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Hot Girl Emily Taking Face And Ass Spanking

Written By: spankings - Mar• 06•11

You really have to wonder if some of these BDSM girls fake there pain sometimes or if everything is staged or not, and well if you think it is well you couldn’t be more wrong and I would advise you to view the Hardcore Fetish photos with Emily below as you can clearly see just how intense this facial Spanking is getting. Emily has been around for ages now so she knows how to put on a really good show, when she is getting her face spanked and other painful stuff she often pretends to be somewhere else just to take the mind of the things going on around her but that doesn’t mean this girl isn’t having fun she knows when the moment of pain hits it will send that shiver up into her Vagina that she loves so much.

Hot Girl Emily Taking Face And Ass Spanking

It’s so awesome seeing a girl that is so into her BDSM Porn like Emily is. I mean she just continues to take things to the next level all the time, I swear there is nothing this bitch wouldn’t do for a bit of fun just check her out now guys she is getting her Tongue clipped up nice and tight the pain must be thrilling for her as the harder it’s pulled the more she wants. Come and see more hot Facial Spanking action from Emily now just click here.

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