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Fetish leathers babes spanked

Written By: spankings - May• 21•12

Dolly is looking totally fucking sexy right now, she is all dressed up in her fetish leathers and is more then ready for any pleasures her naughty master might have in store for her today. it lucky for this babe as her master has something planned for this girl that he knows she totally loves and thats spanking, he gets her into place and then tells her the good news and from the look on her face she can’t wait to have her ass spanked. The master takes out his trusty cane and moves it around her exposed body, she isn’t sure where he will strike first and that’s just what he wanted.

Fetish leathers babes spanked

She was getting a little relaxed and this bothered him, so without warning he brings the cane down on her exposed nipples and with such force it makes this bound girl scream with pleasure and pain. He then keeps the action going on her legs making sure to work them nice and hard. But now he moves behind Dolly and with her hot ass right in front of him he knows what to do next, come and see this babe getting spanked now and watch the full movie of her going for it, click here now.

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