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Punishment Methology 5 – Elitepain Spanking Movie Review

Written By: Editor - Mar• 06•17

Punishment Methology 5 – Elitepain Spanking Movie Review. The punishment methology series from Elitepain is supposedly an instructional adventure teaching various forms of S/M play. Primarily impact play. Mainly whipping and caning but with other bits thrown in.

In reality of course these are more classic punishment movies than anything instructional and theyre probably harder in action than most spanking fans and spankees would enjoy. However, for the fans of hardcore spanking action, canes drawing blood and deep welts from whips drawing over tender spankee skin, the Punishment Methology series shouldnt be discounted.

You can download the full Elite Pain movie Punishment Methology from

Whipping and Female Discipline

Whipping a female submissive into obedience, tears and quiet subjugation is always a pleasure. And Elite Pain surely knows how. In punishment methology 5 there is a fair bit of hard backside and frontal whipping. The intense impact play is easily strong enough to leave the brunette subbie bruised and welted severely, but she endures amazingly well.

As is often the case with Elite Pain releases the action is clearly filmed in bits. One piece of action, break, another piece of action. It makes the flow fairly stilted and it never feels like a progressing session. Each element is however interesting, brutally hard spanking wise and aspiring to please all extreme female punishment fans. If the flow issues do not bother you, the film is basically a caning masterpiece with severe strokes en masse.


Punishment Methology 5 – Elite Pain

Extra content: Trailers
Details: 42 min.; whips, canes, needles, electro
You can download the full Elite Pain movie Punishment Methology from

Elite Pain Movies – Brutal Female Caning

Elite Pain, and their sister site Mood Pictures, always did deliver brutal female caning. The cane is used full force. Drawing deep red stripes. Developing into welts and long-lasting bruises. If thats your thing, Punishment Methology will not disappoint. Dr Lomp does the caning himself this time, which is always bad news for female spankees (though we do of course miss Larissas cold and determined destruction of female bottoms too)

Obviously this is not erotic spanking and you shouldnt go to these levels at home without prior practice. But if you do like brutal female caning, severe spankee whipping and some electro bdsm, needle play on her labias and such thrown in, this is certainly for you.

You can download the full Elite Pain movie Punishment Methology from

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