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Chubby Girl Whipped Nice And Hard

Written By: spankings - Jul• 10•11

This chubby fetish girl gets tormented hardcore by her Master. It seems like this bitch just is not cut out for extreme fetish porn but rather than just giving up on her the master figures he might just takes this chubby girl’s body for one more whipping session. He gets the fat bitch to sit down on her ass while he explores her naked body with his hands, but while she thinks he is just being nice to her, he isn’t he is just looking for the weak points on her figure that he can exploit with some seriously hot whipping fetish.

Chubby Girl Whipped Nice And Hard

He seems to have settled on her hands, so he asks her nicely to hold her hands out in front of herself, and as soon as she does this the Master brings the whip down nice and hard on her poor hands, she pulls them away at first, but she knows if she is ever going to be a hot fetish babe, she will need to endure the pain if she likes it or not, so she puts her hands back and lets the master whip her once more, it seems this time she can actually see the pleasure in it and even gets herself all worked up. Noticing the girl is enjoying it the Master backs off a little and lets her play with her cunt and give herself some pleasure before he gives her some more whipping torture. Come and see this chubby babe in action now just click here.

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