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Extreme Bitch Gets Nasty Whipping

Written By: spankings - Jul• 04•11

We all know some girls need to be spanked and whipped more than others to keep them in line, and sadly for this Master his slave girl just never seems to learn, but today she is getting one hardcore lesson in obedience that’s for sure. You see she wanted to go buy some new clothes but well, her Master didn’t think she needed anything new, and if she did well he would get it for her, or she would have to wait until he was ready. However, this sneaky bitch decided to take matters into her own hands, and she snuck out while he was asleep and got totally busted when she got home, she tried to get out of it by saying she also got him a few new bondage toys but well that wasn’t going to calm this Master down he was totally pissed off.

Extreme Bitch Gets Nasty Whipping

He took his submissive bitch right down into his dungeon and stripped her body naked. He then tied her up in some rope and chains and went to work on her exposed body. Not even her cries for help, we’re going to stop him from tormenting her body with some extreme whipping sex. This bitch is going to be taught a lesson, one way or the other, so why not come and watch her suffer. Click here now and see lots of hot fetish babe’s getting spanked nice and hard.

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