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brunette wants softcore spanking but doesnt get it

Written By: spankings - Jul• 27•11

This sweet brunette babe was in the mood for a nice softcore spanking session, so she went to see her Master and explained she wasn’t really into a hardcore spanking today and just wanted it nice and slow. He said that would be fine, and they could even do it right away if she liked, they then went into the room, and he gave her a nice cuddle and also checked out that fine ass of hers while he was at it. She had a really rough day so this was going to be a welcomed session of fetish for her tired body, or was it?


She really should know by now you never demand or even ask anything of your master. They have their way of doings things, and they are not going to listen to one of their bitches telling them what to do. He got his little slave girl to get naked before she sat on his lap and he fingered her pussy. He then forced her to lay down while he gave her chest a few whacks with his cane. She was about to ask what was softcore about this when she figured it was better to say nothing at all. He then made this slave take his extreme punishment, and she seemed to like it in the end, check it out now guys click here.

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