourself.

Wood implements can crack or split. Because the bottom is spherical, there is no particular grain orientation that prevents cracking. Grain orientation lengthwise is the most robust, but will not prevent it entirely. And certain woods such as ash are less prone to cracking than pine. Still denser woods may resist cracking or splitting, but quickly become too heavy to make good toys.

  • Wooden paddles should be medium density wood with lengthwise grain. It should be thick enough to resist cracking, but not more than 1/2 inch or it becomes too heavy for play.

It is better to have the wood implement break entirely than have a hidden crack. Cracks can pinch causing cuts, and leave splinters that are hard to remove and can become infected. Any wood toy should be examined carefully before use. And if an impact sounds different than the previous one, immediately check it. If cracked, immediately check the partner’s bottom for splinters or cuts and take appropriate action. Cracked implements should be discarded – do not try to fix them. They will crack again in another spot, with the same resulting dangers.

  • Wooden paddles can crack during play. Listen to their sound, and take immediate action to protect the bottom if they do. And discard it – it is a weak and dangerous toy that cannot be safely repaired.

Roughly 80% of bottoms prefer the feel of leather over wood. Because it can flex it contours itself to the bottom, and has a less harsh feel. And it has good sound, which is an important part of the play. But it is the most difficult to clean, and some leathers cannot be cleaned at all. There are cleaning instructions listed in another section – go here to read them.

  • Leather is preferred by 80% of bottoms. The implement collection should reflect this proportion.

Leather can crack, just like wood. There is minimal risk of injury, but the implement can rarely be salvaged. Leather cracks for a number of reasons. If the leather is dyed, coloring agents fill the pores of the leather and make it brittle, as do the solvents used in the dying process. Continued flexing results in cracking. Most leathers are coated with wax to give them a sheen. This also seals the pores against water, but leather needs to absorb moisture from the air to remain supple. As a result, the leather dries out and becomes brittle. Again, flexing leads to cracking. The dirt accumulation builds up in the cracks, and becomes absorbed in the exposed pores of the leather. It is extremely difficult to clean, and disinfecting can lead to further cracking. Once the leather toy develops cracks, it should be discarded.

  • Leather that is dyed a color, or waxed to give it sheen will crack. Dirt gathers in the cracks, and it should be discarded.

Most leather will crack if it gets wet because it shrinks when it dries out. This is a result of the tanning process used. Chromic acid tanned leather is the most common type because the process is very fast and inexpensive. About 95% of all leather is tanned using this process. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all the moisture it can tolerate, otherwise it can be damaged and will crack prematurely. Natural vegetable tanned leather is the exception. It is more expensive because the tanning process takes many times longer. Washing will not harm this type of leather – it can be soaked in water and will not crack as a result. This type of leather is used for carving – saddles, purses, etc. But carving breaks the skin, and allow dirt to accumulate in the pores underneath. It can be washed, but the dirt is still difficult to remove from the exposed pores.

  • The best implements are made from undyed, uncoated, and uncarved vegetable tanned leather. They can be washed, and improve with use.

Leather paddles and straps should be stiff enough to prevent wrapping – the end wraps around the bottom and leaves a mark or cut on the side of the hip. The end of the strap or paddle should contact the curvature of the bottom, not wrap around it. In an OTK position, the opposite hip is not easily visible, so the top should check regularly to make sure these is no wrapping. If this occurs, either the implement is too long, too flexible, or not right for the position. Some leather paddles have flat spring steel stays inside. This adds rigidity to leather that is too thin and soft on its own. This helps to prevent wrapping, but friction against the steel wears the leather out from the inside, and leads to cracking around the edges of the insert.

  • The rule regarding toys is better too short than too long, and better too stiff than too flexible. Wrapping is poor play.

Different toy shapes provide different sensations. Implements having a small contact surface area are generally “stingy,” while those having a larger surface area are “thuddy.” And different shapes (e.g. an oval paddle versus a straight strap) apply impact over different areas of the bottom to vary the sensation. Some paddles have rabbit fur on one side. The natural oils in the fur dry out, resulting in shedding, and using the fur side for impact accelerates the shedding. That side is intended for rubbing during warmup and cooldown.

  • Shape and surface area determine the toy’s sensation. Small impact surface areas are stingy, and large is thuddy.

There are a variety of leather treatments available. Some include silicone, and many include Neets Foot oil. These treatments, including waxes, are meant for shoes, boots, purses, saddles, baseball gloves, etc. Their purpose is to soften or waterproof leather. These treatments should never be used on spanking implements. They can trap dirt and bacteria, and some people may have allergic reactions.

  • Do not wax, or apply oil or silicone treatments to leather spanking implements.

Some toys are made from rubber. It is flexible and easily cleaned. And it is much denser than leather, and very harsh. Very few bottoms choose rubber. It should not be viewed as a leather substitute, but rather as a different type of toy. And implements should never be made from latex rubber. Some people are very allergic to latex, and can have a severe allergic reaction.

  • Rubber is not a leather substitute, and implements should never be made from latex rubber.

Plastic implements are easy to clean. Some plastics are brittle (styrenes) and some bendable (ethylenes), and all are more dense than wood. Riot control whips (sjamboks) are made from ethylenes, and can be very severe and easily leave marks. Even the softest plastics are only semi-flexible when made thick enough to become an effective toy. Paddles made from acrylics or styrenes can be made half the thickness of wood with comparable strength and weight. And they can crack as well, so the same cautions should be observed. Implements made from these materials are especially prone to cracking when exposed to citrus based cleaning agents. Fissures form on the surface, and the implement can shatter with disastrous results. Use only mild dishwashing detergent and disinfectant, and inspect before use.

  • Plastic paddles should be no more than 1/4 inch thick. Never wash them with citrus based cleaners.

Canes are a love/hate implement – the bottom either loves it or hates it. Bottoms who prefer sting over thud generally find the sensation pleasing. Canes are generally made from rattan – a type of grass. Rattan is made up of many tiny hollow tubes, which gives it flexibility. When rattan breaks, it rarely splinters. And rattan canes generally break at the far end where it tries to wrap around the bottom too quickly. This keeps any splintering away from the point of impact. Finished, or unfinished, rattan canes can be easily washed with mild dishwashing detergent, rinsed, and disinfected. When wet, they are easily bent and should be allowed to dry straight. If the finish begins to flake, either from washing or use, lightly sand the area using 320 grit sandpaper (or finer). It does not need to be refinished.

Bamboo (another type of grass) can crack anywhere, and leaves very sharp and stiff splinters. Bamboo canes, back-scratchers, spoons, etc. are poor choices for implements because of this risk.

  • Use only rattan, or hollow plastic canes. Never use bamboo for any kind of toy.

Before using a cane, practice is required to prevent injury. The traditional practice method is to strike a 5 pound paper sack of flour. The goal is to leave a series of evenly spaced creases in the sack without breaking it. A pillow is often substituted, but this is not recommended as there is no way to accurately gauge the intensity of the stroke.

If the cane breaks and is still a usable length, carve then sand to round the tip. A usable length is about 8 inches minimum from the end of the hand to the edge of the bottom, and the tip extending past the other edge of the bottom by about 4 inches. Canes are severe – all the impact is placed on a small skin area. And canes mark easily, leaving a double line spaced by the width of the cane. The position used should be standing upright, or with a small bend at the hips so the skin is not drawn tight. Never impact with the tip, and avoid striking the same spot more than once. Canes have an initial sting at impact, followed by a wave of warmth. Allow about 30 seconds between strokes for the full effect.

  • Be cautious of position and intensity when a cane is used, and allow 30 seconds between strokes.

Crops are similar to canes, except the “popper” at the end is used for impact. All of the energy is applied to this small area, so similar cautions should be observed. The strokes can come more quickly, depending on the size of the popper. Crops with small poppers are used for horseback riding – horses have thick skin covered with hair. Only crops with large poppers should be used for play. Cleaning is done depending on the material – the grip, the shank, and the popper may be plastic, leather, or some combination. Follow the appropriate instructions for each material presented above.

  • The shorter the crop, the more flexible it should be. The popper at the end is the only area used to strike with, and larger is better.

Dressage whips are similar to crops, except a strand is attached instead of a popper. And they are cleaned the same way – depending on materials used. The technique used is to rapidly swing back and forth horizontally, using only the tip of the strand to make contact. The effect is similar to a series of bee stings. And just like a crop, this implement should never be used like a cane. It is too thin, and lacks the flexibility.

  • Never use a crop or dressage like a cane. They are different toys for different uses.

Floggers offer the widest variety of sensations of any single toy. They can be made of leather, deerskin, suede, rope, cloth, or nearly any material. They come in a variety of lengths, weights, and number of falls. The number of falls is normally 32 or 40, with ends cut square, round, or at an angle. Floggers are best used vertically, not horizontally like a paddle or cane. The bottom can either be standing, kneeling or lying down.

The technique is for the top to draw figure eights with the arm, alternating palm up and palm down for each half of the eight. The weight and speed of the falls are dropped onto the target, not swung into it. The top can also twirl the flogger, impacting only with the tips. The sensation varies with the intensity. From massage-like thuddy to very stingy. A flogger having fewer and narrower falls is called a martinet. It can be used either vertically or horizontally, but vertical is still preferred. It is generally light with much more sting than a flogger.

  • Floggers should be used vertically, not horizontally. The falls should be wide and soft for a variety of sensations. A heavier flogger having more falls is better.

Single tails can be stock whips, saddle whips, signal whips, bull whips, etc. They can be made from kangaroo skin (the strongest hide), cow hide, or many other leathers. There are special dressings exclusively manufactured for whips, that must be applied per the manufacturers directions (either from handle to tip or vice versa). Use only the recommended treatments to preserve the layers underneath the outer layers.

These implements can be dangerous to both the bottom and the top, and never used without proper instruction by an expert. The basic technique is for the top to visualize standing on railroad tracks, and keep the arm and whip outside the rails. Then “toss” the tip underhanded at the target. The hand is kept palm down, and the arm never rises above level. Only the attached tip (either a woven silk or kevlar string) strikes the target. The whip returns along the angle of the arm and falls harmlessly back outside the railroad tracks.

Birching uses bundles of either birch branches or firethorn branches. They are cut off, pickled in a brine solution and bundled with string to form a handle. They are applied as light horizontal taps, and can be exceptionally severe with minimal impact. There are no thorns, and the appearance of a bundle of twigs is deceptive. And the sensation can last for days. This technique should only be applied by an expert.

  • Do not experiment with unknown and unpracticed implements on a partner. Or be the subject of an experiment. That is no way to play.

Metal implements are not for impact play. Spatulas, and other objects have a single purpose – cooling. Kept in the freezer, and applied to a warmed bottom, they cool and reduce potential swelling. That is their only use.

Skin creams or oils can be applied to the bottom after play for a cooling and soothing effect. Some offer more comfort than others. And some can rekindle the burning rather than the desired cooling effect. Unless the effect is known, a clean towel moistened with lukewarm water is the recommended approach.

Canesworth College Spanking – p2

Written By: Editor - Jul• 22•20

The girls boarding school disciplinary spankings for 18+ girls and their milf mums …the tale continued

There was also a handful of former alumnae who could testify to her devastating accuracy with the cane, an implement that had been used on extremely rare occasions – the effect of which had been to instil a sense of genuine respect amongst pupils at the school, both for discipline and for academic standards. In point of fact, the cane had never, at any time, been used as a punishment for failure to achieve academically, since Miss Xinran had felt that this was a barbaric misuse of an effective form of disciplinary control.

Such restraint had not, however, extended to the use of The Dragon – as it had been labelled in school lore – where girls had been foolish enough to lapse into unjustifiable violence, abuse or flagrant breaches of standards of public behaviour. She had always been meticulous in her investigation of misdeeds warranting corporal punishment, but once she had reached her conclusion, execution of sentence had always been a swift, painful and memorable experience that had left its imprint in several ways upon the girls who had left her Study, in tears, to inspect the outcome of their encounter with her.

The appointment, two years later, of Mr. Magick to the post of Headmaster, at Miss Xinran’s retirement, had sent ripples through the educational establishment and had raised concerns amongst certain parents, yet such was the trust in Miss Xinran’s judgment that no one was ready to deny him the chance to prove that the decision had been wise. He had not failed. In fact, he had excelled and both academic and disciplinary standards had not only been maintained, but improved. Interestingly, this had been achieved, ultimately, without the threat of corporal punishment, which he had abolished three years into his appointment, after a long discussion with Mrs. Helen Marlow, the young Physical Education teacher whom he had appointed to the post of Deputy Headmistress. He had not, in fact, used or ordered corporal punishment to deal with any pupil. His look alone seemed sufficiently effective to convey the legendary message of his predecessor and recourse to the penultimate sanction had never been needed.

The departure of Mr. Magick was also of significance to the school, since he had overseen the running of the school estate in a manner that had encouraged pupils to take an interest in such often-overlooked matters. With his impeccable manners and great depth of knowledge of both horticulture and wildlife, he had introduced many a young mind to areas of interest that might otherwise have escaped them, earning high regard from teachers, pupils and parents alike.

Gina had particular reason to remember Mr. Magick since, when he had arrived as a fairly young and not-long-married young man, he had been at the centre of a controversy that had resulted in the one case of what ultimately transpired to be a miscarriage of justice during Miss Xinran’s headship. However, the story was not as simple as it might at first have seemed.

Ginas Amateur Spanking

Written By: Editor - Jul• 21•20

Spankings Net

Ginas Amateur Spanking

Ginas amateur spanking and corsetted busty milf disciplinary punishment in lingerie for a hand spanked red bottom. Gina has been cheeky again. The 40ish housewife just cant help it. But Mr Magick is not having it. She knows it too. She is in for yet another spanking

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Canesworth College Spankings

Despite the 27 years that separated them, the two women who stood on the immaculate burgundy carpet, flanked by parquet flooring that had enjoyed the benefit of years of meticulous attention, in the warmly-, subtly-lit wood-panelled corridor at Canehurst College for Girls, could well have passed for sisters. The young mother’s looks belied the 45 years during which she had brightened the lives of those around her, whilst her 18-year old daughter, only 6 months away from her nineteenth birthday, could easily have passed for a young woman in her mid-twenties, having inherited not only her Mother’s elegance and fresh-faced good looks, but also a hint of her Father’s eye-catching maturity.

In many ways, however, the two women were very different in terms of their individual styles, the elder of the two still favouring nuance over bold statement in terms of her attire, whilst the younger, even in the immaculate uniform which she was wearing, officially, for the last day, managed to create an appearance of discreetly-tailored defiance, the knot in her tie being just slightly out of line and the top button on her blouse being left undone, albeit invisibly to all but the most inquisitive onlooker.

Their conduct also brought them close together in terms of age, since the very low murmur of their voices in the hushed environs of the corridor was characterised by warmth, humour, excitement and, to a degree, sadness, for this was Crystel’s last day at school, before leaving for her gap year and before going up to Aberdeen University to read Medicine.

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However, the day did not simply represent a critical waymark on Crystel’s passage through life, but also in the lives of her Mother, Gina, and of the school. This was, in fact, also the last day in office for the Headmaster, Mr. Alistair Mackinnon, and the caretaker, Mr. Brian Magick, both of whom had been conspicuous at the school, not only because they constituted half of the permanent male members of staff, but also on account of the respective manners in which they had served this impressive educational establishment. The profile of this school, in educational circles, had risen steadily – from what had already been a high starting point, when Mr. Magick had arrived, twenty-eight years previously, at the age of thirty-seven – at the then Great Spanksworth College for Girls from his native area, via a three-year appointment at a college in Seville and a two-year post in Lyons Lycée, to teach foreign languages under the eagle eye of Miss Xinran.

The formidable former Headmistress had been a keen and strict disciplinarian who had produced results, both academically and socially. She had been almost universally adored and revered by pupils, governors and parents alike and she had been rumoured to have had a wicked sense of humour. She had also been a widely-acknowledged judge of character, and it was this that had led to the appointment of Xinran and Magick to their respective posts, for she had seen qualities in these two gentlemen that she admired.

Although she had been a staunch defender of a campaign to advance the status and quality of life of young women through good education and training, with the nurture of individuality, Miss Xinran had also recognized how unhealthy and unbalanced it could be to expect up to 280 girls to go about their school lives in surroundings that did not in some way reflect the gender mix in Society and which did not offer good male role models outside the immediate families of her pupils.

To be continued…

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Lara – Anticipating The Spanking – P2

Written By: Editor - Jul• 15•20

She took her day job, teaching, very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that she often stayed after hours to prepare, pouring the best of herself into her work. And yet, she wasn’t particularly happy with her career. She loved the children–guiding them, sharing, being with them–but endless friction and disappointment with mediocre administrators often made her question whether or not to even stay in the profession.

She found great solace in her creative alter ego. It energized and renewed her spirit. Her drawings and poetry were to his eye–and at the risk of sounding arrogant, he was sure he had a discrimnating one–top notch. He adored the peaceful and simultaneously urgent glow that shone from her face when she was working feverishly on a new idea. He often wished she could spend her entire working life in these pursuits but, again, that was her choice to make and not his. His choice, his role, was merely to be there for her; to offer an objective eye and a joyful voice when she had things to share. When her creative conduit was blocked, as it apparently was now, he knew it took a heavy toll on her, and that made him sad. Yet, she had reached out to him in her own way, and he was determined to be up to the task.

When she got home, late and nearly exhausted, he immediately launched into his “looking after” mode. He enfolded her in his arms, guided her to the couch, massaged her neck and shoulders. He listened to her account of the events of the day and made her laugh while he wandered back and forth to the kitchen, tending to her favorite dinner. There had been a time, early in their relationship, when she was slightly uncomfortable with being tenderly cared for like this–it seemed to her self-indulgent; a little foreign to her experience and expectations–but she’d gotten over it, and learned to settle back and enjoy his loving ministrations.

After dinner they walked outside, hand in hand, drinking in the cool clean Autumn air, saying little. As darkness began to envelope them, they stopped and stood together quietly, lost in the peacefulness of the moment. She lay her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around her, holding her close, brushing his fingers gently through her hair.

“I’m going to take a long, hot bath,” she whispered finally, and he responded with a gentle squeeze.

“Ok. Then we’ll talk.”

She looked up at him, her eyes radiating something between apprehension and anticipation.

“Oh, that’s ok. I’m over it. I’m ok. Really. We don’t need to…um…talk…anymore,” she purred.

He smiled to himself, silently wishing he could nominate her for a “Best Performance In A Transparent Attempt At Avoidance” Oscar. Instead, he shook his head, meeting her gaze with his best “No way, but nice try” smirk, then led her into the house.

“I’ll be waiting,” he said, settling easily onto the couch, his voice low and firm.

For a moment, she looked if she meant to argue, then quickly turned and walked upstairs.

He moved around the room, dimming lamps and lighting a few candles as he waited for her to bathe. There was no doubt about what would happen next. The phrase “We Need To Talk” was a code; one they both understood implicitly. They had been drawn together, initially, by a mutual interest; an exploration of what was, for lack of a better term, commonly called dominance and submission. But their perspectives on the subject had matured considerably and they had liberated themselves from the rigid, dogmatic aspects of the scene as the more important parts of their relationship–mutual respect, support, trust, humor and love–had grown.

Normally, their little preference manifested itself as sexual foreplay. They were, after all, independent, intelligent, capable individuals and neither of them had any real interest in totally surrendering their free will concerning decisions about life’s truly important choices to anyone–even a loving partner. Like “normal” couples, they sought each other’s counsel about a particular issue and, ideally, arrived at a course of action that was best for both of them.

As a result, they made it a point to confine their desires, strong as they were, to the bedroom–which both of them agreed was the proper arena. Only occasionally did they allow the line between fantasy and reality to blur a bit, and this was one of those occasions. While they both were acutely aware that what they were about to undertake wasn’t to be construed as a long term lifestyle choice, it was necessary that an illusion of absolute control be played out in the hope of freeing her from the grip of whatever feelings were causing her creative block.

“Misdirection,” he mused, “like in magic.”

Just then she began to descend the staircase. He purposefully turned his attention to the book he had picked up–knowing full well she would be watching his every move as she made her way down the carpeted steps to the livingroom.

She reached the bottom step and stopped. He looked up, slowly closing the book and setting it nonchalantly aside. Her face was still flushed from the warm bath, her hair still a little damp, and she was dressed only in a colorful silk robe which fell tantalizingly open, exposing the curves of her breasts. Her eyes were alive with excitement; her breathing was audibly shallow, labored. He looked at her for a long time, secretly enjoying the way she waited, silently, for him to speak.

“Strip,” he said, finally, “now.”

She gasped; the same breathless sound he had heard early that morning when she’d discovered his note. Her fingers trembled slightly as she slipped the robe over her alabaster shoulders, her eyes never leaving his, letting it slide easily to the floor. She stood there–naked and open before the one she loved–the perfect image of what she had once told him was, to her, the essence of dominance and submission.

OTK Spanking of Emily X

Written By: Editor - Jul• 12•20

OTK Spanking of Emily X and lingerie punishment of English spankee over the knee for a hand spanked lesson in discipline for the female lawyer

Respected Lawyer Emily Sharpe Spanked

It had begun, as it always did, with a phone call. That voice on the other end of the line–his voice. Soft and measured, with a manner as calm as his words were innocuous, or surely would have seemed to the casual listener.

“We need to talk.”

Sitting at her desk, she’d shuddered imperceptibly as she’d replaced the phone on its cradle. She knew full well what those words meant, and the mere thought of them made the sudden flutter of butterfly wings in her stomach seem an odd counterpoint to the uncontrollable pounding in her chest.

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“We need to talk.”

His words hovered just beneath the surface of consciousness for the remainder of the afternoon. Emily Sharpe felt them tugging at her as she labored to finish the difficult brief that was due to be filed by day’s end. She heard them, like an insistent whisper, in every client phone conversation and every interaction with her co-workers as the day wore on. She tried, in vain, to push the implication of those words from her mind as the clock crawled inexorably toward 5:00 PM.

She walked to her car on slightly unsteady legs, trying desperately not to betray her inner turmoil in any sort of visible way. Safe in the luxurious confines of her late-model SUV she sat for a moment, secretly allowing her growing sense of excitement to wash over her; to flood her with sensations of desire and longing and more than a little apprehension.

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How does he do that? How can those four simple words, uttered in the most non-committal way, reduce me to this mass of quivering anticipation? How can he rob me–a formidable, respected, highly successful attorney–of my very breath with a few little words? What is this power he has over me and, more importantly, what is it in me that seems to not only allow it, but yearn to surrender this power to him?

She shook her head and started the engine, pondering these questions–and growing more and more resolute–as she made her way through the crush of rush hour traffic. She wanted nothing more than to be home; to embark upon this ritual she craved with every ounce of her being; to get everything ready–for him.

Later, as she set aside her empty wine stem, she smiled dreamily at the way the room’s soft light curved and danced through the flawless crystal. Sitting alone at her dressing table, she absently smoothed the brush through her shoulder length auburn hair, staring straight through her image in the mirror and focusing, instead, on the day the brush had arrived at her door, along with a handwritten note:

“From now on you will use only this brush. It is an heirloom-solid oak with the finest quality boar’s hair bristles. Your exquisite beauty deserves nothing less than its equally exquisite caress.”

She emerged from her reverie and realized that the smooth, cool wood of the brush’s back was lying against her cheek. Blushing furiously, she quickly got up from the table, and walked purposefully toward her bed. With a nearly inaudible moan, she laid the brush on the silk sheets and stepped back to survey the room. Everything was in order. Everything was exactly as he would expect. Everything was perfect.

The unmistakable sound of tires on the gravel driveway.

She gasped involuntarily. Her heart began to race; her breathing became shallower. Emily Sharpe was nearly overcome by what she had come to call a sensual panic as she checked herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time.

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Spanking Experiences

Written By: Editor - Jul• 10•20

A wonderful old guide on improving spanking experiences that deserves to be read and help spankees and spankers alike have even more fun!

Many people have never played, nor had the opportunity to watch experienced people play. And perhaps a spouse or friend has expressed an interest. Knowing how to proceed makes all the difference between a satisfying experience and an ill-fated disappointment. A good adult spanking takes about an hour, and by following the suggestions outlined, an inexperienced player can look like an old hand in making fantasy a reality, which is what this is all about.


Agree on safewords. “Yellow” is a common word meaning the bottom is at the limit, and the impacts should be no harder nor come any faster. “Red” means stop. Choose whatever words you like, and remember that the bottom has a responsibility for communicating and the top for responding.

The open hand:

When using the hand, it should be cupped slightly, with a small gap between the fingers. Place the tip of the thumb against the knuckle of the first finger. The hand should be firm, but not tight. The wrist is kept straight, and the elbow is bent to adjust the distance. Impacts come from the upper arm/shoulder, and are delivered straight on to the target. This is the American style. The European style delivers upwards and downwards arcing, glancing impacts. They are hard to target and pull the skin. The American style is more direct, and preferred by most bottoms.

Spanking Positions:

The number of positions are limited only by imagination and common sense. And the basic rule is “comfort is king!” Tightly stretched positions (e.g. holding the ankles) should be used only for short periods. The skin and underlying flesh is drawn tight, and not allowed to displace from the impact. This leads to marking and bruising. Other positions where the bottom’s weight is carried by internal organs and the diaphragm (e.g. OTK using a chair) should also only be used for short periods. A short period means no more than about 5 minutes.

When bent over, the angle formed between the thighs and back should not exceed 45 degrees. The “on all fours” position is best when kneeling is done on knees and hands (with straight arms) and not knees and elbows. Or kneeling mostly upright on the seat of a chair or sofa. When standing the hands should be placed on a table or back of a chair to help support the weight downward. A wall helps maintain balance, but will not provide support if “dancing” begins. When lying down, pillows underneath the head, hips and ankles work wonders – it is far more comfortable than simply lying flat.

The sofa or bed makes the most relaxing and enjoyable place for OTK. The top should sit as far back as possible so the bottom is completely supported. Placing a pillow under the bottom’s head and ankles makes it even more comfortable. When relaxed, the bottom finds it easier to go to the special place inside them (i.e. zoning, sub-zoning, flying). The top’s job is to get the bottom there, and once there they seem impervious to pain. Do not strike harder or faster thinking they are asleep! And do not keep them there too long. An extended visit can result in a headache from the continued endorphin release in the brain.


Striking the same spot repeatedly is not preferred by many bottoms. The area needs a short time to recover. And striking above the tip of the tailbone is dangerous – the nerves exiting the base of the spine and the kidneys can easily be injured. An easy way to prevent this during OTK is for the top to lightly place one hand on the bottom’s lower back. Extend the thumb so it touches the tip of the tailbone. This protects the area from inadvertent misses, especially if the bottom wiggles or kicks.

Draw an imaginary line across the buttocks between the tip of the tailbone and the very top of the thigh. Each cheek will be divided into a upper and lower section. Strike in a rotating pattern – for example: upper left, lower right, upper right, lower left, and repeat. Vary the pattern during play – at least once a minute. Then divide each cheek into thirds, create a pattern, then vary it.

Occasionally during play, a single gentle strike on the top of the thigh can be added in. This is a very sensitive area requiring reduced intensity. And for maximum effect, no more than 3-4 times on each thigh during play.

Building the intensity:

Role playing disciplinary spankings are applied at nearly full intensity with little or no warmup. For sensual spankings, the intensity should be carefully increased. There are several reasons for this. The low beginning intensity enhances blood flow to the area which helps prevent marking and bruising when the intensity increases. Also, when intensity is carefully increased during the stages of play, the bottom can take much higher levels than if not warmed up. And this also helps build confidence and trust when playing with someone for the first time.

Intensity is built in steps, not a straight line. Imagine an intensity scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lightest impact that can be felt and 10 is the hardest impact that can be tolerated. Intensity is built from 1 to 2 to 3. Then intensity is reduced back to 2, then increased from 2 to 3 to 4. Then back to 3, then from 3 to 4 to 5, etc. During the heart of the play, the intensity can vary from 5 to 10, with rate being a factor. During cooldown, intensity is reduce back down in steps – 10 to 9 to 8, then 9 to 8 to 7, etc.

Rate of Spanking:

Role playing disciplinary spankings normally occur at a constant and brisk rate. Sensual spankings generally start and end at very slow rates, with a number of rate changes adding to the sensation. During warmup, the rate is slow. Starting at about one impact every 2-3 seconds and increasing very gradually to about 1 per second. A slow, steady rate is relaxing and comforting, and puts the bottom at ease. Cooldown is the compliment – about 1 per second decreasing to once every 2-3 seconds.

During the heart of the play, maximum effect results when the pace varies slightly. The anticipation of the impact is as intoxicating as the impact itself – varying the timing retains that anticipation. Maintain a rate of about 1 per second, then gradually increase to about 2 per second. Then gradually decrease to about 1 per second. The whole cycle should take about a minute. And an alert top will notice the bottom clenching in anticipation of the timing – skip a beat.

A few short bursts of about 4 impacts per second really heighten the heart of the play. Coming without warning, the bursts should last about 10-15 seconds. And they should happen no more than about 3 times. And remember to follow the pattern and reduce the intensity about 2 levels.

The Spanking Warmup:

This is the most important part of sensual OTK play, and should take a full third of the time spent. It sets the tone and calms a racing heart. The top should position the bottom, and make them comfortable. Begin by gently stroking the backs of the legs up to the top of the thighs, and the shoulders down to the base of the spine. Repeat a few times until there is no muscle tightness or tension.

A good OTK session begins over the clothing, starting at a rate of about 3 per second and increasing to about 1 per second. Intensity steps up from 1 to about 5. At this point, the top layer of clothing is removed exposing the undergarments. Doing this slowly heightens the anticipation. With the undergarments exposed, repeat the warmup from the very beginning. Do not skimp or rush – remember to always keep building the anticipation. Near the end, pull back the undergarments to expose the cheeks. The bottom may find this exciting, but the purpose is for the top to check the color. It should be a very even light pink. And this is a good time for a minute of gentle stroking.

A minute of impacts, then restore the undergarments snugly across the buttocks. Then about another minute of play. Ever so slowly, slide the undergarments down to just above the knees. This is an extremely exciting time for the bottom, so slow patience is critical. The bottom may arch up to assist, and the top should try to minimize this – better they remain relaxed and feel the sensation. A minute a gentle stroking works wonders, but avoid squeezing. Light fingertip touching on the pinkened area, backs of the legs, and shoulders. Again, repeat the warmup from the very beginning. Take your time, remembering to build the anticipation.

The heart of the play:

This is a time of excitement and caution. Build the intensity in steps, then vary the rate, adding in the short bursts. After using the hand, this is the time for toys – all the techniques described under intensity and rate can be repeated using them as well. Different toys provide different sensations. Implements having a small contact surface area are generally “stingy,” while those having a larger surface area are “thuddy.” Different shapes (e.g. oval) apply impact over different areas to vary the sensation. Begin with thuddy toys moving toward stingy and back again. Every bottom will have a preference. If toys are used, 80% of bottoms prefer leather over wood. Wood offers no forgiveness to match the contour of the body, and has a tendency to bruise. Focus on the favorite sensation, but do not completely neglect the others – it adds contrast. And this is the time to vary positions. It provides further excitement for the bottom, and gives the top a chance to stretch and catch a breath.

A good top pays close attention during this time. Hand spanking can leave small red speckles on the bottom – the intensity should be reduced and the rate increased. And check that the palm remains slightly cupped. And an alert top checks the side of the buttock furthest away several times during the play. If toys are used, soft leather can wrap, leaving marks. Dark red swirls or bright red / bluish outlines on the cheeks indicate the intensity is too high. Either the toy is too heavy, too stiff, or is being used too hard. The bottom cannot see their own buttocks, and the top is responsible. It is better to go longer and lighter. The color should be an even glowing crimson, with no mottling.

The Spanking Cooldown:

This is the best part, and well worth a quarter of the time spent – a time of gentle sighs and deep relaxation. There is no substitute for the hand to cool down the bottom in a lying down OTK position. Gradually step down the intensity and reduce the rate – do not hurry. When at the lowest level, intermittent half-minute periods of gentle finger tip stroking and light massage, followed by slow and light impacts helps to maintain blood flow. This reduces any marking or bruising that may appear later. Continue the intermittent periods until all the color is nearly faded.

When the color is nearly gone, a few minutes of gentle stroking adds a nice finishing touch. Then lotion or oil applied after warming in the palm – do not apply it cold.

Silje – The Spankable One – P2

Written By: Editor - Jul• 03•20

Again, I jumped but didn’t utter a sound; the main reason being my stubbornness. I knew that I was getting what I deserved, but I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction.


This time the smacks alternated between each cheek. I had to moan a little bit this time. I was clenching my butt cheeks together as well.


Five more, covering both cheeks and placed just above the top of my thighs. This time I couldn’t help but cry out. My ass was starting to burn. And I knew it had to be turning a nice rosy pink.

“Do you think you’re warmed up enough”, he asks?

“Yes sir. I am sir”.

“No, I don’t think you are”.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “OOOOWWWWW”, I yelled, while kicking my feet! Tears had welled up in my eyes.

“Now you’re warmed up”!

He softly caressed my butt and ran his fingers through my hair for a minute or so, allowing me to calm down a bit. Then he helped me stand up. Walking over to the overstuffed chair, I placed a towel over the back of it. I knew this was not a pleasure spanking and I wouldn’t be getting any immediate gratifying sex, but for some reason, I always got wet when I got my ass beat. I then obediently bent over the back of the chair placing my feet on the outside of each back leg and my arms on the seat next to each front leg. He then secured each cuff. I was now in the perfect position; legs spread, ass jutting out and up.

“Do you think you can stifle your screams, or do you need the gag”?

“I can be quiet sir”.

“Very well, let me know if you change your mind. But remember, if I have to make the decision to gag you, it adds 5 lashes with the belt”.

“Yes sir, I know”.

“Then I guess we can begin”.

He picked up the anal plug and coated it with lubricant. Then he used the excess lube to lube up my asshole. Carefully he pushed his index finger against my hole and waited till I bore down. Very soon his finger was in up to the first knuckle. Slowly, he pulled it out and pushed it back in, going to the second knuckle. One last time he pulled it out and pushed it in again, this time all the way to the hilt. I knew better than to give any indication that I might be enjoying it. Doing so would only lead to more lashes. After pulling his finger out, he placed the tip of the anal plug against my hole. I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy this part. Even though I’m no stranger to anal sex, this plug is very large and it hurts. That pain plus the pain from the lashes was going to make one miserable me. Slowly he started pushing the plug into my ass.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow”!

“Remember to bear down hon”.

“I am, but it still fucking hurts”, I said tartly. Whoops, wrong thing to say!

“I was just trying to be helpful. But since you insist on being rude, I’m adding 5 strokes of the belt back to your punishment”.

“Thank you sir. Sorry sir”. One of these days I’m going to learn to keep my mouth shut.

He continued to push the plug in until it was fully imbedded in my ass. It felt like someone had shoved a mayonnaise jar up there. I tried breathing deep to help get past the worst part of the pain, but it didn’t help much.

Picking up the belt, he said, “Ok, we’re ready to begin. Remember to ask for the gag if you can’t control your outbursts. I will pause after every 5 lashes to give you the opportunity to ask for it. OK”?

“Yes sir. I understand”.


“Owww”!                         “Owww”!                     “Owww”!                    “Owww”!                    “Owww!

Guidelines For A Good Spanking

Written By: Editor - Jun• 21•20
  1. Never play if you have been drinking alcohol. It dulls the senses, limits, and impairs proper judgment.
  2. Never play with someone you don’t feel completely safe with – trust your instincts and gut feelings. “No” is an acceptable answer. If NO is not respected, neither are you. Stop immediately and leave.
  3. Agree on safewords before playing. Common words are “yellow, ” meaning you’re approaching your limit, and “red” means stop. If safewords aren’t respected, then you aren’t either. Stop immediately and leave.
  4. The top is responsible for monitoring the bottom’s condition. If there are skin ruptures or bruising, it’s time to stop no matter what the bottom thinks or wants. Stop play and tend to the condition immediately.
  5. Never strike above the tailbone. Kidneys and the base of the spine are easily injured.
  6. Never test a “new toy” on a partner. Test it on a pillow or your hand first until you have command of it. And never be a test subject. Control and proficiency should be demonstrated to prevent injury.
  7. If there is “wrapping,” either change position or the toy. Or take a break – wrapping can come from leaning when the top is growing tired. Some toys tend to wrap more than others – throw those away.
  8. If you bind wrists or ankles, there should be enough room to slip a finger in. Watch for any evidence of the fingers or toes turning bluish. Unfasten immediately.
  9. Tops are not automatically Doms, nor are Doms automatically Tops. Bottoms are not automatically subs, nor are subs automatically bottoms. One is more mental and the other more physical. Avoid disappointment by choosing the right kind of partner.
  10. Use common sense. It’s called “play” for a reason.

Lara – Anticipating The Spanking – P1

Written By: Editor - Jun• 15•20

Sometime around dawn, his eyes popped wide open and he found himself irrevocably, atypically awake. He lay there for a moment, mouthing half-hearted curses at whatever had yanked him so unceremoniously from his amorphous dreams. Silently, he peeled back the blankets and slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb her as she lay wrapped in a coccoon of covers and her own deep, much-needed sleep.

Padding as softly as possible to the bottom of the stairs, he shuffled to the front door and peered outside, squinting a little as the first rays of early morning light sliced over the horizon. It was going to be another splendid Fall day. Cool and cloudless, with those brilliant colors sunbursting like living fireworks across the trees which lined the perimeter of their secluded home. He smiled at the prospect of a perfect day, then unhurriedly made his way through the dawn-lit livingroom to the kitchen.

His smile broadened when he noticed that she’d taken a few moments before falling asleep to fill the coffeemaker, making it easier for whomever happened to stumble blearily out of bed first to get that mandatory caffeine jumpstart perking. He flicked the switch, wandered back into the livingroom and sat on the sofa, drinking in the first aromatic wisps of the enticing brew, idly listening to the pot’s metered gurgling.

Looking around the room, not focusing on anything in particular, his gaze fell upon the desk. Her sketchbook lay open on the smooth wooden surface– which was odd since she never, ever left it out. It was a kind of unspoken ritual; when one or the other of them had something to share, some work-in-progress or finished project which they wanted to present for comment or crtitque, then and only then would the scribblings or tapes or sketches come out. And even then not without the breathless hesitancy and gentle cajoling peculiar to those who risk putting themselves on the creative line.

He got up slowly, moved tentatively toward the desk. She’d left it out on purpose, alright. Not only was it lying there in plain sight, but she’d even gone to the trouble to carefully place makeshift paperweights on the corners to ensure that it wouldn’t accidently close before he could discover its contents.

“Well isn’t that just like you?” he thought, shaking his head in amusement, “Poked me in my sleep, too, didn’t ya…then gophered back under the covers, no doubt…just so I’d get up and find this thing…and start the …” The room had grown utterly still. “…mmmmmm…coffee.”

In a matter of moments he was back at the desk; sipping happily as he scanned the open page under the lamp’s soft-edged circle of light. But what he saw there made him scowl in a way that would have made her gently chide him had she been there to see it. Several drawings begun and then scratched out with bold, dark lines pressed deeply into the paper by an obviously displeased hand. Near the bottom of the page–something small–almost a doodle. A set of blocks, the kind school children used–the one’s with the letters of the alphabet carved into their sides–stacked haphazardly with the letters half-obscured from view. A sort of teetering pyramid.

He leaned back in the swiveling desk chair, puzzled, staring at the drawing, wondering what it might be meant to say. Finally, his gaze was drawn to a single block centered at the bottom of the stack…the only one with its letter completely visible; the letter ‘L”–the first letter of his nickname for her.

He often envied her ability to draw. It seemed to him almost like what the psychics called “automatic writing”; an uncanny ability to tap into the deepest recesses of the psyche and render the unnameable with a few strokes of soft graphite. And in that instant he realized exactly what it was she was naming with this seemingly off-handed sketch.

“Blocks…stacked…pushing in…pressing down…trapped. Blocked. She’s blocked”, he reasoned.

The simplicity of the drawing–this illustration of her inner frustration–seemed to him the perfect counterpoint to the complexities of its creator. The actual cause of her block would be impossible to pinpoint precisely. Still, he had an idea from whence the problem came, if only generally.

Hearing her beginning to stir above, he picked up a bright red, flair-tipped pen and quickly wrote “We Need To Talk” beneath the drawing, then scooted off to the kitchen to make her first cup of the day and refill his own.

He sat on the bed with her, blankets tucked around their shoulders, basking in the scent of warm sleep and coffee; sensing her slightest movement, luxuriating in her touch. He brushed a curl of silky, auburn hair from her face and she smiled, grey eyes shining.

“Well, aren’t you Mr. Early Bird this morning?” Her voice was soft and a little husky as she finished her coffee and stretched lanquidly.

“Uh huh….something woke me up I guess” he murmered, fixing his gaze directly upon her.

She nodded, still smiling, and it was everything he could do to keep from laughing out loud. She was so good at this. Absolutely no hint in her expression or manner that she’d been the “something” responsible for waking him. He kissed her–a long, loving kiss–and said nothing, lingering on the bed as she showered, dressed and headed downstairs.

When he heard her foot reach the bottom step, he began to count silently: one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand. He fairly beamed when a tiny gasp interrupted his counting, floating up the staircase–she’d seen his note, gone right for it as a matter of fact.

“Gotcha!” he chuckled to himself.

He listened, bemused, as she paced back and forth trying to decide, no doubt, whether to march up the stairs and confront him about it, or pretend not to have seen it and simply continue to get ready for work. She chose the latter. He took this as a good sign; had his approach–his scrawled message–been out of line with what she had in mind, he definitely would have heard about it. With a considerable effort of will, he stifled a triumphant grin and joined her in the livingroom.

As he hugged her tightly at the front door, she flashed her best, pseudo-puzzled look.

“I saw your note.”


“What did you mean by…?”

His shook his head. “Later.”


He pressed his finger lightly to her lips. “Tonight” he intoned quietly, his eyes taking on that calm, almost steely look she knew so well. She blushed a little, kissed him and was on her way.

Standing there at the door, his mood became more somber as her car disappeared down the driveway. He felt himself being drawn ever closer to a very fine line. Was he on the right track here? He knew she was frustrated, even angry, about being creatively stymied, and he knew she could easily turn those feelings back against herself. That was her way…but those feelings, and the underlying reasons for them, were hers, not his. She had illustrated her dilemma for him, yes. But he had not been invited to “fix” anything–it would have been arrogant to assume he could anyway–and he had long ago given up his attempts at dime store analysis. What he could do was open an escape valve; provide a means for her to vent the pressure building up behind the blockage and, hopefully, give her the space to dissolve it. Judging from her reaction to his note and the ensuing conversation, that was exactly what she was hoping he would do.

“Sometimes”, he thought, grinning, “it’s better to forego the obvious and approach things from a completely different point of view.” Suddenly he felt very cunning, a little smug–and he liked it.

Silje – The Spankable One – P1

Written By: Editor - Jun• 03•20

As John walked by that evening, he squeezed my shoulder and said, ”Hey spankable one!”

My stomach jumped. I knew I was in deep shit. What had I done? It was my day off, so I had cooked dinner, straightened the house and done some laundry. That was our agreement; whoever had the day off took charge of the household duties, and I had. I started replaying the days’ events in my head. “Oh crap”, I thought. I recalled that I’d snapped at him all afternoon when he came home. I was frustrated at something else and took it out on him. I had been rude and disrespectful. Of course, at the time, my actions didn’t filter through to my brain where they would have been squashed.

My stomach continued doing flip-flops in anticipation of what was to come. See, we have a mutual understanding that certain major indiscretions will be punishable by spanking. Our code phrase for it is “Hey spankable one”. Whenever one of us says it, the other one knows they’ve done wrong and is going to get their butt blistered.

I, of course, dreaded the punishment, because my ass would sting for days and I would find it difficult to sit properly. However, I also looked forward to it in a way. It meant that my husband loved me enough to hold me accountable for my actions. It also means we fight less. Instead of letting the ill feelings fester and continue the negative cycle, the problems are handled almost immediately and the slate wiped clean.

The punishment almost never takes place at the time of the offense. It is brought to the offenders’ attention so that they may contemplate their actions. Half of the punishment was the foreboding anticipation of what was to come later that evening. It also gives the person offended the chance to calm down and rationally determine the extent of the punishment. Punishment is always given out of love, not in anger.

The rest of the evening went pretty normally. We had a light dessert of strawberry shortcake and watched our favorite show together. It was a little bit difficult to concentrate but I knew that worrying about it wasn’t going to make it go away. Then, at 9:00, he squeezed my hand and told me to go to the bedroom and wait for him. I meekly got up and went to our bedroom. It was the responsibility of the person being punished to prepare all the necessary equipment. In one corner of the room is a sturdy, armless chair. It is the best place to administer over-the-knee spankings. I pulled it out to the center of the room. In the other corner is a large, overstuffed chair whose back only comes up hip high, with an eyebolt screwed into each of the short, wooden legs. It came out to the middle of the room as well. Then between them, I positioned the settee that sits at the end of the bed. I went to the closet and pulled down a large box containing the spanking implements. One by one, I took the items out and laid them neatly on the settee. They include a flatback brush, wooden spoon, paint stirrer, 18’ ruler, belt, wide strap, round paddle (no holes), large paddle (long, with holes), large and small anal plugs, ball gag, blindfold, lubricant and cooling cream. There are also 4 individual, padded cuffs with clips that I clipped into the eyebolts on the overstuffed chair. The spankee is bent over the back of the chair and shackled to each leg to prevent movement. After all this was done, I removed all my clothes, stood to the right of the armless chair, bowed my head and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. John walked over to me and lifted my chin to look at him. The look in his eyes hurt more than anything else he was about to do to me. They were full of hurt. Hurt from my behavior towards him and hurt at the thought of what he was going to have to do. It killed me that I had caused that hurt. But we both knew what must be done.

“Silje, do you know why you’re being punished”?

“Yes sir, I think so”.

“Tell me”.

“I snapped at you for no reason when you came home”.

“So tell me what you know”.

“I know that I was disrespectful to you and that I deserve the punishment I am about to receive”.

“What else”?

“I know that you love me with all your heart and are only doing this to help me learn to be a better, more respectful person”.

“That is right. I will always love you, but I don’t always like your behavior. Now, would you like to know what your punishment will be”?

“Yes sir, please tell me”.

“First, you will receive 20 strokes of the belt, then 20 strokes with the small paddle and then 20 strokes with the large paddle”, all with the large anal plug in your ass”.

“Thank you sir”.

“However, I realized it has been a long time since I have had to punish you for this particular indiscretion. So, for good behavior, I will reduced the number strokes from each instrument by five”.

“Thank you sir”.

Then he stood there waiting. I knew what he was waiting on, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

“And”?, he said impatiently.

Knowing it would only be worse on me if I didn’t, I said, “Will you please give me my punishment sir”?

“Yes, I will”.

He stepped over to the armless chair and sat down motioning me to take my position. I laid over his lap, right to left, so that my hands were on the floor on one side and my feet on the floor on the other side. Placing his left arm over my back, he held me tightly around the waist and raised his right leg, under my hips, so that my toes were barely touching the floor. This put my ass in the perfect position. Unfortunately, what was about to come was only the warm-up and did not count toward the punishment strokes. He lightly placed his hand on my ass and started to caress it.


I caught my breath and jumped with each stroke, but didn’t utter a sound.