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exposed ass taking a hard caning

Written By: spankings - Jul• 18•12

It doesn’t take much to convince this cute babe to get naked and take a caning from her hunky master, she lays down for him and exposes her sweet ass. He sits right next to her and gets into the action, he lifts his hand high in the air and then slams the cane down on her bare ass, the sound it makes when it hits her butt cheeks is fucking sweet and this fetish babe totally loves it. He continues to dish out loads of hot caning action to this fetish girl and watches as her ass turns deep red from all the hard caning he is giving her.

exposed ass taking a hard caning

She begs him not to stop but to take things up a level, she knows how much her ass can handle and its loads more then this. Now he sits right up and once again gives her what she wants, she is really getting into it now, moaning with each strike on her ass and he can tell just how wet and moist her pussy is getting from all the pleasure he is giving her. Come and join this hot fetish couple and watch the full movies then just uploaded, click here now:)

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