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Chubby Blonde Girl Getting Spanked Nice And Hard

Written By: spankings - Jun• 07•11

Slave girl Cherry is not taking todays punishment very well, the master who seemed in a really bad mood was taking it all out on his busty babes exposed body. He made her take her bra and jeans off and then proceded to spank this babe hardcore. He started on her busty boobs with a brush that had wire bristles, this was cuasing her to be in loads of pian and you could even seen her crying at certain points in this fetish movie. You could hardly blame her this was going to hurt no matter what, but just when she thought her master couldn’t do anything more BDSM to her he went right for her cunt now and this was going to cuaese her more pain then anything else thats for sure.

Chubby Blonde Slave Getting Spanked

He got his other spanking tool out a nice fat leather belt, he starts working her inner thighs and ass with it. Each time he smacks it across her body there is a sickening crack. Poor Cherry is really getting a workout today isn’t she, come and see how much more this blonde salave girl can take just click here.

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