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Cheeky Teen Girl’s Hot Ass Spanked

Written By: spankings - Mar• 04•11

Teen cutie Aylith has never had her ass spanked like this before, but then again, she has never had the nerve to disobey her Mistress either. Her girlfriend is older than Aylith and she expects a certain level of discipline but lately it seems all Aylith wants to do is party with people her own age. Now that would be fine if she wasn’t in a relationship with the Mistress, but she is, and while she is the bitch will do as she is told and since she hasn’t its time for her to be punished and it seems a hardcore spanking is in order for this naughty teen babe.

Cheeky Teen Girls Hot Ass Spanked

Aylith is wearing her white Lingerie, she knows it’s her Mistress favorite but even this is not going to save her ass from a hot spanking. The Mistress looks right past her Lingerie and all she can see a fresh ass for her cane. She tells her to bend over, and then she lashes her several times. You can clearly see the red raw marks on her butt cheeks but that’s not slowing her Mistress down at all. This teen fetish babe is going to learn a good lesson her today never disobey your Mistress no matter what. Come and see more of this girl getting spanked now click here.

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