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fetish slave girl spanked and punished

Written By: spankings - Oct• 03•11

Samara is usually a very good slave girl always doing what her master asks of her, but lately she has been questioning him when she should just be doing what she is told like the good little slave girl she is. Her master decides she needs a full workout to show her who is in charge and stop this disobedience. He figures a hardcore spanking session will get this girl back into line and organises one for her right away, Samara obeys her master and meets him in the fetish room. He takes her hands and bounds them together with some rope hanging from the ceiling.

fetish slave girl spanked and punished

Then he takes out his spanking tool and with this girl’s naked ass staring at him, he wastes no time in making her exposed butt nice and red. He spanks her hardcore not holding back at all, and once he is done with that he decides to use his hand and slaps this fetish babe around giving her some pain while he is doing it. He then takes his hand and takes hold of her nipples squeezing them hard together and watching her face fill with pain. He then goes back to spanking this girl’s ass and check out how red her fucking butt it now! see this girl suffer and watch some hot fetish clips now click here.

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