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Emily Treated To Hardcore Whipping

Written By: spankings - Mar• 28•11

Emily is in full blown pain at the moment, she was in her masters deep dark dungeon, and she was taking the full force of his deadly whip. She was forced to have her hands tied behind her back to prevent her moving much. This didn’t worry Emily at all as she is used to being punished and being in pain. Even so, she hasn’t actually done many hardcore whipping sessions before. However, that’s all changed now as she is just starting her bizarre fetish ritual. She takes at least half a dozen sharp blows to her back. They were very hard you could hear the whip cracking as it hit her back.

Emily Tasting The Masters Deadly Whip

Strangely, though this time around she doesn’t notice the pain so much, in fact she feels more pleasure than anything and her dripping wet pussy will agree with that statement. The Master notices her pussy is all wet and grabs onto her flaps with his fingers, then he pulls on them really hard this actually hurts her a little, but she is able to concentrate on the fetish whip session more than anything else. See more of this Brunette slave girl in action right now just click here now.

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