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hot caning action for fetish babe Emma

Written By: spankings - Nov• 27•11

Slave girl Emma has been a naughty girl today, but her master doesn’t really need a reason to punish this sweet babe but he is going to give this babe a sweet palm spanking session and Dungeon caning. Emma strips naked for her master and watches as he pulls out his cane and asks her to hold her hands out, when she does he punishes this girl with a bizarre palm spanking session with his cane. This fetish babe screams out in pain as the palms of her hands are turned red from his hardcore caning session.

hot caning action for fetish babe Emma

Emma can feel herself getting very horny now though, the more punishment this master gives her the more she can feel her pussy begging for some action. Her master notices this and allows her to give it some tender action with her fingers. Once she has worked herself up he continues the fetish spanking. He gives her exposes boobs and the side of her face some action now as she enjoys the hardcore action. Come and see Emma getting punished with this long cane right now guys just click here.

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