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Cara Taking Bizarre Spanking Session

Written By: spankings - Jun• 03•12

Cara likes the hardcore punishment, and it seems the move severe it is the more this slave girl is interested in doing it, today she is getting some corporal punishment forced on her, and it seems that she might not last the distance with this bizarre session of fetish. She gets her bound and lifted high above her head. She can clearly see the assortment of spanking tools her Master has laid out on the table, for some reason, she is a little scared of today’s fetish spanking and for good reason I think. Her Master stares at the table covered in fetish tools, he seems to be taking a long time to decide what to punish her with first, he finally makes up his mind and picks up the long wooden spoon.

Cara Taking Bizarre Spanking Session

The look on Cara’s face is fucking priceless she is thinking how the fuck is that going to hurt, but then the master shows her some pain that she has never felt before he leaves her nice tits totally covered in bruises. Just to make sure she gets something from this corporal punishment, he then picks up the cane and whips this bitches’ ass until its red fucking raw. Come and see Cara getting totally hammered from her master now just click here and check it out.

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