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Corsett Wearing Isabel Submits To Masters Whip

Written By: spankings - May• 10•11

The next time Isabel brags about being able to take even the most extreme whipping session she should make sure her Master isn’t around to hear it, as he just took this slave girl up on her claims and now we are going to see just who can take the most bizzare whipping session ever. Isabel is wearing her red corsett, she lets it drop down and expose her nice tits, she hopes it might take her Master mind of his whip and give her a chance to endure his brutal punishment. But the Master isn’t going to fall for that old trick, he circles around her looking for the first spot to attack, he just can’t help himself her bare ass is totally exposed and deserves to take the first whack with the whip.

Isabel jumps when the first blow lands, but she manages to stay pretty still during the rest as she has been punished like this many times before. She even brags to him saying he can do better then that. He moves around the front of her now and starts whipping her legs right next to her cunt. This gets her all excited and she can feel her cunt getting wet, but the Master isn’t here for that all he wants to do is make this bitch cry and he will do it one way or another. Come and explore the dark side of pleasure and pain, see Isabel screaming and crying now with this sado Master just click here.

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