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Caning and humiliation

Written By: Editor - Nov• 04•10

Blonde slave model Miss Chaos looses a bet with her workmate and as a consequence she has to face a humiliating workout and harsh caning on her bare bottom. The painslut carries out her degrading tasks to the best of her ability, but of course it isnt enough, Chaos is rewarded intense corporal punishments on her increasingly red and hurty butt.

bizarre spanking bizarre spanking

The weeping and sobbing pain slave is ordered to step up and down a plank of wood whilst carrying stark weights. Every time she slows down the cane digs painfully into her bottom. Subsequently she placed on the floor for further humiliating punishments doing situps whilst spanked and caned on her front legs. Miss Chaos fights bravely with the challenging tasks but her workmate is strict in his ongoing punishments.

The spanking and shame for Miss Chaos becomes unbearable in the end for the treasured blonde painslave and she starts to cry uncontrollably from the torment and humiliation. The severe spanking and cruel mortification movies are presented by: The Pain Files

caning and humiliation caning and humiliation

Miss Chaos Caned and Humiliated. Pure hellpain caning and degradation. Bizarre flogging and severe abasement to weeping of caned blonde slave Chaos. Miss Chaos ordered to workout with heavy weights whilst in terrible lashing and strict caning on her bare buns and legs. The tears blonde slaveslut tormented and degrated mercilessly by her tormentor

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