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Amatuer Stripper Gets Nice First Time Ass Spanking

Written By: spankings - May• 15•11

This part time stripper is awesome to watch in action. You wouldn’t believe this is the first time this Innocent babe has been spanked, but she is doing a good job taking her masters firm hand to her petite ass. She has a sexy black thong on that makes it very easy for this dude to get his hand down firmly on her butt, even though this is her first time being spanked, she is totally enjoying it, and you can clearly see the huge smile on this cute teens face. She tells him to get some serious ass spanking action going on now as she feels he is holding back on her since it is her first time.

Amatuer Stripper Gets Nice First Time Ass Spanking

So he raises his hand high into the air and belts this girl’s ass with a huge amount of force, she lets out a nice little scream, but he doesn’t hold back now and keeps going until her once pretty ass is nice and red from his hardcore spanking. Cara then stands up to give this dude’s hand even more room to move, come and see this first time spanker in hot fetish action now just click here and check her out in action.

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