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Bad Girlfriend

Written By: Editor - Mar• 20•13

Spanked And Abused

Meet Alexandra, one of the latest sluts to appear at Spanked And Abused. Alexandra tries to act like she’s a good girl but in reality she’s a whore. She was out today and one of her boyfriend’s friends saw her flirting with other guys. She even got a number from the guy she was flirting with. Well, she had a surprise waiting for her when she got home. Her boyfriend was waiting for her!

The boyfriend didn’t want his girlfriend acting like a street whore and decided she had to be punished. It starts with a simple spanking. He was gentle at first and she didn’t think it would be too bad. Of course, he was just warming up. It wasn’t long before she was begging him to stop, her ass was sore and stung with each spanking. He ended up forcing his cock down her throat and making her suck on it like her. And to finish her off – he fucked her as hard as he could!

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