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Silje – The Spankable One – P1

Written By: Editor - Jun• 03•20

As John walked by that evening, he squeezed my shoulder and said, ”Hey spankable one!”

My stomach jumped. I knew I was in deep shit. What had I done? It was my day off, so I had cooked dinner, straightened the house and done some laundry. That was our agreement; whoever had the day off took charge of the household duties, and I had. I started replaying the days’ events in my head. “Oh crap”, I thought. I recalled that I’d snapped at him all afternoon when he came home. I was frustrated at something else and took it out on him. I had been rude and disrespectful. Of course, at the time, my actions didn’t filter through to my brain where they would have been squashed.

My stomach continued doing flip-flops in anticipation of what was to come. See, we have a mutual understanding that certain major indiscretions will be punishable by spanking. Our code phrase for it is “Hey spankable one”. Whenever one of us says it, the other one knows they’ve done wrong and is going to get their butt blistered.

I, of course, dreaded the punishment, because my ass would sting for days and I would find it difficult to sit properly. However, I also looked forward to it in a way. It meant that my husband loved me enough to hold me accountable for my actions. It also means we fight less. Instead of letting the ill feelings fester and continue the negative cycle, the problems are handled almost immediately and the slate wiped clean.

The punishment almost never takes place at the time of the offense. It is brought to the offenders’ attention so that they may contemplate their actions. Half of the punishment was the foreboding anticipation of what was to come later that evening. It also gives the person offended the chance to calm down and rationally determine the extent of the punishment. Punishment is always given out of love, not in anger.

The rest of the evening went pretty normally. We had a light dessert of strawberry shortcake and watched our favorite show together. It was a little bit difficult to concentrate but I knew that worrying about it wasn’t going to make it go away. Then, at 9:00, he squeezed my hand and told me to go to the bedroom and wait for him. I meekly got up and went to our bedroom. It was the responsibility of the person being punished to prepare all the necessary equipment. In one corner of the room is a sturdy, armless chair. It is the best place to administer over-the-knee spankings. I pulled it out to the center of the room. In the other corner is a large, overstuffed chair whose back only comes up hip high, with an eyebolt screwed into each of the short, wooden legs. It came out to the middle of the room as well. Then between them, I positioned the settee that sits at the end of the bed. I went to the closet and pulled down a large box containing the spanking implements. One by one, I took the items out and laid them neatly on the settee. They include a flatback brush, wooden spoon, paint stirrer, 18’ ruler, belt, wide strap, round paddle (no holes), large paddle (long, with holes), large and small anal plugs, ball gag, blindfold, lubricant and cooling cream. There are also 4 individual, padded cuffs with clips that I clipped into the eyebolts on the overstuffed chair. The spankee is bent over the back of the chair and shackled to each leg to prevent movement. After all this was done, I removed all my clothes, stood to the right of the armless chair, bowed my head and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. John walked over to me and lifted my chin to look at him. The look in his eyes hurt more than anything else he was about to do to me. They were full of hurt. Hurt from my behavior towards him and hurt at the thought of what he was going to have to do. It killed me that I had caused that hurt. But we both knew what must be done.

“Silje, do you know why you’re being punished”?

“Yes sir, I think so”.

“Tell me”.

“I snapped at you for no reason when you came home”.

“So tell me what you know”.

“I know that I was disrespectful to you and that I deserve the punishment I am about to receive”.

“What else”?

“I know that you love me with all your heart and are only doing this to help me learn to be a better, more respectful person”.

“That is right. I will always love you, but I don’t always like your behavior. Now, would you like to know what your punishment will be”?

“Yes sir, please tell me”.

“First, you will receive 20 strokes of the belt, then 20 strokes with the small paddle and then 20 strokes with the large paddle”, all with the large anal plug in your ass”.

“Thank you sir”.

“However, I realized it has been a long time since I have had to punish you for this particular indiscretion. So, for good behavior, I will reduced the number strokes from each instrument by five”.

“Thank you sir”.

Then he stood there waiting. I knew what he was waiting on, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

“And”?, he said impatiently.

Knowing it would only be worse on me if I didn’t, I said, “Will you please give me my punishment sir”?

“Yes, I will”.

He stepped over to the armless chair and sat down motioning me to take my position. I laid over his lap, right to left, so that my hands were on the floor on one side and my feet on the floor on the other side. Placing his left arm over my back, he held me tightly around the waist and raised his right leg, under my hips, so that my toes were barely touching the floor. This put my ass in the perfect position. Unfortunately, what was about to come was only the warm-up and did not count toward the punishment strokes. He lightly placed his hand on my ass and started to caress it.


I caught my breath and jumped with each stroke, but didn’t utter a sound.


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