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Babe takes hot spanking playing the piano

Written By: spankings - Feb• 21•12

Zarina has been getting taught the piano and well why she is still learning her Mistress just feels this babe isn’t trying her best, and she knows she could do so much better. But how does she show her this? Well for some reason she thinks a decent spanking session might bring this babe around, and even if it doesn’t at least she will have some fun working on this babes cute ass. She tells Zarina to take a break, she then gets her to stand up, then without even asking her she pulls this babes pants down and then slaps her on the ass. The look on her face is fucking sweet, this cute babe has no idea what the fuck this girl is doing but she isn’t telling her to stop now is she?

Babe takes hot spanking playing the piano

Oh no this babe is more then happy to le this babe spank her sweet ass. With her knickers all the way down now this girl really goes to work on that hot ass of hers, she pulls her butt cheeks apart and starts slapping on this babes hot fucking ass. Come and join these spanking babes for all the hottest action you can handle right now just click here and see more now.

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