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Fetish Babe Cystel Lei Needle Torments

Written By: spankings - Oct• 16•11

This collar wearing brunette fetish babe is receiving some seriously hardcore needle fetish pain, but this isn’t just some ordinary girl, well all know this sweet babe called Crystel Lei can take even the most hardcore of punishments. Cystel sits down with her body all exposed for her demented Master. He knows this girl loves her pain fetish, but even he knows everyone has their limit, and today he is planning on finding out what her limit is, one way or another, he was going to make this bitch scream and her tits were taking the first round of punishment.

Fetish Babe Cystel Lei Needle Torments

He inserted a few needles into her breast, at first it was, just as he had suspected she wasn’t showing any signs of being in pain. However, after getting several needles rammed into her boobs even this girl couldn’t hide the fact she was in pain, but it wasn’t like it actually hurt to Cystel this pain was like having sweet sex. She totally fucking loves it. Her master moved onto her sweet pussy lips, giving her some more extreme pain before he inserts a dildo into her open cunt and gives it some action. Come and watch this hot fetish babe getting her pain session now guys just click here.

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