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Bizarre Spanking And Foul Food Fetish

Written By: spankings - Nov• 19•11

Check out this hot slave girl with her awesome tits and sweet smile. It’s time for Emily’s dinner but well she doesn’t really seem in the mood to eat it, her master is more than a little pissed off since he went to so much trouble to make her something really nide to eat. She decides to be nice and at least try to force herself to eat something, she picks up a bit of the food and forces it into her mouth. She can tell her master is watching so she swallows it and then smiles. But he isn’t buying it, he knows this busty babe isn’t into his dinner and now he is going to punish her with a sweet spanking session.

Bizarre Spanking And Foul Food Fetish

He has a chain around this babes nipples, so he starts to walk her around like a fucking dog on a leash. He tells her to get down on the floor with her tounge and lick some crap up that he put there. She doesn’t want to but she knows she will be punished more if she doesn’t. Now he seems intent in spanking this babe nice and hard, he checks out her hot ass before he picks up his whip and goes totally wild on this cute girls exposed ass. Come and see Emily getting punished now click here.

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