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Cheeky Asian Ange Spanked Hardcore

Written By: spankings - Feb• 27•11

Ange is an Asian babe that needs to be taught a hardcore spanking lesson. It seems she thinks she can just do whatever, she likes without even asking her dominant master first. She should know he controls her every move and she must always get permission from him first, but since she needs to be disciplined well he is just the person to do it and her ass is going to get the most brutal spanking it has ever received before. He forces Ange to get totally naked and throws her on a table in their lounge room it’s here that he decides to inflict some hardcore pain on this naughty Asian babes ass and body.

Cheeky Asian Ange Spanked Hardcore

She is given a sweet bare assed spanking by her masters force full hands to get things underway, her ass is nice and red, and he knows she still needs more punishment than just this little spanking, so he takes out his leather belt and beings to spank her ass with it. he gives her multiple blows with it at full force. Poor Ange screams each time the belt lands on her cute ass. She might think it’s over now but there is plenty more severe spankings planned for her Asian body. Come and watch this bitch be the submissive slave girl that she should of been from the start just click here now.

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